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What is Autism? (Part 1)

This phase of the video supplies an summary of what autism is. source


  1. I,m Jeless of him.

  2. Its not assburgers

    That reporter should be fired

  3. Asperger Syndrome High Functioning Autism Network

  4. That's half of it. Many people with autism (or any kind of non-typical mind) get dehumanisation from those closest to them on top of whatever they're struggling with already. I also have aspergers and my parents were amazing. I'm proud of them for raising me and my brother with love and support, not ever making us feel less than human or incompetent.

  5. Let's not rag on developmentally challanged people by using that word, they're too good for that. Let's just call him a dick and keep it simple.

  6. At first I thought he looked like a lesbian

  7. Really obviously you have nothing better to do with your life than to make others feel bad

  8. he also kind of looks like my friend shabbado

  9. he's kind off cool

  10. What a retarded fucker!!!!

  11. how can you say he is a faggot when you don,t even know him I thought neurotypials were prejudice but most neurotypicals aren,t as prejudice as u bitchass.

  12. So, in your rigorous assessment being a "dork" is something that needs to be excused? Or is it something that can't be excused? Who exactly are you to demand that people justify themselves to you, anyway? Are you the dork police, or something? What do you do when you find an inexcused dork? Do you look and see if they have a 'male father' as a figure in their lives? Do you offer a service that provides 'male fathers' for 'dorks' so they don't have to invent false excuses for their dorkiness?

  13. lol

  14. You're the new Sigmund Freud! You will re-write the DSM with your thorough research.

  15. when do you wanna take lessons

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  17. he kinda looks like Austin Powers

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  19. lol that's hilarious cuz its probably true

  20. that my sir is my favorite thing to do

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  22. you have to take a test. that determines what level the person is at on the autism spectrum. what you said is incredibly stupid and does not show you in a good light.

  23. GeorgiaRattlesnake1995

    I have aspergers syndrome and I have a mother and a father who really care about me a lot.

  24. I don't understand people excuse being a dork as "Asperger's"…. I find a lot of these guys don't have male father figures.

  25. Duz hee hov teh dunz cyyndrum? Or dud hee eet tow moch candelwacks?

  26. LegoKingdomHearts278

    It is actually spelled ASPERGER'S.

  27. congrats

  28. they are not retards u r 4 saying they are

  29. he looks cool

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