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Preferred and Non-preferred Activities in Kids on the Autism Spectrum


For all youngsters with Asperger’s and high-functioning autism, life tends to be divided into two classes: most popular and non-preferred actions. Preferred actions are these issues the baby engages in ceaselessly and with nice depth. He seeks them out with none exterior motivation. However, not all of his most popular actions are equal. Some are rather more extremely desired and prized.


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  1. Theres not alot kids like school work.

    Some people are more stubborn then others.

    There is alot that plays into people desires to wamt to do something or not.

    When kids with high functioning or any other social disability they feel cut off from others beacuse they feel unconnected from others.

    This is beacuse others can be selfish and self-centered.

    I remember this one teacher I had which I am still friends with on Facebook after so many years she was my kindergarten teacher.

    She made me feel loved and accepted. When she treated me with love and kindness I started to make friends with my pers, as well it started to affect other parts of my life.

    Alot of adults when it comes to school and other things other then playing and having fun. They dont go to that persons level and ends uo talking down to a kid.

    All kids learn different ways.

    Some learn by music.

    Like take for example the ABC song.

    Some make stories to remember answers to a test.

    So people are book learned people.

    Some are visual learners.

    Heres a tip

    Make learning fun and a child with high functioning autism or Asperger's will want to learn as well as any other child even if they don't have those symptoms.

    Make the learning fit there interest, don't try to bribe a child to learn.

    But rather teach them to find interest in what they are learning in some way.

    I think it's funny how you know one set of kids can be bribed with things and another can't.

    So then people jump to the conclusion all there something wrong with these kids they can be bribed maybe they learn differently.

    Find out how they learn and then teach them and they will learn they will be interested find out their interest in what you're teaching them.

    High functioning autism and Asperger's when they find something that they're interested Excel way above the normal people would normally do.

    This kid with Asperger's and he's like one of the best Surfers in the world because of his Asperger's.

    Find something that there's extremely excited in and use that to teach them what you want to teach them some way or form or another.

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