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#DrAndreasKalcker #CD, MMS, #SodiumChlorite: #Autism, #ALS, #Cancer, Healing Disease

Dr. Andreas Ludwig Kalcker is a founding member of the NGO Earth-Help-Project targeted to assist the third world with various power, water and well being. He labored within the 90s on the Centre for New Technologies in Barcelona He first licensed in economics and later in biophysics and various well being (Ph.D).

Former Member of the the Research Institute I.I.E.E. Barcelona. He has lectured on the “Club Equestrian” in “La Pedrera” (Gaudi) for plastic surgeons Catalonia and “Erasmus University” Brussels drugs, The Spirit of Health congress in Hanover Germany 2014, Autism One Chicago (The world largest Autism Conference) 2014, Autism Today, Miami Beach Congress Center 2014, amongst others.
His presentation is a brand new medical discovery about utilizing a novel improvement of pH impartial injectable chlorine dioxide (CDS) opens prospects past typical use. He lectured as properly on the Autism Foundation ” in Venezuela 2011, Puerto Rico, Sofia-Bulgaria, 2012 Prague – within the Chech republic, amongst many others.

For extra info please watch this essential video with Kerri Rivera: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pjoRg-HV9Aa

To discover out extra about what organizations just like the Red Cross have been doing in malaria infested areas of the world watch this video, which was by no means launched to the general public after the research was full. This footage is all that is still of that initiative: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UazRZGse2g

How to make chlorine dioxide

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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sodium_chlorite You need to admit the chemical relation to chlorines and stop saying it is completely different. It is different but a closely related anion. THIS is what keeps it pseudoscience, the lack of accurate scientific explanation. I know you are trying to commercialize a product but in the meantime please be honest, thank you.

  2. Arthur Donehower

    not approved by dnc or nancy pelosie so it must work.

  3. So is this product no longer available? Where can I buy from the US

  4. Great work !

  5. a good video, but the woman interrupted Dr. Kalcker so often, it became annoying….

  6. This guy is fucken awsome

  7. Narrow Path Ministries

    is the dosage the same for me as an adult, as for my child 11 years old?

  8. Bleach = Sodium HYPOchlorite,
    Dumb dumbs learn your basic chemistry.
    The stuff he's talking about in NOT beach…


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    Does anyone have lots of experience with mms and knows chemistry. I know that i should get the right chemical formula….i really want to know clearly what is best to buy on the Canada Usa online store since term mms is not used…
    There is very basic info on your usa/canada site from usawps.com **** and the owner doesn't help. I want to make an informed purchase since chemicals should be understood when you ingest it. They are not all that innocent even though i believe in mms i still think that i need to be informed.

    what is the difference or what are the benefits between these 2 formulas selling on the web site?

    1- the hcl and sodium chlorite
    2-citric acid and sodium chlorite

  11. I really did love this.. thanks to both of you !

  12. What is the ratio and how do I make my mms?

  13. Where do you buy MMS ?

  14. what is the dosage for cancer , 3 drops as well per hour ?

  15. Where can you buy this product?

  16. Is it possible to email either of you about advice for someone with a rare genetic disorder – reacts differently at times, too many, to what's good or passable for everybody else – for awhile. Yep, canary in the mine here. Some must have to be very cautious, no? Dose like a child? What are the contraindications so far, if you please, Drs!

  17. Fascinating! Thank you, guy and gal! So I can blame that pig headedness on my German, can I?

  18. Dr Kalcker I have question for you.
    If the goal is to bring O to tissues what if we ozon the water and drink would that be same as O3 is very active form of O and at the same time reliese to air would help the Earth ozon layer?

  19. Fascinating! Thanks!

  20. Please State exactly what products I need, and where to find it so I can purchase it. I'm very I'll. Recovering from Necrotizing pancreatitis. In hospital for almost a year and keep having pancreatitis. Now I have a cyst on the head of my of pancreas. This cyst has to drained first.

    Also I have Ruematoid Arthritis and would like to get rid of it. I'm in a significant amount of pain every day.. Every single day! I want to quit fighting it already. The daily pain is too much and it makes me want to give up.

    I very much want to try this.. Again please tell me exactly what I need and where to get it and the instructions for use for what I'm going through.

  21. Mrssewhardtoplease

    Oh I see he is in Switzerland

  22. Hello, what an amazing interview, thank you both for such helpful information.. I know this video was posted quite a while ago but nevertheless I am trusting I will get an answer to my question and I thank you in advance. Would this treatment for helpful cardio vascular issues ? I am not clear on how to word this but the case is an open valve creating difficulties in a major vein located between the waist and the heart …reason not known.. My son is a very fit healthy young man who has been troubled by strange blockages in the past few years affecting the vascular system.. he exercises a lot, meditates, is a vegetarian and I am wondering if MMS could be helpful… of course doctors try to explain it away as a congenital disorder when no One on either side of our families has ever had that sort of problem.. after several interventions they have found yet again another open valve closer to the heart…could you please tell me what could be done to treat this once and for all, it seems obvious that the treatments and operations so far have worsened the condition ,my belief concerning mainstream medicine is that it’s ok to treat broken bones and maybe a few other things but this is obviously way out of its scope. I would be so appreciative of any valid suggestions on what to do to attend to this important matter in a definitive and positive manner.. I would not have posted normally but felt so compelled after listening to this very uplifting message. Thank you .

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  24. Edifying interview. Thank you.

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  26. making a diesel engine use water mean turning it into a old locomotive steam engine

  27. Dr Andreas is now looking into the flat earth. YouTube it to see how many videos are on line

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  29. I do not see the Dr website.

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