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Still under the weather, but this present is awesome! | Autism vlog

Andy is nonetheless under the climate – we have now organized a gathering together with his social employee to debate concepts for what we might do. His autism makes it very troublesome for him to inform us what’s incorrect. He did cheer up for a short while although with a late Christmas present, and an superior present from considered one of our subscribers!

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  1. How old is andy

  2. Nice shoes bro

  3. How long was your snapchat streak?

  4. Anna should so do gaming videos, so should Andy!

  5. Maybe he has the flu? Migraines etc explain him covering his eyes? Not sure though?

  6. The reason I think Andy is always so tired is because he might have anaemia, where the blood is low in iron. As hard as it might seem, you might have to get Andy to eat more iron-rich foods or, failing that, see if you can get him some iron supplements.

  7. Have you guys tried lavender I heard it helps you fall asleep like I think u can get lavender sticks and rub it on the bottom of his feet I think I heard from someone that lavender helps a lot

  8. has he had his eyes checked?

  9. Elastic laces from scuh amazing. I love them

  10. Nice new shoes, Andy!
    I love when Anna gives you crap about watching your wrestling lol

  11. another great vlog! hopefully ill get this good one day. I think the more i do the better i get idk though

  12. What was your Snapchat streak record?

  13. Ah it’s Walter white

  14. Haha I just started playing GUILD WARS 2 this week!! It would be awesome to see her play

  15. Is Andy adopted

  16. TheGamingCookie PvP

    10:25 I thought this channel was family friendly jk love u guys keep up the good work

  17. Those trainers are cool

  18. Babies By the Shore

    Maybe because his diet doesn't include much variety…I know it is because he is limited on what he does enjoy eating. He could have anemia…you feel tired and weak and because of his diet limits which excludes most if not all red meats and dark green veggies he is low on iron. Just a thought.

  19. Lol @ 1:40 when you where on about bands I was putting my band on for bed

  20. I reckon Anna would be a good youtuber

  21. Autism: The Teenage Years

    Has he had a sleep study done?

  22. In the video Andy looks really pale

  23. UnstoppableGaming YT

    Anemia and low in iron and B12 can make you tired and low energy. Poor Andy x

  24. I would watch her gaming videos. Tell people to thumbs up if they want her to do gaming channel. Get so many and she does it.

  25. Could it to do with his vitamin level cause it's now winter and his vitamin level is to low or not enough day light you could check out if it's that or not as sometimes feeling extra tired could be the vitamin or iron in us all


    Please make Dave the dog cuddley toys merchandise please

  27. When I was on Fluoxetine it used to give me really bad headaches and make me feel really nauseous. I was on it for a few months before this started and it did make it difficult to function at times and made me miserable. Like Andy I used to shield from lights and struggle to sleep, it's a slim chance but maybe Andy is suffering from similar side effects? Hope you get to the bottom of it and he starts to feel better soon

  28. I wonder if Andy needs glasses Kevin?

  29. Glad you got them ok! Enjoy!

  30. MayTheTrans BeWithYou

    I’d watch Anna while she is gaming

  31. Poor Andy what's up with him he looks really tied

  32. What wrestler Chanel name

  33. Is all that Andy eats is salt and vinegar crisps?

  34. hope you get a regular sleep pattern with Andy.

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