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Imagine What It’s Like To Live With High-Functioning Autism

http://www.MyAspergersChild.com …Many youngsters with high-functioning autism (or Aspergers) need to have pals, however they merely do not know how one can go about it. They might not be capable of perceive others’ feelings, or learn facial expressions and physique language. As a end result, they could be teased and sometimes really feel like social outcasts. The undesirable social isolation can result in nervousness and melancholy.


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  1. Thats like me): a little

  2. In french please, that not exist in french that kind of video .Can you translate?

  3. It Fucking sucks. Just diagnosed this year. I am 32. Spent the last 25 years in constant anxiety attacks. Only diagnosed with A.D.D as a child.

  4. Barracuda doodooromidie

    This is not true, I'm autistic and I'm outgoing I can do everything that video says an autistic person can't do. I also graduated early , I was also the youngest in my class. I'm the one who makes the jokes for people, as I love seeing people happy.

  5. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

    Coming from a teen with HFA, and almost all of this is fucking wrong lol

  6. christian mccauley

    I don’t have to imagine.

  7. My son has high functioning autism and he does not get upset by lights or loud noises. He can also read basic facial expressions. I hate some if these descriptions. They’re to general for people on the spectrum. Btw, some of these can be characteristic of A.D.H.D.

  8. Well let’s be real here. All voices blend together in an Apple store!

  9. NorthernLebanon Kids

    When you're actually a kid with this and when you show someone this video they just look at you like you're contagious with ebola. Literally me today.

  10. And to this video it's not true to me I have high functioning autism I love water and I hate bycicles and some things jokes are lame and I have a couple of friends because I try asking the hard part is keeping them when im upset to my self so every high functioning autism is copletly different to each other so and I have mental problems and I hate life I can't listen or understand because people never get it i hate being autistic and depressed and living in a violent place I don't think of this video much the only friends I have is my imagination so I hate life, myself, people that's all I hate not all people but a handful of them

  11. The Amazing Tatsuo

    Oh boy

  12. Does anyone feel like you are the only one who sleeps or eats or like you are the only person in the world and that everything is just some kind of super realistic simulation? Its weird but I feel like I'm the only one. Like as if the world revolves around me (i don't mean it in a selfish way), like This is the story of your life and everything else is not important becuase there is just you and your world of imagination? I get that ever since I was in kindergarten. I eat and I see people eat. I'm hungry and I see that thenothers are hungry but I don't feel their hunger. I see things from my first person point of veiw and only mine but never anyone else. I get a game and then I feel like I'm the only one with the game even I know that there are people with the same game. Its all like you are the only one living and everyone is just a simulation or like an NPC in a video game and you are the playable character. For some reason whenever I see humans thoughts and emotions or see how their body works or think about how it works, I get amazed. Right now some one is probably sick or sleeping or eating or doing some kind of private things and here you are not doing what they are doing and wonder why you are not doing what they are doing at that moment or you just get amazed that other people eat too. One of the things that always come to mind is that some where out there, some chick is farting right now and here you are going like "I know that it's normal for a human to do that but I always feel like I'm the only one whondies that and that everything else is not real".

    Its realy trippy for me.

  13. The shower part is true but only if the water presure is high or something. There are times where it feels like knives are stinging me and it hurts but my shower heads work smoothly and don't hurt. It feels like a massage

  14. It's fucking hell

  15. Imagine what it is like to be a /pol poster

  16. I don't have to imagine, I know. I am a high functioning autistic.

    My daughter suffered from autism for more than 2 years which we started experiencing in her when she turned 1 year and 5 months we all thought it will end but got even worse as days went by. We tried all several treatments and therapy prescribed by various doctors we met but to no avail, she lost total concentration and always complain of sensitivity to sound . She usually tells me she haves poor eyes contact. This were steady disorder that disrupted her entire life, even at night she slept less because of this.It was during a casual conversation with a friend that i learned about Dr Williams herbal medicine I was able to contact him on his email address. and give him all the necessary information that he needed,few day later he sent me the herbal portion and his medicine was able to restore her back to normal and she is very okay now without any side effects whatsoever. If you have autism, do not hesitate to contact him on autismepilepsy.blogspot.com for advice and for his product. I hope this also helps someone out there

  18. Your_Best_Reaper Killerboy

    Basically half of these things are true about my autism.

    And yes I do have autism

  19. Imagine that you stop "trying to fit in" because the "normal people" live in fantasy land and their great social skills are nothing but the ability to be a bunch of fake, lying, twits who can't deal with reality. I might have liked sport a bit better if it was for being healthy, not to pretend your a hero because you threw a ball in a goal. I don't want to play your stupid pretend. So, maybe it's the "normal people" who have a learning disability and all your laws a taboos are because you can't behave yourselves and need blame others for your malfunctioning brains. And for fucks sake, stop making autistic children go to school with the other narcissistic morons.

  20. I have this but when the water hits me in the shower it feels good. I may not have every symptom but I have a lot of them. I live it I don't have to imagine.

  21. I always hear voices blend together when I am in a large crowd, are you telling me that normal people dont, wth

  22. I thought everyone heard fluorescent lights like that?

  23. 0:00 Doris, is that you!?!?

  24. as a person with hfa i relate to most of these but i do feel slightly angered about the way it made us look. thsi video didnt once mention the variables. some get friends some dont; in the case of myself when i was at school, i made friends because i had to and i knew it would be an advantage for me. i never made them because i wanted to. and with figures of speech, jokes and sarcasm we can learn it it may not come naturally but a adult with hfd will recognise them them most of the time. my point is this video should be more specific ut at the same time include more variables.

  25. My brother has this type of autism. o:

  26. That's why I only take baths.

  27. There is a way to train the brain .from this mri injection disorder but I can't reveal the train the brain release on youtube

  28. my opinion every autism is different I have high functioning autism some to me are true but not really

  29. Not only that, but imagine if every food you ate, salt was extremely salty, tomato was really tart and "tomato-y", lettuce was so leafy you can hardly stand it, mayonnaise is really sour with vinegar mixed with "sulfury" eggs, and despite the fact that all you want is a fish sandwich, you got instead a salty, tart, sour, sulfury, leaf-flavored mess that no amount of cheese can possibly help!
    But in the same token, imagine when it's the weekend, and you're all alone, so you get out that N64 and play SM64 and DK64 for hours on end! Or imagine being able to draw well with ease, and every algebra, geometry, chemistry,or biology test is an easy 100! Imagine not having to dress like other kids or "act popular" to feel happy, but just being your own unique self, and being so proud of that, you thank your higher power that you were chosen, out of all 6.5 billion people out there, to be one of the brutally honest, hyper diligent, stubborn, intellectually gifted Aspies!

  30. dude i am high functioning autistic and half of that shit is not true

  31. Are most people with ASD or HFA really that deficient in understanding jokes and sarcasm?

  32. i can imagine i have autism and this is soo true thank you for making this video so people can under stand

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