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  1. I been on autism waiting list for 2 years nearly/:

  2. my son is 21 months and my first born I was only 17 when I had him. Both my brother and his father's brother have autism so it was something I was always worried about. he never showed signs until now I have called the autism program in my town but it's could be months before he can be tested. I am having a hard time with it because I grow up with an iep (I don't learn like most people) and I don't want him to have to have a hard time in school if he does have autism or anything else.

  3. can you email please I have some concerns

  4. I would like to thank everyone for your kind words and support. Ethan just turned 7 and is doing remarkably well. He is an AI classroom at school and will begin mainstreaming in a couple of weeks. He is smart as a whip, just has some behavioral problems and social issues (He has since been diagnosed with ADHD as well). We are so proud of him! Don't forget to "Light It Blue" in April!!

  5. RyanLindsey Bliss

    Also my son was not vaccinated ever and he is being diagnosed with high functioning autism. So autism can just happen. I took nothing while pregnant just prenatal's. I am thinking about starting a channel about him having autism without being vaccinated first. I was vaccinated maybe something past to him? Not sure it's a mystery.

  6. RyanLindsey Bliss

    I did not see the signs of autism at all. I think your kid is fine your doctors a dick for diagnosing your son wrong. If you think he does then post some prof of autism in your son..

  7. Umm his language is incredibly good for a 21 month old!

  8. he ahs good speech, yet poor listening skills. he might have Asperger's (no speech delay?) ADD?ADHD or all of the above?

  9. My grandson is 21 months old and doesn't talk or recognize his name. He is being evaluated in a couple days.

  10. and you are the autism expert? what causes it then?

  11. My son did pretty much same things as yours. We were diagnosed when he was 28 mo. We started Early Intervention and about to start ABA. We have been working with Early Intervention for a month and I already see progress. As soon as a child can get therapies as better the outcome will be. Good luck!

  12. There has been significant proof that vaccinations do not cause autism. That is not such a nice thing for you to try to convince parents that their child has autism because they were vaccinated. They don't need that guilt.

  13. That's my name!

  14. My son is now sixteen, when he was doing what your son was doing in this video we felt very much alone. Hang in there, endure, preserver, it will pay off. Thank you for sharing

  15. I don't think I've ever seen another child who reminded me so much of my own. Many of your descriptions and observations of his behaviours are the same. How old is Ethan now? My son is 40 months and was diagnosed with ASD at 30 months. We will eventually be going through the EIBI/ABA programme too. It seems very daunting but your positive experience with it is very reassuring. Thank you.

  16. i have a little boy and i believe he has autism but my family and fiance say he is just being a little boy.im gonna go thru some of the signs and if parents with children with autism could please tell me what you think.
    tyler is 23 months old,he does not talk or point at things.he gives us very little to no eyecontact.he only likes cars and things that spin.he is a very picky eater.he tip toes sometimes.when he wants something he leads us to it and other then that he just does what he wants.

  17. Very proud if I were your boy~ Thanks for loving so well!

  18. Okai i'm no doctor but I really can't see anything autistic related, but on the other hand the parent knows their child best and they see the most of behaviour etc but in this video alone he looks like a perfectly healthy child x

  19. Handsome B Wonderful

    kids looks fine to me

  20. i say don't sweat it. kids probably do better w/out drugs and shrinks unless it is blatantly obvious they need special help. Keep them off sugar and processed garbage foods and for God's sake don't get them vaccinated.

  21. Ashfaiz I'm with you my 24mnth kid is doing the same

  22. How is he doing now?

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