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Autism Sleep Problems

Andy is actually struggling together with his sleep schedule in the intervening time – again to high school cannot come quickly sufficient. Autism, nervousness, melancholy appear to be combining to make it very troublesome for him to remain asleep, and Melatonin is not working in addition to we might hoped.

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  1. After watching the last part of the vlog you give him lots of chances and options don't you. Is there a reason for that…
    With my son who is very much like Andy, I give him 2 choices….
    if that was me that would of been no Ipad for a start. iPad time is earnt but displaying good and acceptable behaviour.
    You say he doesn't understand but from an outsider watching in, he does understand when he can and can't have his iPad.
    Anna then said Ipad you can have Ipad while you have meds….. that's ok if hes actually going to keep his end of the deal. If he says no to meds, then take the Ipad. He will very quickly learn that if he doesn't do what you ask then his Ipad is taken.
    You can clearly see he is bargaining with you all the time and he knows how to get what he wants.
    I know you guys have been under a lot of stress with his sleep pattern but stay strong and being a little firmer won't hurt at all.
    You have to be a little tough sometimes but that doesn't make you any the less brilliant parents than you are. Xxxx

  2. His sleep pattern is all over the place. Poor thing.
    I found that if you give the melatonin every single night no matter what, it will settle.
    One minute you give it to him then you don't, then he won't take it….
    It's very confusing for him.
    If you put his medicine time on his bored and make sure he takes it every single day it will soon right itself.
    Sadly with mess like our kids are on you can't stop and start it, they must have it every day at the regular time.

    Good luck and a very happy new year to you all xx

  3. Hey mate I know you probably won’t read this but a fan always helped my cousin. She has autism and if we give her some melatonin and a fan she usually is calm and she will sleep. It’s just a thought

  4. Can I just say that I also have asd and sleep issues, if I sleep too much I'm exhausted more than if I don't sleep. Also, if the melatonin doesn't work for him, it doesn't work for me

  5. Nice vlog x can u subscribe to the freer family needs 10k subs Thankyou ❤️

  6. I hope you know I’ve been around long enough I’m not being rude, but is it possible that it’s a nutritional thing causing/adding to the exhaustion? Maybe anemia, B-12, vitamin D, something like that? Possibly time for blood work/nutritionist help again? My gastroparesis malnourishes me and messes up my sleep schedule with my level of exhaustion. Wishing you all the best. You keep me well entertained and in good spirits while recovering from surgery. {:

  7. I just watched this video bcuz Andy has the same pjs as me

  8. My brother has autism and ocd he’s 9

  9. Kev have you ever been tested for sleep apnea? I have it and the machine makes a big difference

  10. When does he take his fluoxetine? I was told not to take it in the evenings because it can affect your sleep. It was recommended to take in the mornings. (Although I didn’t switch to mornings as I have other medication I take in the evening so it is easier for me to remember. And I am having some sleep problems like constantly waking up during the night like Andy. Whether that’s actually to do with when the fluoxetine is taken is another matter, however)

  11. dr pepper has caffeine, try sprit instead

  12. Happy New year guys. Do you have a vlog where you talk about your son's early age. Signs, diagnosis, speech, potty training etc. If so can you direct me to the link. If you don t have a vlog like that hopefully you can make one someday. I know from experience that those are very helpful for parents who just start their autism "journey".

  13. Do you use any kind of screen dimming app on his iPad? I don't know what it's called on Apple products but on android there's an app called Twilight and on desktop there's f.lux. They warm and dim the screen so you don't get as much blue light, which seriously affects the production of sleep hormones. Sleep hygiene and all that.

  14. Are you worried about him getting a job…

  15. Poor angel. I'm sure his sleep schedule will straighten out soon. Happy 2018!

  16. I have autism I find it hard to sleep

  17. Yo I just got my PS4 a week ago

  18. Hi I just subscribed

  19. Autism: The Teenage Years

    Hope he's not getting sick. My boy also slept like 11 hours last night…but he's been sick during break.

  20. his caffeine intake must be crazy

  21. Question if he doesn’t like the taste of melatonin have you guys ever tried chewable ones? I don’t know if the UK has them but maybe if he likes gummy’s he would like that or in a drink?

  22. UnstoppableGaming YT

    My 8 year old autistic son always end up in my bed. He has a bedside light and someone suggested a radio on in his room on low volume might keep him in his bed.


  24. Try Latuda I’m on it it’s for mood depression anxiety I have to eat with it at lease 350 calories and I’m on a weightless bariatric surgery diet it works very well I have been on it for 8 years !

  25. I know it's a bit of an odd question but has Andy ever been bullied for his autism?

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