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Autism Causes: Mercury Poisoning from Vaccines & Environment – Dan Olmsted

http://www.autismisreversible.info – Autism is a person-made epidemic in accordance with Dan Olmsted, co-writer of The Age of Autism: Mercury, Medicine, and a Man-Made Epidemic. Mr. Olmsted and co-writer Mark Blaxill researched using mercury all through current historical past and conclude, partially, that using mercury and different heavy metals in vaccines is a root trigger for the rise in Autism. And for good cause: mercury is the second most deadly substance to people (behind plutonium), and a whole lot of occasions extra poisonous than lead, and but it has been injected into infants, infants and youngsters within the identify of “medicine.”

Another metallic utilized in vaccines – aluminum – can also be extraordinarily poisonous. Flu photographs include natural mercury, which is many occasions extra poisonous than the mercury present in a thermometer. The use of extraordinarily poisonous substances in “medicine” – particularly heavy metals like mercury – causes an untold variety of neurological issues in youngsters, together with Autism.

Two distinctive issues that the majority Autistic youngsters share in widespread are very critical digestive issues, and an lack of ability to excrete heavy metals, resembling mercury. Mercury poisoning will truly *trigger* each of those well being issues. For these already uncovered, the answer is various drugs remedy that helps restore the intestine and get rid of poisonous metals from the physique.

If you’ve gotten a toddler with Autism, there’s hope. Find a DAN! physician close to you and go to him/her. Parents have recovered youngsters – both absolutely, or principally – due to the choice drugs steps they took, and so are you able to.

For extra info on the causes, signs and efficient various drugs remedies of Autism, please go to:

Video Produced By:
Larry Cook, writer of The Beginner’s Guide to Natural Living: http://www.thenaturalguide.com

Interview Of:
Dan Olmsted, co-writer of The Age of Autism.

Vaccines that also include mercury may be discovered on the John Hopkins School of Public Health web site: http://www.vaccinesafety.edu/thi-table.htm

Videotaped on the ARI/Defeat Autism Now Conference in Long Beach, CA – http://www.defeatautismnow.com

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  1. There still is amounts of mercury along with other deadly bs in many vaccines. The comment which said not, is an idiot.

  2. SongBird Studio and Productions

    Yes vaccines in the early 1900s had mercuy but now they only have oxygen and hydrogen as a component. However you should keep the childs imune system up with vital nutriants and imune boosting foods before the injection. However yes poisions do effect the body, but autism is actually a born condition, I have had more damage done to me by psychotropic medications then a chick pox shot

  3. FortNikitaBullion

    I had autism as a kid which was made much worse 5 years ago when I got severely poisoned by mercury from eating fish out of Lake Ontario.  I have been on alpha-lipoic acid on and off to remove the mercury, and I feel better now than before I even started eating the fish.

  4. The truth can only be known by learning about the complete history of vaccines, and it is here:

  5. Don't forget about the fluoride cups they make you swish around in your mouth in elementary schools. That's another issue. Children growing up today are doomed from the moment they're born with these neurotoxins. Who will be left to run the world in 70 years?

  6. Thank you for sharing! Watch my other videos, especially of Holly Riley and how to help your child with Biomedical Treatment!

  7. My son was recently diagnosed with Autism and this video was very helpful. In the 1st trimester of my pregnancy I was required to have several vaccines for employment in healthcare. On top of that, after he was born, he then had his vaccinations, increasing the amount of mercury. I believe this is enough evidence for his chances of developing Autism… I never realized until speaking to friends and watching this video…

  8. warriorprince101010

    There are trace amounts of mercury in fish, tap water and most vaccines.

    Autism is indeed caused by mercury, however like many illnesses it is easily cured through diet.

    However the vast majority of people simply refuse to change their diets and children have no option but to eat and rink what their parents offer them.

  9. I believe that the government and their secret societies are also getting people to inhale chemicals that are causing this. I remember this happening to me as a child. It happened several times while I was at school. I remember shortly afterwords having the symptoms of a blank gaze and drifting off into a fantasy world. I've reported it and it has been ignored by the establishment. They then accused me of defamation of character when I named the persons involved.

  10. does anyone know of an anti-vaccine dr in upstate ny?

  11. what about the mother's who have amalgam fillings? this leeches to the umbellical cord. i think this may be a big sourse where it comes from… dental amalgams. BAN THEM

  12. See, "Recovering Autism and Special Needs," on youtube. Towards the end I introduce eye tracking issues as well.

  13. Chlorella can be used to detox!

  14. not to mention its in amalgam fillings, is there any wonder that autism is on the rise. Along with cancers and other debilitating diseases? There are too many chemicals in our food, in our water, and in products that we clean with.

  15. @deborahmerlin Thank you Deborah.

  16. Great video Larry!

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