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Autism Awareness Video: Diagnostic Criteria for Autism

April is Autism Awareness Month. As a part of our persevering with effort to advertise international consciousness for autism, we’re making our Training Video “An Introduction to Autism” obtainable for relations, associates, educators and anybody who’s inquisitive about studying extra about autism and the issues they will do to display younger youngsters for autism.

In the primary of this three half installment, we take a look at the Diagnostic Criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorders.


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  1. Could it be possible that not breast feeding could be the cause of childhood problems like Autism, Asthma and Eczema?

  2. u forgot to mention potential genetic components… there r rare genetic diseases which also tend to land people on the spectrum of autism co-morbidly… like eds (ehlers danlos) for example… i believe marfan is also such a genetic diseases which has autism spectrum as co-morbidity… n likely there r numerous other genetic diseases… which have autism spectrum as a co-morbidity…

  3. My nephew has autism and it used to be a struggle everyday. My brother recently started him on a healthy all natural product which has changed there lifes. Its only been a couple weeks but has been getting better more n more everyday. If anyone would like more info please inbox me and ill have my brother contact you.

  4. how can you compare a 10 yr old girl to a 4 yr old boy your all stupid. put them all on pills thats yalls solution. stupid people

  5. See in GOOGLE: INCURABLE ILLNESES TIAGO.Could be a solution

  6. does the child have to exhibit one or more of the things mentioned? my son is 20 months old and doesn't do all of those things but he does have speech impairment and will headbutt when angry, among other things

  7. Why are people with autism always so adorable?

  8. Asperger's Syndrome

    Yeah I was pretty much like that when was little I m diagnosed with autism I hade delayed and repetitive speech and behaviors I'm also diagnosed with ADHD COMBINED TYPE and I'm now 21

  9. If you love someone with AUTISM, help spread autism awareness! Let’s help enhance patient care for people with autism! If you are a parent or caregiver of a beautiful person diagnosed with autism, please take a moment to fill out this survey. Thank you!!
    Please click on this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/autism_health_care_experiences

  10. I think that when they say that 1in every 88 children is diagnosed with autism they should also say tha 1in every 10 of those children are diagnosed just because they have very mild symptoms of autism and should not have a label. Why put labels on the children that can talk, be social and communicate with only little symptoms of autism?? My child is one of those children that might or might not have autism but he is 5 now with little challenges why would I want to give him a label if he still gets the help he needs anyway??

  11. I respect your opinion, but this opinion is killing hundreds and bringing German Measels back to threat levels. Vaccines are important.

  12. My opinion is that "Autism" is cause by vaccination, because a mother knows best when the baby starts changing and the speech problem starts to appear. The problem is the Mercury and toxins that are put into this vaccines and premature children are more likely to suffer from this. The allergic reaction to the toxins.

  13. I mean is it good a thing that has symptoms and "diagnose" and Medication treatments mean it's a good thing?

  14. oh no i'm autistic!!

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