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autism reality

critically acclaimed documentary movie about autism by an autistic movie director.

‘autism reality’ is a shifting interview-based piece that exhibits a brand new and refreshing aspect of the difficulty.

thanks Dr. Temple Grandin!

do not press play until you’ve 10 minutes to spare (you will need to watch the entire thing)


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  1. Is that Native American guy trying to tell me that my autism is a spiritual gift?

  2. Most of them are geniuses. You should check out Jake math prodigy.

  3. The Christian Aspie

    It's so frustrating wanting to be friendly but not appearing to be from things like lack of eye contact and not understanding small talk :/

  4. THis was excellent

  5. That principal was a dick.

  6. Please report to Youtube any hate speech in the comments. There's no need for that at all.

  7. Keep up the great work, Alex. –A fan

  8. I'm sure in time society will learn to integrate those of us with Autism more wholly into society, but I'm also concerned that we'll be turned towards another caste system, so to speak. We will be in the Autism category and they'll be in the Neurotypical category, because we seem to be doing an us vs them comparison as a society right now, which is disconcerting. The very fact that we are expected to change who we are and how we function in order to fit into their definition of what makes a functional human being illustrates this. Clearly, at this point, society sees Autism and Asperger's as an undesirable difference, one which they feel the need to change. Until we get to a point where children aren't forced into dayschools and set apart for this difference, it's only a faux acceptance of our differences. 

  9. Nice piece. I agree with other comments regarding the predominance of voices in the media talking about us Autistics. With more people like Alex around they will realise that all media is a room Autistics are actually in.

  10. Just what you say in the end of the video.right before the credits brings everything together. Very interesting, good and realisticly touching video. When society understands its a difference and starts seeing it that way we will be better!!!

  11. Sean Padraig Hogan

    cool! I'm just starting to look into the internet communities related to autism since and am glad to find such great support!

  12. True, we do have wonderful talents
    but as far as relations…..its hell for me, personally

  13. Not necessarily. I have Aspergers and I wouldn't change a thing about me. I'm quirky and weird, which makes me 'cool' among my weird bunch of friends. I notice patterns easily and I'm top in my math class. And I'm an expert on my obsessive interests, which can really impress some kids.

  14. That explains a lot – re: recognizing faces… Any tips you can give me for helping her cope with situations like crowded hallways would be greatly appreciated. 🙂 Thanks for your reply.

  15. As an aspie, I know that hallway would certainly be stressful, but over the years I've learned a few tricks to cope with it. However, no matter what I do, there's always an element of closing off; I might not see or recognize faces or people that I should know, etc.


  17. Actually mental retardation, learning ability or IQ are not in the diagnostic criteria, which correspond to a triad of
    a) social and emotional
    b) language and communication
    c) focus and fixation issues– the three of which can be scored along a spectrum from severe to mild. That is a fact.
    And yes, some autistics have comorbid disabilities, sometimes including a degree mental retardation.
    Insults are irrelevant in this.

  18. mentally retarded isnt an insult, it is just a label. Autistic people are mentally retarded, that is a fact, whether you think it is an insult or not.

  19. From what I read is that a lower than average IQ could be used to see if someone either meets the requirements for pdd-nos or aspergers.
    With a lower than average IQ you could fit pdd-nos, which is not possible with aspergers.
    As aspergers requires a average or above average IQ.

  20. living with Aspergers is hell

  21. Hi Alex il love this video you've made here it's really nice to see your parents and hear what they had to say. I am a member of you message board "wrong planet" and really enjoy having somewhere to go where I am accepted. Thank you

  22. FuckingSickCuntGoose


  23. "Autistic" doesn't mean low intelligence.

  24. I'm autistic, and I do EXTREMELY well in reading and writing. Its part of who we are, with our brains wired differently, we see the world in different ways — I find that I grasp intellectual things pretty easy. So in less words, its not weird, and don't ever let yourself lose your skill. In the words of a friend of mine "The mind is a blade, knowledge the stone that sharpens it, the better the knowledge, the sharper the mind. It is a terrible thing for any blade to be dull."

  25. It's always a means to try and adapt

  26. I'm stuck in my own world , wher i know i can change all bad things in to good .

    so in practice i bring it a life in the real world we all are living in.

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