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My Struggles With Autism

****** In this video I shall be speaking about my struggles with autism. I made a video like this on my major channel referred to as “why I hate being autistic” I see the struggles frustrate me. So I assumed I might share them with you. I might be making …

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Foreign Languages Can Benefit People With Autism (Autism Vlog #117)

Of course the day after I filmed this video, my schedule modified once I needed to fill in for a coworker who could not make it to work. That’s why this video is a bit of late. Links: https://www.tolerance.org/magazine/foreign-language-study-can-benefit-students-with-autism https://spectrumnews.org/news/cognition-and-behavior-bilingualism-aids-people-with-autism/ https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/for-children-with-autism-multiple-languages-may-be-a-boon/ Follow Me Below Twitter: https://twitter.com/QuarterCoyote Tumblr: http://quartercoyote.tumblr.com Video Credit: …

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My son has autism and OCD. What Rafael has, was referred to as Asperger’s Syndrome. They eliminated that analysis and put everybody with autism on one spectrum. The spectrum is HUGE. One child might not have good eye contact, whereas one other one does. One child could also be social …

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He’s Sleeping Again – For Now | Autism Family Q&A

Still trapped in London for the Secret Football Manager Event, at this time’s vlog is usually a Q&A with Anna after I acquired house, about Christmas, sleeping, dwelling as an autism household and Anna’s foot. LET’S CONNECT! — http://lollujo.fm — http://twitter.com/lollujo — http://facebook.com/lollujofm — http://youtube.com/lollujofm — http://youtube.com/maturegamerpodcast — http://maturegamerpodcast.com Amazon …

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