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What Causes Autism? | Child Psychology

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Well there’s a substantial amount of lively analysis making an attempt to find out the causes of autistic dysfunction and different pervasive developmental issues. What we do know is that autism undoubtedly is linked to abnormalities inside the mind. And many various research have checked out variations between the brains of youngsters with autistic dysfunction and people who don’t. What we do know is that there’s a very robust genetic issue. And we all know this based mostly on the success we have had with twin research. What we do know is that fraternal twins if one twin is recognized with autism, it is fairly widespread for the opposite twin to have some signal or symptom of this pervasive developmental dysfunction.

We additionally perceive this to be true, as nicely, from sibling research. What we do know is that autism tends to influence males greater than females, and so there’s a great deal of analysis wanting into the genetic elements of oldsters, as properly. So take note there’s a substantial amount of info and misinformation about what causes and doesn’t trigger autism. But what we do know, at this time limit, that there’s a genetic hyperlink and analysis continues to maneuver ahead.


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  1. Why can't scientists use genetic modification to cure autism?

  2. When did the flood of autism really begin?

  3. If it’s somehow stress that explains why I have no social skills and a few other signs of mild autism which I didn’t show earlier in my life. Too much homework and too little time.

  4. Why do more boys than girls get Autism when vaccination rates are similar??? Here is your answer in an interview with Dr Boyd Haley Phd. (5 min). https://youtu.be/7v0s8XHFSBo Please don't tell me they took the Mercury out of the vaccines, so vaccines can't be the cause. Mercury is still in the multi-dose flu shot and is synergistic with the Aluminum in the Hep B given at birth. Testing in Germany has found it in low levels in many vaccines. It doesn't have to be listed because it is either used in the manufacturing process or considered below reportable levels even though those levels wouldn't be acceptable in water supplies and are cumulative. He also talks about dental Mercury in the mother as as well as environmental Mercury and how they contribute to total load. He also talks about the synergistic effects of Mercury and Aluminum in talk #1. He talks about the added toxicity of Mercury when it is combined with antibiotics in talk #2. (Glyphosate, the active ingredient in the most widely used ag chemical in the world (Roundup), was first patented as an antibiotic).

  5. very helpful 🙂

  6. Hormones?

  7. Deeeeeeeeerp

  8. One of the big reasons why more boys are being diagnosed, is because scientists thought girls could not have autism at all until "recently" (20 or so years). This means that a lot of girls with autism/aspergers have not been diagnosed at all, despite being affected.

  9. I am the oldest of three boys, and the middle child has autism. He was given everything I had and so was the youngest. No one in our family on either side has autism as far as we know. During my mom's pregnacy for me she smoked daily and drank a few times and I turned out fine. She quit before she had the next one but he got autism anyway. Before he was born my mom had a miscarrage and then she tried again and had my brother. Maybe having a miscarrage and then getting pregnant after are related?

  10. Autism is good for your children. Now SHUT UP and take your vaccines, drink your fluoride, and eat your GMO, poisoned food.

  11. aparently you because you clicked on the video

  12. its caused by women drinking and dieting poorly when they don't know they're pregnant… simple as that.

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