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“You Don’t Look Autistic” Documentary

“You Don’t Look Autistic” documentary on Luke Poulton who has autism and is also a stand-up comedian. This documentary is about his journey with being autisic, stand-up comedy and the lead up to his first 50 minute show. Enjoy and leave feedback on what you think! IMDB for “You Don’t …

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Autism & Asperger’s: What’s The Difference?

Autism impacts 1 in 110 youngsters. The majority are boys. Symptoms might present up earlier than the age of two. The extent can differ significantly however the strategy to remedy must be the identical. “The highest potential we think is going to be made by the kids that get the …

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9 year old with Autism and A.D.H.D.

This is my son Malachi. he’s 9 years old and has autism and A.D.H.D. I would really like individuals to observe this and attempt to perceive that once they see a toddler who “LOOKS NORMAL” having a tantrum in public that they don’t seem to be brats, or disrespectful. Some …

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Autism “Awareness” – Ten Things You Should Know

If you understand somebody with an autism spectrum dysfunction resembling basic autism or Aspergers syndrome, this video will provide help to perceive a bit bit extra about why we’re the best way that we’re. I can be making a extra detailed and extra private video someday within the close to …

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