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This video exhibits our son at 14 months displaying basic autism syptoms. Notice how he does not reply to his identify, acts “Spacey”, and is fixated on the button. He’s not conscious of the remainder of his surroundings, and exhibits no want to speak. If you see a majority of these signs, let your physician know immediately, and get assist began!


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  1. Danzandorj Batenerel


  2. GayBaconStrips 1992

    I don't know if its autism because I see lil kids do this all the time its typical

  3. Every one of these early autism videos seem like normal baby behaviour to me. It makes me paranoid and worried and stressed out because I'm always looking for signs in my 14 month old. Things I thought were typical baby behaviour, now are early signs of autism? What?!

  4. my daughter does this to and she sometimes acts like a hyper lunitic:( I don't think she has autism though

  5. He's adorable!

  6. how is this autism? see how he reacts to the key sounds?????? for godss sake hes a typical baby just learning and exploring.

  7. News flash, all children like repetitive actions. It's a fundamental assurance of cause and effect. If I do something twice the same thing happens.

    More importantly, there are other interesting things in the world than you, even in your children's eyes. Many of these children are simply introverted. Which does lead to a disconnect from reality.

    It's important to see developmental therapists if you suspect your child has autism, but delays are not an indicator. Autism is a regressive condition, your child can not regress from behaviors before they have learned them. You need to see the therapist so you can understand what your child's development stages are, which ones are active, and how to promote others and effectively build them.

  8. How is he autistic? The boy seems like he's just in his own world to me. This happens a lot when little ones get into an activity.

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    Hi! I like to show these videos in class to stimulate discussion.  Please visit my page at Connecting Stars as I would LOVE to have you stop by! Thank you!

  10. Listening to or watching the same thing over and over is a way to thoroughly analyze it. There's so much to a simple sound clip, tone of voice, rhythm… It's like a kind of science.
    I think he likes those specific sounds. Maybe they inspire him.

  11. my son did this, he's be playing with a toy & we'd call his name & he wouldn't respond.  had his hearing tested & it was fine.  babies & kid sometimes go into their own world when playing & get distracted, like us adults sometimes do, the child is so into the toy they don't want to know anything else, doesn't mean the kid has autism.  my son is now 8 yrs old & always responds to his name, babies something do off the wall things, doesn't always mean something is wrong.  my husband was asking me a question the other day, he called my name righ tin front of me, I was so into the tv show I was watching I didn't even hear him, and I don't have autism at all.

  12. Thank you for sharing this, even though many comments clarify most people are extremely unfamiliar with autism and why early detection is necessary. Indeed, it is unsettling how he consistently ignores his own name. While other commenters are correct that a young child might do that if he is overly excited by a toy, the problem is, it might also mean the child is autistic. That's why it's important to check with a medical professional and to never ignore any troubling symptoms your child might demonstrate.

  13. No of fence but early diagnosis of autism or ADHD is very degrading. A child who is 14 months old can fit any learning disability. at around 10 it's better and more accurate

  14. Winnie the Shit is in the background… Hi, I'm from Winnipeg, Canada, and I was diagnosed with HFA at age 47.

  15. don't normal kids do this as well?

  16. People worry so much about fitting in that they forget what's important. People with Autism, ADHD shouldn't be medicated just to be normal. Medications are blocking their abillities. They are special.

  17. okay, you don't know bout autism if you think they have a lower capacity. I actually have autism, ain't label that. and we autistic people function at a higher level than the norm, so it's hard for us to comprehend what the norm is. the norm to us is what we find in interest whether that be numbers, the brain, art, etc. although I hate it when people tell me "i'm sorry" and pity me, you should have said "I'm sorry the kids made fun of you". otherwise you're just as ignorant.

  18. Congratulations, You realized fast and You act fast, I did the same with my Son, He had 28 when I started to look out for help, and now He has 3 yr 2 mo. and He is doing much better, He wants to sing, He knows the numbers and the ABC in Spanish and English. Thanks for share it!!!

  19. Tania Vandenabeele

    I agree with you to an extent. What about those children who can't function at higher capacity? The children who stem non stop or do not understand why the schedule is different for the day and become emotionally upset all day. They need to learn how to function just like any human. I am sorry you were labeled and made fun of but we are becoming a less ignorant world that is more loving and understanding! Keep faith.

  20. Tania Vandenabeele

    He is amazing and I am happy he is doing good. I can totally see the behavior you are talking about! Thank you for sharing!

  21. More like OCD. 🙂

  22. well I have autism myself, but because I was labeled, all people do was make fun of me. people use labels in such a insulting manner. people with autism are a blessing due to their intelligence in life. so why make it look like it's a disorder?? that's what I'm saying. I am referring to the the description "get help right away". well here's the thing, I am autistic and don't want help cause I am happy just the way I am.

  23. bloodbathbushcraft


  24. I dont care who it was about and I reply if I damn well want to! Got that?

  25. bloodbathbushcraft

    Don't reply to me if you don't agree my 1st comment wasn't to you so go away.

  26. bloodbathbushcraft

    If a group of kids went to school they well say they have add or adhd but if they were homestudy then they well not have it since its not real
    when your little after being told you had something for so long even if its not real you and your brain well think you have it and you well show signs that you do thats why most of these kids today being named things and people saying they do well mostly likely have it later when they never did because of those people dont message me since i didnt

  27. bloodbathbushcraft

    They the schools said i had it same as friends and the class mates that talked alot and stuff said they had it but when they went to see if they really did they didn't they think just because your talking or being a little annoying kid you have add and if you suck at school you have adhd its both bullshit if you think you have it for along time then you will but it doesn't mean its real since you were told you had something fake you well start to think you do and show it
    but same as everything

  28. You are still in school at 18 you are in high school. Then college! Thats school
    and yes kids as young as 18 have it duh

  29. Of course even kids as young as 18 years old have autism! You do not lose it. I am 25 and I have it!
    You are right.When I was a little girl I had a hard time but it changes

  30. Ok I am sorry I mis understood autism can cause that you are right
    My little cousin who is 20 she has very high function autism and you can not get her attention! But I thought she was talking about him ignoring her over the toy
    I just mis understood is all

  31. I am not saying he dont have autism I am just saying (for other people) that they dont have autism JUST BECAUSE they play a special way or they do not respond.
    I am not saying he dont have autism at all

  32. "don't label people" is a meaningless sentiment from people who have never needed to search for a word to describe who they are. Don't shame people for having labels and don't say we don't need labels because we do.

  33. If any of you on this video still believe vaccines cause autism you are ignorant because that has been disproven for over a decade. If vaccines REALLY caused Autism doctors wouldn't be giving us those vaccines. No health professional in any good conscience would give a person a developmental disorder just to make money.

  34. Yes, Rachel, it was just a glimpse at our daily lives. I didn't have time between the therapy we got involved in to post vidoes of his "recovery". I wish I would have. Maybe I can try to get a video of him now (He's 7) and put on here! Any child can be non-interactive for 1 minute and be fine. BUT, this was our daily life. Usually when a mother tries to get her baby's attention for that long, an infact responds to her. Thank you for realizing this. He was diagnosed at 13 1/2 months with autism.

  35. I'm sorry you disagree. I just wanted to show some symptoms that prompted us to get him help early. We have been in therapy for 6 years now, and he is doing much better. Yes, it was autism. Not a kid who just was in trance. This is 1 minute in his life, and we lived it 24/7. But, he is a happy 2nd grader in both special education and regular classroom and is doing much better!

  36. That child is a blessing. Nobody is normal so dont label people

  37. CURES are available if you fire the quacks who gave your son the problem through vaccines look up a doctor who tells truth. She is one of many drcarley d o t com

  38. Normal kid to me parents need to stop trying to lable kids

  39. Sometimes I worry for my daughter. She is 15 months and won't speak. Just makes sounds and jibberish.

  40. Honestly she was trying to get his attention for over a minute. That seems uncommon for any child his age.

  41. Yes you are right and there is probably not enough information in this one minute video to tell us if the child does have autism. But there must be something the child is doing to qualify for an Autism diagnosis and I bet you when the child is older he might still qualify for a diagnosis but again we do not know. This video does not have enough information.

  42. Im not saying he dont have autism im not a DR
    but I amjust saying so that people dont like think that just because their kid dont respond dont mean they have autism.
    I have seen videos about kids stacking blocks and they say they have autism. they see a kid throwing a fit they have autism (thats spoiling not autism)
    they see a kid clapping or playing alone they have autism. I am not saying those kids dont but just because some 2 year old does these things dont mean they have autism.

  43. It was a great experience to learn of the phenomenon of autism about a dozen years ago. I was happy to know what my problems and talents in life arose from and saddened to realize that it is permanent.

  44. Oh my gosh…that sounds terrible. How are you doing right now in your life?

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