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ASPERGERS and High Functioning AUTISM what’s the difference?

These are the three main variations between Aspergers and High Functioning Autism. In this video I talk about the variations between Asperger’s Syndrome and High Functioning Autism and why the phrases won’t be lengthy on the analysis evaluation for much longer. Like, remark and SUBSCRIBE to maintain updated with my movies. Uploads weekly!

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An enormous welcome into my life! I’m a Dan from the UK and I’ve #Aspergers Syndrome or #ASD which is a type of Autism, also known as High Functioning Autism or #Autism Spectrum Disorder. I make movies each week on my journey and supply ideas and tips to assist everybody who has Autism.

I even have assist movies for serving to individuals get a analysis of Autism or Aspergers Syndrome, and additionally some advise and assist for anybody who’s buddies, companions or family members that suffer from Autism or Aspergers Syndrome and nearly anybody on the Autism Spectrum.

✔️ National Autistic Society : http://www.autism.org.uk/
✔️ Action For Aspergers: https://www.actionforaspergers.org/
✔️ Autism Society: http://www.autism-society.org/
✔️ US Autism & Aspergers Association: http://www.usautism.org/
✔️ National Autistic Society AS: http://www.autism.org.uk/about/what-is/asperger.aspx

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  2. This explains so much. She tests off the charts in all subjects during the yearly testing, but her grades don't show this, because she refuses to do the work in class. She says it's boring. It's causing major problems now that she is getting up into the higher grades in school. It also drives her teacher crazy and the teacher has started singling her out in class, which is not going over well.

  3. I don't follow those criteria, I was a late talker but I could read pretty well by the age of 3, and I was in the top classes for things like maths or science but I wouldn't really say I'm good at them or that I've got a high iq, and I was in the bottom classes for English and stuff and I'm no good at music either. I was diagnosed with autism and was told they weren't diagnosing people with asperges anymore and they didn't give people functioning labels either

  4. I love the video. Just one thing though. I thought the DSM-V did away with Asperger's and combined it under the ASD umbrella. I'm just bringing this to the table as when I was diagnosed as ASD High Functioning without verbal delay in 2013, I was literally told I needed to research Asperger's to better understand myself. My I.Q. is highish. I think if you got your diagnosis before the DSM-V was released, you keep the Asperger's diagnosis. None new after the DSM-V.

  5. Hey man, I caught that 3:57 borderline 3:58 "neurology" quote I have aspergers syndrome, and I plan on going to med school and being a neurologist or neuropsychologist! After I get my bachelor's in psychology!

  6. Who found out you are aspergers was it friends, family or yourself ?

  7. When was you diagnosed with aspergers?

  8. Quite honestly, a person should not be classified as either Aspergers or high functioning autism. Instead, like you said, they are very similar to each other as if they were considered cousins in the same branch. But over time, since the DSM 5, which I got in my bedroom, just categorizes someone diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder for that point on. Other than that, I would say that a person should be classified with autism.

  9. Do you have and average IQ or an above average IQ

  10. What country are you from

  11. Strong Black Woman

    Highly requested!!! Can you do a hacks video that covers how to walk away from unfinished tasks? (It seems like I have to finish stuff even if it takes all day and I don't shower smh). Btw, keep up the good work!

  12. My son is 13 and has the diagnosis of aspergers, social anxiety and selective mutism…… Its been a very hard road… His outbursts are so hard to handle..he just gets so locked in to his way of thinking that life for us is draining…. .How "difficult" were you to parent as a young boy? I wonder if you could do a video about that to help us parents since you have turned out so well!! I read everything I can about the topic and take him for counseling but I feel that by the end of every single night I am just out of patience and so mentally drained from trying to parent him patiently……I just never know if im handling situations with him to help him or if im harming his self esteem ….. please help

  13. Have you done a video about isolation? Would you ever consider doing one? I've been isolated for 4 years and I want to make friends I just don't have the skills to do it so end up being rejected or bullied. I've not managed to keep a job either because of depression and poor social skills. I'm going to buy your book as I think it will fit in well with my CBT and mindfulness. Thanks for your videos they have been so helpful with understanding whats going on

  14. Do you have any dating advice for someone with Aspbergers? Dating site, or service, should we be upfront with it in profiles or slide into telling the person after we get to know them. I have always had trouble getting things started and pursuing a woman is very hard

  15. Could you do a video on OCD and Aspergers?

  16. Happy New Year Daniel hope you have a good one

  17. Danielle Williams

    I don't have a question, I just want to say thank you for your videos. My daughter is on the spectrum, under old DSM Aspergers now just ASD. She is verbal but sometimes doesn't know how to explain what she needs, feels, or how she thinks. I can do all the research in the world but I love following your channel because you can say you've been there (even if her symptoms are different). We've used some things from your videos and it makes a world of difference for her. Thank you so much!

  18. I can’t concentrate at all in school and my grades are really low, is that something common with people on the spectrum? Btw I have Aspergers and the only good grade I have is in science, I love science!

  19. When I in third grade they were teaching use the “three” stages of matter, but I felt really smart telling the teacher that plasma was after fire. I think they probably got annoyed at that after a while

  20. Haha, thanks for clearing things up 😀
    I thought i was asp , but since my IQ is below average , poor school grades and incapability to learn math ,it looks i fall in HFA.
    Still there are things that got my intereset realy picked up , like history, politics , IT and religions..

    Maaan, damn these diagnosis anyway 😀

    Autists for global domination!! No more crowds! Less socializing! More time for music!

  21. It’s sad that there’s soo sooooo many people don’t know the difference between low and high functioning autism
    Like when I tell people I have Aspergers and tell them it’s a form of autism and they say something like “why can you walk”
    We need to start educating people

  22. Hey mate how much do you not think or piss your misses off on a daily basis 😉

  23. Alex Lowery speaks about autism

    I have HFA & not Asperger's. I did have speech & cognitive deley. I still have specific learning difficulties in certain areas. I mostly agree with the differences you mentioned. I also think a common difference is that aspies (often) have a greater desire to socialise & interact than those typically do with HFA. However, I also think that none of these differences are set in stone. I've certainly seen people with an Asperger's diagnosis who do still have struggles with maths & such. I am mostly in favour of the DSM-V change of bringing them all under the one diagnosis because it does make things simpler. Things are rarely that black & white with the autism spectrum.

  24. dont get it

  25. Totally agree! I am very knowledgeable in the field and have a son in Engineering at local University (where I work as well) and agree with the prevalence of those with Aspergers relative symptoms in intense science fields. My son shares these characteristics as well and working on my end to attempt to create group programs to assist in what students feel are missing skills to help in these fields and majors to help students with those or similar characteristics. Your personal insight is inspiring and will share with my son who sometimes is very down because of the social isolation and anxiety aspects and may feel comforted knowing others with awesome personalities and intelligence just like him are out there and that you are all unique and amazing stellar people that are so necessary and perfect in our world

  26. This is really reaffirming. I was having a hard time making a distinction between the two. Thank you for posting this!

    By the way, have you read Neurotribes? If so, what did you think?!

  27. Let's Cringe Over My Fringe

    thank you so much for the video, it definitely explained me the main differences. i've just watched some of your videos and they're really, really helpful (not empty words hah).actually i was interested about how it is with lying, i mean – i read that Aspies don't lie, they don't see a point in lying so they don't do that. is it possible for an Aspie to actually lie but really poorly? like they try as much as they can to lie (they are trying to avoid a note at school for example but usually they tell true, sometimes they just want to escape from responsibility or they feel ashamed and they don't want to disappoint the person they like) but it almost always look silly, people don't believe in it anyways. does it sound like a thing that Aspies do?
    sorry for my english, i am not a native speaker. i hope u had a great christmas and thanks again for the video!

  28. Brian Dechristofaro 23

    thank you

  29. ColorBlind Gaming

    Hello! I've stumbled across your videos and I love them. I'm 22 Years old now and I've self diagnosed myself with Asperger's syndrome after learning what it was about a year ago and everything that could come with it. My concern is never being able to be properly diagnosed because I do not have health insurance. I feel like I cannot tell anyone I am an Aspie because I'm afraid they will dismiss it. What are your thoughts. Great videos, keep up the good work!

  30. I have 117 IQ which is pretty average but my strengths are in language and art and science but I suck at math….it takes me way longer to grasp it but I do eventually. And my gift wrapping abilities are world class. I wrap a lovely and unique gift every time. So I don't know where this puts me on that . I also have a mild form of OCD. Like if a picture is crooked I can't go on unless I straighten it. I feel like such a freak most of the time.

  31. My friend and I both have autism, and I would be considered slightly more ‘high functioning’; however, she is interesting because she spoke very early and had no speech delays (I did too), is incredibly intelligent and understands things at school well – definitely without a delay – and has a high IQ. However in school she can’t go to most lessons because she’s overwhelmed so easily, she has extremely sensitive hearing and wears ear defenders, she has very sensitive tastes, doesn’t get much sleep, and struggles very much with socialising. I just find it interesting because people would identify her as autistic from her behaviour, but her brain and the way she speaks is above the average neurotypical. I think people like that, who have both ‘high-functioning’ traits and lower ones, are the reason it’s good for people to be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and not aspergers because the line is blurred between the conditions.

  32. I remember your video when you went to the jelly belly factory and when will you go to fairfield?

  33. Can you explain why some aspergers people may be obviously intelligent but not very good at passing gcse exams and also very disorganised.

  34. Merry Christmas Daniel hope you have a good one

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