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What is Autism? (Part 1)

This phase of the video supplies an summary of what autism is. source


  1. @1:13 I know I shouldn't laugh but I legit spit my coffee out of my mouth

  2. I hate austic people they are fucks

  3. One word for you. You guys ROCK! If you ever need a little monster to help spread the word, you just let me know! I just hope that doesn't mean I have to shower. "give us a chance, and we can change the world". What an amazingly true statement!

  4. I’m Pretty Weird

    That moment you click on a video but realises it’s an autism speaks video.

  5. MuniiøITNB CaramelCoffee

    It's so fucked up how they are dehumanising autistic people with shitty calm voices and misguided autistic people who have been taught that they are a burden…Autism speaks is nothing but a hate group driven to appease neurotypicals…FOH

  6. Autism Speaks, go to hell.

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  8. I am an adult with autism and I am one of those individuals who don't like at all being in a social setting. The only reason I even tolerate being among other people is because it is a necessity and not a want. Autism Speaks needs to realize that there is no generalization when it comes to autistic people. Its like your fingerprints, no one else has the same markings but they are similar and everyone has them. I am glad that people out there are beginning to pay attention more than they did ten years ago because maybe I'll finally have a chance even though I am 26 and 10 months old with only a high school diploma. Though that no longer matters anymore in todays world. Its speed and if you don't have it, your useless to a company that requires it. An example would be not being able to adapt fast enough in a situation or respond right after someone speaks to you when you are still processing their words.

  9. Hello, this lovely video made me very emotional: there are so very many of us (and almost all of us as we get old WILL need) who need help and support (and good housing solutions) to be the best we can be and thrive.

    I've got an acquired brain injury and so feel a great connection to those who are diagnosed with autism, I don't understand the difference between us (nor different names/diagnoses) because to me it's our needs and difficulties that must be catered for and solved and you with autism and us with brain injury are all on a spectrum of ability, as we ALL are.

    That's why I think ALL groups of different diagnoses (disability,illness, age etc.) and ALL people should strive to ensure we ALL have and will have services in place, easy to access and use = WHATEVER happens to us, whatever our needs are. We ALL need complete social security protection: health, social care, education, work (if we can), hobbies, information = ACCESS ALL AREAS & EVERYTHING, I'm sure you agree!

    I now have some expertise on housing (and other) needs for brain injury, we just need to be HEARD and ENABLED to help cause change = WITHOUT causing ourselves too much injury and fatigue/stress. Why can't they make it really EASY to help us help them help ALL of us (my friend F's words)? Maybe they ARE now?

    Congratulations for the very valuable work you do to educate and reform, hopefully that is helping ALL of us, now and into the future.

  10. Ok that's great we all agree there is a need for services and housing and so what are the options????

  11. How can people give this a thumbs down,

  12. Everyone has a puzzle in life 😀 like how to pass ur GCSEs but it doesn't mean we have to have a cure for autism. Autism does not need to be cured. Life can be hard for everyone, especially for autistic ppl and other ppl with disabilities but anyways it doesn't matter!! We can all get through it! 😀

  13. America The Beautiful

    My son is now 23. We have no support whatsoever. I've begged for years, he's either too autistic or not autistic enough. I don't even know what to say anymore. I try to take advantage of resources, but that's a joke.

  14. how about justpeople in georgia. Wonderful day program. You live in your own apartment with the works.

  15. It's called bring back asylums, boom problem solved.

  16. "That word" is autism. We shouldn't be ashamed of it or be ashamed to say that we're autistic, it's not a label and do you know what?!?!?!? I'm sick to my back teeth of people referring to something that is part who I am as "an epidemic" or "that word". It's not a bad thing. We're not aliens or puzzles or diseased, I have one thing to say: AUTISM SPEAKS DOES NOT SPEAK FOR ME.


  18. William Stonehocker


  19. I only want to do one thing with the rest of my life which is open a residential autism program as the program manager. I have some ideas about what a program manager has to do to run a program that is therapeutic, but especially ensures maximal safety and dignity for those who might be very limited with expressive communication. Its a conceptual approach that can be applied to any agency's program and protocols. Its all I want to do.

  20. Terrible company, terrible parents!

  21. And resume autism awareness I will probably come and speak out and talk about what is the difference between autsc syndrome down syndrome because I actually have Down syndrome room I know what it's like to live on my own

  22. the autistic boy also had a learning disability, I am autistic yet I could easily get a job.

  23. they 're all adorable & cute xx

  24. They didn't know shit about autism back in those days.

  25. please view my story on my channel.

  26. Do the people with autism need homes to live in? We have an assisted living license and experience working with autistic adults. We'd love to offer our home for some autistic clients. Reach LAMAR'S HOUSE at lamarmcgrew1950@yahoo.com

  27. Adults With Autism

    Adults With Autism-THE MOVIE
    New Documentary

  28. This is why we should sue manufacturers of vaccines. Thats where autism came from.

  29. I'm not a financial burden, I'm a smart person with a potential to help the sciences such as biology and bio-chemistry. I'm into those sciences and I wouldn't need help with it. I understand that some people can't but don't enforce the stereotype that all autistics can't have proper jobs.

  30. There's a tremendous disconnect in the autism community to face the realities of what type of housing would benefit people who have autism and epilepsy. The homes who take autistic people with challenging behaviors won't take an autistic person who needs nursing services. The homes that have nursing care aren't equipped or trained to deal with behavioral issues. They rely on over medicating autistic adults. Thus, we need to come up with models that are able to provide both behavioral and medical support and services.

  31. If you want to cure it then kill all autistics (I don't recommend it)

  32. How do get involved?

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