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  1. My Autistic brother tries to:

    Make conversation with me.
    He looks up to me.
    He tries to learn Chinese with me.

    Is this normal?

    EDIT: I think he’s passed it on, the fact I’m learning Chinese easy and people are saying it’s hard.

  2. I have an older sister with autism. OLDER. Think about growing up without sister guidance or support.. it's like learning without anyone to give me makeup tips, paint my nails, no one to help me with anything. It's like growing up alone with no sister. ik that seems like much but all my friends say that's what older sisters do :/ and I don't know what having a real older sister is

  3. I hate these people that spout this crap about how we need to be supportive. No matter what we do we always wind up getting yelled at by our siblings, hurt by our siblings. We get our hair pulled, and have to lie down and take beatings from our autisistic siblings when they're mad because it's 'Our fault' that they're mad in the first place. Nothing we do matters, our parents can't even be bothered with us so called 'typical' children. My parenrs couldn't even be bothered to do anything for 4 years when I went to them woth thoughts of suicide at 10. Now I've got anxiety and depression. I have to see a therapist but it doesnt help. My brother ruined my life and still won't even let me pretened I'm normal for 10 seconds. He can never take too many basic things away from me! We can't have sweets in the house cause he has no self control. I can't skype my friends cause im not allowed to tell him to leave us alone cause he'll be mad. I can't hang out with my friends because he'll get mad. God, I mean it's mt reaponsibilty to help teach him. Oh and get this, I get one C on a progress report (I'm a straight A student i was just struggling with the class) and my dad screams and breaks my stuff and throws my broken stuff at me. My 10 year old brother read the sentance "The dog sits." OMG FUCKING INCREDIBLE HES A GENIUS!!!!". Fucking hell. I got locked out of my house for like an hour just because I said I disagreed that the "sony fanbase is worser than the sonic fanbase" Yes worser. He cant even speak like a normal damn person. I'm so done with this. I can't wait until 3 years from now when I can leave. I'd rather work a minimum wage job through college for 4 years than deal with this any longer than i have to. I hate summer. When does school start again?

  4. My brother , age 9 , was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2 i love him but he was so neatly non Verble there is a kid at school who acts just like Harrison I know he is autistic but my FREINDS keep pointing at him and saying why is he doing that with his arms or why is he having a crying fit like that , he's 7 . It's hard but my so called FREINDS are not so. Much FREINDS

    Back to my brother he hits me kicks me al that , but he also plays with me so often now , I feel like I can connect better wit him and how he feels .
    I am young CARER for him so I go to a support group just like this on

    My brother Is autistic
    I am proud .

  5. My autistic little brother Joe taught me to be patient. When he was 5, we had to constantly look after him because he will spit, scream, runaround, hurt other people, and generally cause trouble. This one time, we almost got deplaned because of him.

    Some doctors suggested to feed my brother pills to keep him from causing trouble, my family refused.

    Now that he is 12, Joe is normal. In fact, he turned out to be a genius. He acts as our personal navigator and he knows every corner or streets on the map. Joe has photographic memory. He makes eye contact, he plays with his little brother, cleans the house, and plays with other kids. Btw Joe is the 3rd out of 5 children.

  6. I have a sister at 16 she was diagnosed but signs were from 3yrs I feel like I'm an only child, I get upset with her as she is self centred and I am being blamed as I can help what I am doing and she can't

  7. I'm 23 and my brother with autism is 21. We always played together. Yeah he got on my nerves and scared me sometimes, but my parents were really good about educating me. Hes made a lot of progress and we have a better sibling relationship than ever! He inspired me to go into special education and I work in a group home for adults as well. Everyone comes from different backgrounds and lifestyles but I feel we can all related to this. I'm often worried about when my mom passes how I'll take over and blend my family in with eddie…my biggest fear if that I'll die before him because I can't control what happens to him after that.

  8. I have a little sister with Autism, and let me tell you it's not easy. I can't turn to my parents when she frustrates me, they just pull the, " Oh it's not her fault!" card, and follow it up with a huge guilt trip. She has therapists and attendants in the house all day, meaning there's always someone watching everything I do. She blasts music in the house all day from her iPad, and when she's not doing that she's pigging out in the kitchen, eating everything and stealing drinks. And everything is determine by what she can do, down to eating out, or even shopping. And because of the attendants and therapists in the house all day my parents fight all the time, and they're too dumb to figure out that the solution is to send the little brat to a school for people like her, and stop acting like she's some sort of blessed princess.

  9. heather Barbour,stfu,I'll be willing to bet you don't have an autistic sibling,and that you have no idea how hard it is to be supportive,
    (And that you a a little f***)
    In fact,I have plans to completely detach myself from my family once I'm 18.
    Maybe I'll put my brother in a special needs home.
    And then I'll go.

  10. I'm 11,and I have a younger brother with severe/classic autism.
    When I was a young and kind of crazy b**,I didn't understand why MY brother,out of thousands,Had to have autism.
    None of my friends have autistic siblings,and even if they did they wouldn't be older than their bro/sis.
    And then I realized what having an autistic brother would mean.
    I always knew I would be ignored,but it still hurt.
    I win an art contest.parents:"wow,that's great."
    My brother draws a crappy pic.parents:"OMG he's amazing!"
    I get first place in track awards.parents:"wow,really?""that's great."
    My brother FINALLY learns how to run.parents:"He's making so much progress!"
    The fuck,mom?

    If anyone has a Younger sibling(s) with autism,please reply.:)

  11. No, actually I am an educated ,emphatic human being,with morals. You're nothing but a pig headed bum .

  12. Man this video makes me feel shitty. Both my brother and sister have severe autism. I grew up trying to play with them but over the years something in me kinda gave up. I hate saying that but it feels like theres a wall between me and them to connect and try to interact with them. Try to climb it is just really heartbreaking that it's hard not to try to avoid being with them. Then I see supportive siblings like these. It makes me angry at myself, not mention my mom thinks I'm unempathetic

  13. i wish the sibling support group was around when i was growing up, i have a brother whos 20 and autistic and me being the oldest i had to help my parents with him sometimes

  14. I agree! If you ever want someone to relate to or don't know how to answer a question someone has check out my video blog! 🙂 Sibling power, hehe!

  15. @Ivanovich997 You're a fucking disgrace. Why don't you understand he has a difficult sensory problem. My nephew has autisim, and a younger brother. It is, normal too feel frustarted. My youngest nephew is the same towards his older brother. Why not be a grown up, and talk to your parents. Maybe you should see a Pshycologist, along with your brother so, you can actually understand and be able too communicate with him.

  16. @Ivanovich997 Asshole alert…and its not your brother

  17. I have autism

    but no siblings

    and you say your loney?

  18. @MsPingu112 Yeah! they do treat me nicely

  19. i wish my brother was like that. instead he hates me cause of my aspergers.

  20. Do you have an autistic sibling and are looking for support? Search for 'Siblings of Autistic Kids' on facebook.

  21. You will be Digustedly Shocked of what might you might see at class E101 E Building therapy, and impact on their autistic students, at Welsh Valley Middle School in Lower Merion School District, PA.

  22. Joe seems alittle not all there either

  23. teresa johnston-chance

    I'm actually autistic.

  24. I must admit it was harder for me when I was younger. My brother's autism was more severe and my Mum couldn't do the simple things like come and watch my school assemblies. But having only him as a sibling, it's what I'm used to and I wouldn't understand how I could've grown up any other way.

  25. dude… that was totally uncalled for. please grow up. i have a brother who is autistic and he is a better person than u will ever be

  26. Down Syndrome & Autism are 2 diferent things fyi i have aspergers.

  27. my older brother has asperger's so he's like half autistic and half normal so that's sometimes harder than full-blown autism b/c he seems normal and it's like:

    "why are you acting like that?, stop screaming all the time!, why are you being so loud?, give me some space!, why do you keep messing with the dogs?
    so, yeah…

  28. i didnt know who u were talking to i thought u were one of the ignorant people who don't know anything about it and make stupid comments.

  29. if u have a brother that is autistic i am surprised u didn't make your comment a little clearer about whom u u were directing it at

  30. maybe u should b the one with this problem for showing your ignorance and hatefullnes

  31. i do not agree with this at all. i have two boys and they are always playing together . it goes so far as him running to his brother instead of us. maybe the parents are not encouraging these siblings to understand each other.

  32. it doesnt matter to me. my brother is my brother. and i love him.

  33. my older brother matt has austism 🙂

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