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2.5 Year Old with Autism Eating

This video was taken simply after a 30 minute melt-down. Our Autistic son just lately began a brand new conduct throughout meal times- he needs to take a seat in Mommy’s lap and be fed so he doesn’t have to the touch his meals.
We use reward and constructive reinforcement to work by means of these behaviors.


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  1. How sweet!

  2. I am a picky eater

  3. DarknLovely Lena

    And your son

  4. DarknLovely Lena

    Good mother God bless you

  5. this made me smile. ❤

  6. Awwwl you are such a great mother ❤

  7. 2Cute.

  8. SRose .fournillier

    My son does this too. I just feed him. I shouldnt. Ill try to be more patoent and let him do it

  9. He looks so proud of him self well done

  10. you are in fact creating a hostile environment for the child . take him out and let him play with other kids . make him explore things by himself .

  11. Ana María Ovando Jaramillo

    He is such a sweet boy… looking for your kisses after he put the food in his mouth… my son is 2 years and 8 months, waiting for his diagnosis till November… you did a great job on this video mom! So much love and dedication…

  12. He's so adorable!! Does he have seizures or is the staring part of autism

  13. is he verbal?

  14. Stephanie Soerens

    This is a beautiful interaction between you and your son! He is such a sweetie. That smile though! Amazing!

  15. Omg so adorable. My son is 2.5 too and he reminds me of your son. He even picks up my hand to help him drink and eat. He literally hates touching anything that sticks to his hands. So cute.

  16. He is super cute!

  17. Gab Hill Houston

    OMG he is so handsome my son has been diagnosed with autism he grabs my hand when he is trying something new. Like mommy you try it first but this is beautiful please keep in touch with me I'm new to this

  18. Mom looks exhausted after the meltdown, but what a sweet little boy. I bet he's done quite well in the intervening years. I look forward to finding out.

  19. I have 2 boys with autism..my youngest of 21months is non verbal ..my eldest is 4yrs..they have very different personalities..your young boy is like my youngest

  20. He is so cute ❤ oh my goodness his smile melts my heart. you guys do so well with him it inspires me.

  21. He is adorable! I hope he is doing good now

  22. Hi, thanks for sharing the video, How is he doing now, hope he is doing great now. My kid sometimes eat by herself w/wo spoon. Dose not point and no eye contact. Can you let me know what therapy or medication did you follow. Thanks

  23. How old is he now? And can he say any Word?

  24. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Hope your boy has responded well to intervention. We are where u are in this video. Don't mind ignorant comments from people who have no clue about how wide the autism spectrum is.

  25. Hello everyone! I'm a teacher for special children and I made an online fundraising for students with autism here in the Philippines. Please please check out this link or you can simply share it on your Facebook (IT'S ALWAYS THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS) Thank you so much! https://www.youcaring.com/autangelshelpus

  26. my 4 year old would rather throw up his food.. only thing he want is candy I need help

  27. hes so adorable. my son does the same thing!

  28. What a beautiful boy!

  29. I think my son has autism. Although he hasn't been diagnosed, I can tell from the way he acts and what I've seen and read that he probably does. You inspire me to be a better dad and spend more time with him and help him through his struggles. Thanks for sharing

  30. so cute

  31. Soooo sweet. He's enjoying those kisses.

  32. You poopheads who are judging mom here don't know anything about autism. Children with autism can definitely make eyecontacr, kiss and cuddle. This mom is totallu accepting, challenging, and loving her son. Exactly the way young children with autism should be treated and loved. Way to go mom!

  33. He is looking at you, and i think that is eye contact very well, why did you say he is autism

  34. Nicola Packnoski

    this brought tears to my eyes, what a sweetheart! when he fed u, then he grabbed some himself bless his heart

  35. dude why are you treating him like a full on retard he could be smarter than that

  36. mother looks sick of the kid. Kid could of been calculating complicating mathematical equations moma does not understand, then feed her the odd one. very say moma dont know shit

  37. Martin Arredondo

    He so cute! God bless him and all our kids who have autism!!

  38. what a cutie pie, smile Mom you're doing good  😉  try the fresh food only diet , no preservatives, nothing canned or in tins, no frozen and especially no dyed foods, and nothing in plastic…it worked for mine….first found it through Dr. Finegold, he's got a YT vid out but a friend told me about it years ago and now my boy is much much  better

  39. View our video on autism as well! This is a project done by a group of 4th year medical students in conjunction with the upcoming World Autism Day. Let us know what you think and how we can make it better!


  40. This is so interesting! I am an educator learning about this disability.

  41. oh he is so precious

  42. living wih autism child is very hard for us parents lots of undertanding loving and patience my son is 4 yrs old hyperactive and sensory issue

  43. He's so cute I cried because I was kind of proud and you're a good mother

  44. This is where I am at with my daughter

  45. my daughter does this and is not autistic…

  46. SO I have some mommy ptsd going on, LMAO. My son will be 4 next month and is nonverbal. He loves to chuck things, but especially liquid. So every time your little guy reached for the cup my mommy sense jumped like "OMG, he's gonna chuck it! OMG he's gonna dump it!" My goodness though what a smile!

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