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Autism: National Autistic Society Part 2 (misunderstanding)

National Autistic Society to boost consciousness of autism.
Autism is a critical, lifelong and disabling situation. Without the proper help it may have a profound — typically devastating impact on people and households. Over half one million individuals within the UK have autism. Together with their households they make up over two million individuals whose lives are touched by autism each single day. A scarcity of public understanding of autism signifies that these individuals typically do not get the help and providers they so desperately want.
Together we will change this.

Our intention with this video clip is to permit individuals to “see things from my point of view”; to witness the world via the eyes of an individual with autism.

In this movie we’ll see Daniel, a person with autism, who appeared within the first movie on his strategy to work. Daniel arrives for his first day of labor. Approaching the receptionist, he introduces himself within the well mannered and cordial method which he has discovered. Not having the right response reciprocated from the receptionist, he mistakenly seems to be preoccupied together with her cleavage however is merely making an attempt to study her identify. This embarrassing fake pas is brought on by Daniel’s incapability to know spacial consciousness and social etiquette.

The movie highlights how simply the behaviour of individuals with autism could also be misinterpreted, which may result in damaging misconceptions concerning the situation. This is compounded by the truth that it’s a ‘hidden’ incapacity and it isn’t all the time potential to inform that folks have autism.


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  1. and if he just said, like I do where ever I go, Hi, I have Asperger's and won't come across as normal for too long, most problems can then be managed.
    We need to SHOUT about it and stop mental health embarrassment. Most people have no problem telling me they have a cold, or a sore knee. Love the look on their face when I answer back, crikey, I have depression 🙂

  2. there's noise EVERYWHERE, and autistic people can't just stay in their residence and never be allowed to go anywhere. If only certain neurotypical people (like the woman you just described) understood what's happening with the sensory system and how overwhelming and chaotic everything seems in noisy situations, then maybe they would have some sympathy. Libraries are meant for quiet, and this lady should have taken her son out to ease the situation.

  3. Last week at local library with my severely autistic adult son, we walked by a group of women, one said, "oh, be careful, he might hurt someone," because he was giggling and flapping his hands….I ignored them..Later, had to ask a mom to get her 5 yr. old to stop screaming loudly, as w/ every scream, my autistic son would drop to his knees and start punching his face…The lady's answer: "that's not my problem..you shouldn't bring him here if he can't handle noise." So much for autism tolerance

  4. The exact same thing happened to me when I was at a speed dating event at St. John's University in the fall of 2005. I was accused of being a pervert when I was trying to make out a lady's name on a piece of tape, which happened to be near her chest. So I can understand how that guy felt.

  5. people need to be more patient with kids/people with autism. I have a son who has autism and its very hard for me to go the store with people that stare at him when he rocks. Anyone who has a son/daughter with autism and could help me to understand my 5yr old son?? Im so very scared about his future.

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