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Let’s have a dialogue about one thing that may be a delicate topic within the autism group: which terminology is greatest used when referring to an autistic toddler, baby with autism, or grownup with autism (or autistic grownup if that is what you favor)? Please share your ideas as I …

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I’m Autistic Yay!!! (Learning To Talk At 21)

Get in touch: http://instagram.com/thatadult Rianphinbusiness@gmail.com I didn’t self diagnose. I’m autistic, not “just socially awkward”. This video focuses on sensory issues. And you don’t only get to talk about your autism if your autism seems one way. Everyone deserves space to speak about their experiences I understand that you all …

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My attempt to explain the hand position known as “raptor hands”. Some autistic people do it and for me it’s proprioceptive. Others may do it for other reasons. Whatever the reason, they look cute and should never be discouraged! 🙂 source

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