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Siblings of autistic youngsters might be left feeling lonely or omitted of the image. Now …


  1. I think he uses his behavior to manipulate mom.

  2. He is so… BEAUTIFUL! He has a wonderful mother as well.

  3. Austin Hilsenbeck

    This is making me cry to, and I have it ASD to

  4. Handsome son you have. You are doing a good job. I envy your drive & patience. To think parents w/ kids that don't have disabilities think they've got it tough. God bless you & your family. -Will, Balt. MD

  5. Poor guy, I'm much higher up on the spectrum. I came across this video in my exploration of the spectrum trying to learn this concept and why I was diagnosed

  6. I just realized I'm sitting the same way

  7. Hey my brother has some problems to but my mom is ok with it I don't know if I should deal this much longer please tell me is there a way to make my brother talk again

  8. I have Aspergers and people tell me that they wouldn’t have known it unless I said something but because of this I know SOMEWHAT, what this young man is going through. He’s creating his own fictional world in his head, a world others cannot begin to fathom, a world so detailed it would make peoples heads spin. I do the same when I see or hear something. Other people with Aspergers and or autism can relate to this.

  9. his darling princess

    im autistic i wish i had you as a mom. your amazing

  10. I dont know what my son has, but he does have rituals like OCD. I USED to have OCD pretty bad too but Ive learned to overcome most of my rituals. I cant really teach my son how to over come his yet, but they drive me nuts! They take up time so we run late or they can ruin our day if i dont take the bus route he wants. Its just tiring…

  11. What a great mom. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Thank u for this video I am going through a hard time with my autistic son and sometimes need a reminder someone out there is going through this as well. It's just so lonely

  13. Medical marijuana required

  14. Google You stupid

    2 things i would try to fix his autism

    1. being entirely naked in the sun. (might reset his glands functioning)
    2. try out certain herbs spices and oils

    i think the first one is gonna help

  15. I am so sorry. He is handsome young man… Please god help

  16. What is sibbing?

  17. Christina .H8sYou

    God bless anyone in this situation cause I couldn’t be able to do it.

  18. This could if been me. I have HFA/ Aspburgers

  19. Haha my brother loves being in a car too but he is observed woth car rides. Also going to the library to get books and dvds.

  20. Unbalanced Chakras

    His vision is in a higher dimensional plane

  21. Blizzard The Science Guy

    I have severe autism.

  22. Holy shit how the fuck is he sitting like that It looks impossible

  23. Dude at the end is stoned.

  24. Is he watching leapfrog?!

  25. She reminds me of my mother when she picked up a book about autism, and then suddenly she diagnosed literally everyone in the family as autistic and would follow them around giving a running commentary on their behavior.

    Except like this woman actually knows wtf she is talking about and has an actually autistic family member there.

  26. I think that dog has autism

  27. It's amazing how love is such a strong thing. That lady is literally sacrificing being happy and living life/having a life for her son that can barely think or talk. That's amazing. If it were me, personally I would put him in a group home where it's safe and they can properly teach things and take care of them. I would wait until they are 18 though so I could see if it gets better or worse through out the years leading up to them turning 18. And at the same time you have the gift of living life and doing what you want I guess.

  28. That's sad and the so called "normal" people still have the nerve to post memes and give autistic people shit,smh..

  29. Instagram and Stuff

    For some reason, Autistic people really enjoy toddler shows like, Mickey Mouse etc. I find it weird but it helps them cope

  30. Humm.. I guess I have Autism then.

  31. You are a very strong mother, and u have a very handsome son. 🙂

  32. Liquid x tinkerbell

    I love this woman

  33. "Alright come on you mutts"

    Mom is hilarious.

    Sorry about your son BTW god bless him.

  34. Your funny lol, Keep up the good work 🙂

  35. Ok… call me fucked up, but he has a REALLY symmetrical face. He really is a handsome guy with very nice features tbh.

  36. Almost every kids show is educational

  37. Beta Swagons: postwar

    2:19 this man has gone through war in his past life

  38. Adam Destructor Jr.

    If you think this life is hell for him, just remember that he is having a much better time than he seems.

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