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Autism: the good & the bad

Some clips of Con, our Classic Non Verbal Autistic 9 yr previous son. I’ve put plenty of clips of us doing stuff with him and him being cute on right here however by no means any of him having a meltdown. To be trustworthy I can not video him having a correct meltdown (I am to busy making an attempt to assist him / shield him / others and so forth) so these clips are very minor tantrums combined in with some happier occasions to provide you a broader impression of dwelling with an autistic youngster.


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  1. That One Guy Who Just Don't Give A Rat's Ass

    I love how the fucking tard hits himself for no apparent reason LMFAO

  2. That One Guy Who Just Don't Give A Rat's Ass

    I want to use his "waaaaaahhhhhh" as a ringtone LMAO

  3. Stop your son from doing shit like dumping crap in the shitty bathtub like crap hes not suppose to be dumping

  4. That One Guy Who Just Don't Give A Rat's Ass

    If you think autism is "cute" you're just as retarded and should kys

  5. That One Guy Who Just Don't Give A Rat's Ass

    0:20 he goes "waaaaaaaahhhhhhh" lolololol stupid retard

  6. That One Guy Who Just Don't Give A Rat's Ass

    Lmao retard

  7. My 27 year sister has autism as well being blind (she is completely blind since birth) when she gets into one of her meltdown she crys, hits, bites and scratches me if I am not quick enough to hold her or duck away from her hands. She often get these meltdown if plans change, she over stimulated, tired, or she has had a toilet accident (she often needs help get to the restroom). When she in a good mood she is funny, happy and singing to her music (Disney is her favorite music to listen to). I love my sister even in her meltdowns because I know she can't help it. I love parents and teachers who take the time to care for the special. children.

  8. For people who have autism, please now that you will get through it even tho I don't have autism I know you will get through it. Just keep trying and praying

    For the people who have like ADHD or ADD lease know that you will make it through too. I know that it's hard because I have it. It is very hard to stick to what you are doing when your medicine is worn off and homework and studying is very difficult too because you get of topic so much and when you don't want to do it you you don't finish it. Before when I was I first grade I ad to study with my mom and it was a pain because there were tears because I didn't want to do it and crap but I'm better now and am about to be ready to control myself and be off my medicine. Before I was so embarrassed that I would have a mental breakdown if someone else besides my best friend found out and I thought people would hate me but know as I make more friends I don't tell them about it's and they don't even notice something is wrong with me just know you will get through it if I did then you can

    For people with something else wrong with them (not in a mean way) please know you will get through it and keep praying

  9. I hope your beautiful son is doing well.

  10. James the saucy potato

    I'm Autistic and I can confirm this is max retardation and not autism.

  11. Autismwarriormama, i am not reading your comments over and over again ALL DAY.

  12. Shut up.

  13. I'm so glad my headphones have volume control…

  14. waaaaaaaa…. waaaaaaaa

  15. I have 18% of Asperger Syndrome (Form of Autism) and to be honest, everytime someone gives something that I don't want and they try to force me to eat it, eg. My grandparents. I warcry or just run upstairs and lock the door.

  16. so basically autism is an apologetic word for crazy? been looking at several videos now and in truth these are the symptoms of crazy

  17. so sad, wish there was a cure. my mom has alzhiemers and I take care of her. feel like parents with kids with autism go through same thing I am with my mom. it is hard being a full time caregiver. much respect for people who give up there time in the name of love

  18. I don't care what anyone says. My son was doing just fine and right when he got vaccine shots he went down hill! More and more kids are getting Autism and we can't figure it out why?! Something fishy is going on!

  19. There's nothing cute about autism imo. My son doesn't speak, self injures and his sensory needs are through the roof. It drives me insane, and he's only 7. He's physically beautiful, though; almost in a way that's abnormal.

  20. my little boy dose this he has herd a infant cry one of my older daughters had a baby and he sometimes crys like the baby when he is upset

  21. I don't think I've seen so many uneducated people in one comment section before.

  22. He's crying like a big baby

  23. most meltdowns may be caused by frustration with not being able to tell you what's wrong. I have heard of an app called tippy talk that may help your son communicate better. I have a friend who is just like your son and I have seen him in tears because of frustration with not being able to say what is bothering him or he can't tell you what he wants or needs.

  24. Is he playing train games?

  25. at 2:59 did anyone hear the sir tophemm hatt song playing in the background

  26. 0:44
    Nice shirt kid, Sonic 4 lif

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