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Autism MB12 shots (Before + After footage)

that footage of jake bouncing the ball is from 9 months later. I misplaced the footage of him bouncing the ball 5 months later when i misplaced my different youtube channel. One month after b12 he was not that quick at bouncing the ball…however he might stare on the ball the ENTIRE time he bounced the ball as seen in that video. That was the purpose, not the velocity.


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  1. I wonder if vaccines act the same way as nitrous oxide in promoting b12 deficiency since it seems most kids develop autism after their vaccines.. also b12 deficient mothers who end up breastfeeding are giving their kids b12 deficient milk …i think b12 screening should be mandatory prenatal screen but it isn't.. it's not even screened in autistic kids but should be…its also a major cause of postnatal depression.

  2. You talk about b12 shots but I didn't hear you mention Folate. ? or the synthetic Folic Acid. ?

  3. Elizabeth Patterson

    B12 was the worst supplement ever for my son it does not work for all autistic kids. My son started peeing on the floor after being trained for years.

  4. with respect sir your son was fine before treatment, it is you I worry about, you seem like an idiot and tyrant.

  5. What the fuck is the purpose of him looking at you? He seemed fine to me when he was not looking at you, there is not need for him to look you to hear an idiot mindlessly saying numbers, if if found that interesting I would suggest there is something wrong with him.
    A normal response would be for him to bored out of his tiny mind as he was before you "cured" him. Also you child being interested in a fucking mindless task such as mindlessly bouncing a ball seems to me to be a deterioration. Mindlessly bouncing a ball is not a good sign it is a bad sign it is a waste of his life.

  6. Why the fuck does he need to look at you? Please explain what is so fascinating about yourself that he should look at you? Are you some sort of huge egotist?
    He listens with his ears not his eyes.

  7. Hello. Im trying to find out how to get these shots for my daughter who has autism. Her pediatrician has never given them , and the people at the autism center dont know what im talking about either. Can you tell me the route you took to get these ?

  8. We're u giving the enzymes b4 the b12 ????

  9. wow very interesting so glad your kid has improved it really gives me hope for my kid that is 4 years old and is showing big signs of autism. I am a huge, huge believer of b12 vitamins. I have taken them both orally and injected for another issue which is a herniated disc. I happen to have an oral version of b12 and I will give it to my child because b12 is amazing. I have been struggling with health insurance so I have to find other ways to get us healthy, better natural ways actually like vitamins. I haven't found any b12 shots with such a tiny needle from the Mexican pharmacies I have bought these from but I will start off by giving him the vitamin orally. I would never buy these b12 online. I literally go across the border and stock up on medicine. And the b12 has been amazing for me. I have bought mine medicine in a pharmacy "similares" and the b12 oral viles that I get are very cheap about 100pesos. $ 5 dollars and it has 10 of them. B12 I get them for about $60 pesos it varies the quantities I bet any.Mexican pharmacy carries these but I have found them cheaper there in case any one wondered I can't wait to see improvement on my child I had this medicine on my cupboard for.months and now I know it can help him too, God I hope so. The orally taken b12 are called "quimtetrill" it tastes like vanilla. I hope this helps anyone as I am glad to know there is a correlation in b12 insufficiency and autism. God bless

  10. Does he have mthfr mutations or a deficiency in b12?

  11. Waoo, very good job! Congratulation, it gives me more hope!

  12. how long do you need to keep doing the shots for? thank you!

  13. Do have to stick the shot in your tail?

  14. I did well on b12 but it work with the gummies

  15. all illnesses are caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies

  16. He is clearly not autistic. Even without the B12 shots, he was able to keep a conversation. So the B12 shots worked in regulating nerve function, not curing autism. Show me a video of him walking on tiptoes, or throwing tantrums, or stimming, or being fully awake at 3:00 am, or wearing diapers beyond two years of age, etcetera.

  17. I am mom,this is dads chanel

  18. hi i dont speak englis wery well but i hope you will anderstand me .i need help!i started with GAPS diet but i dont hav,e book or enething exsept people like you, can you yast tell me how too start with ewrithing my kid have AUtism,adhd,epilepsy can i giv him b12 aniway ,because of his epilepsy ???thank you!

  19. Thank you very much for this wonderfully informative video!

  20. The one's that "don't respond to B12," are you certain they are using METHYL-B12, and you do understand, it's a mercury toxicity issue, right? See my video on whey protein, for mo' info. Peace!

  21. But he looks perfectly fine. I don't understand how this proves anything.

  22. Thanks for posting. My son has overcome so many obstacles and is now attending main stream school. B12 is one of the most helpful supplements for us.

  23. Would you please tell me hat did you use before you came across the B12 shots beside GFCF??

  24. But did you know that sublingual b12 is absorbed directly into the blood stream and produces the same results? It's already been proved that sublingual b12 works. If I had a child with Autism I might do the shots when he was young but would probably switch to sublingual when he got older. That's just me though.

  25. la methyl b12 que le das a tu hijito es inyectable? ….the methyl b12 that you give your child is injectable?

  26. This video is a ray of hope for me. Even my son also suffering from ASD symptoms and he does same like Jake in this video. Sir I am very thankful for posting this video. God bless you.

  27. why not try the shoot to tdha children maybe it would help too

  28. he is not fucking autistic at any time, on the other hand I cannot say the same about you..

  29. Thank you for posting this.

  30. how to get those shot plz answer my qustion and what of the dose manafacture an other information plz

  31. i live incanada where can we bought mb12?

  32. How often do you inject b12?

  33. Hello, where did you get the shots?

  34. are you sure he's autistic?

  35. thanks for your video. i am type 2 diabetes, i have the same problem as your kid – nerve damaged, since i am getting oral later injectable vitamin b things are getting much better now…

  36. http://www.mmsautism.org    Follow The CD protocol and GFCFSF Diet to completely heal your child of autism 

  37. How were you able to get Methyl shots? It seems as if the only type of B12 that doctors and clinics push around town is the cyanocobalamin type.

  38. It's amazing what vitamins can do to our nervsystem 😉

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  41. What is the dossage for small children under 3 or 3 years old?with the Glutathione and b12 shots?

  42. Did you test your sons b12 and it came back that he was low on b12? Or can one give b12 even though the blod test came back fine?

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  44. my son is on methyl b12 shots following the exect protocol by Dr.Neubrander. it has been two weeks now and we are not seeing much of difference yet. Has anyone else seen any progress? many parents around me tells me that they have been giving shots for over a year and they quit because they havent seen any progress. i am getting little worried.

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