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Autism: the good & the bad

Some clips of Con, our Classic Non Verbal Autistic 9 yr previous son. I’ve put plenty of clips of us doing stuff with him and him being cute on right here however by no means any of him having a meltdown. To be trustworthy I can not video him having …

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10 Early Signs of Autism

How have you learnt in case your baby has autism? Hopefully this video will shed some mild on that dialogue. Also, please learn the disclaimer on the finish of the video for extra context. I did make somewhat mistake within the order of the wording, and meant to say when …

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Solving Autism Car Meltdowns After School

The longest six minutes of every day is our car ride home after school with our son Jerry who has autism. He is so wound up and done with all the effort he put in at school…doing work, socializing, behaving…that he just explodes on the way home…cursing, hitting, kicking. We …

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Code Blue for Behavioral Emergencies in Autism

Mother documents importance of properly diagnosing and PROMPTLY treating pain in NON VERBAL autistic son who couldn’t tell anyone why he was hurting. Her son, like many non-verbal, severely-autistic people, will use INCREASED self-injurious behavior, screaming or biting themselves, to try and communicate they are in PAIN. And need prompt …

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