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Autism Assistance Dogs – ACA Adelaide, Channel 9

He could also be man’s greatest good friend, however the canine you are about to satisfy is a lot extra. He’s a part of an Adelaide trial by Guide Dogs SA.NT that is offering actual hope for youngsters with autism. For extra info go to guidedogs.org.au or telephone 08 8203 8333.


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  1. The dog looks terrified?

  2. i am suffer from insomnia how do i have adog

  3. No one SUFFERS from autism. Different not less. I keep seeing more videos like this.

  4. literally right off the bat there's "suffers from autism" god can't we just fucking live

  5. Would a pug be a good therapy dog for me, I have adhd, aspergers, ptsd, depression, and anxiety

  6. I had autism since I was 3 to 5, but now have Asburgurs Syndrome and hard for me now because I liked The Every Brothers until January 3rd 2014

  7. whoever says I dont know autism dumbass my sister had hip surgery with 2 degree autism

  8. Yup you can tell Fremont is a young lazy dog but you can also tell especially in his eyes how hard he does work

  9. Are the thumbs down for presentation or subject? ????????????????

  10. Andrew - Charity watcher

    Looks like a good cause, however please look at their latest annual report on their website 2013 ? Raised nearly $4m in donations, less $2.5m in fundraising costs, plus $1.5m in other expenses. No wonder it costs so much to train the dogs.

  11. Hi, 
    I am an editor of an independent film and I would like the license to this video on Youtube. Please let me know how I can get the rights. I only want to use about 10 seconds for an opening credits montage. Thanks.

  12. How much this cost?

  13. Was it very expensive to get the service animal?

  14. Finally… an Autistic dog we can all relate to 🙂

  15. Is there anything dogs can't do?

  16. you don't know what autism looks like. get your facts right.

  17. That dog is amazing, just proves it dogs are better than cats.

  18. cool i haven't heard of them before.

  19. What sweethearts ♡

  20. They both can do a great job. I know with people who get guide dogs they match the person up with walking speed and other things. Apply for a dog and keep open to what one you get, as it need to be trained first.

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