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Autism Assistance Dog, Autism Service Dog

Testimonial from a household that lately had their Autism Assistance Dog delivered to help their household. Assistance Dogs for Autism, a division of Highland Canine Training, LLC, supplies high quality Autism Assistance Dog gross sales and coaching to help youngsters and households which are affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders. www.autismassistancedog.com or 866.200.2207


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  1. My son has autism and I would be very happy if I could get our pet lab trained for him but I hear it's very expensive!

  2. The dogs that we train have an average lifespan of 12-15 years. We have found them to work really well for the children they are trained for.

  3. We are actually one of a few companies that will train an existing dog. If you are interested in having your dog trained, feel free to give us a call at 866.200.2207 or you can visit our website.

  4. We regularly train dogs for children and adults that do not have a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum. You can find our application online at our website Feel free to call us at 866.200.2207 if you have questions or need more information.

  5. They only concern I have about this is the types of dogs they are choosing. They are fantastic choices personality wise as well as temperment and intelligence. My concern is the average lifespan. A mid sized dog about 40 or 50 lbs would live much longer on average. They might not be strong enough to remain able to give the same assertiveness about blocking and laying down I guess. What is the reactions when larger dogs pass? Wouldn't these children be even more effected by the loss?

  6. Brandi *click* Bear!

    a side note Ibizian's can take some experience to train the were bred to work semi-independently so they think for themselves. Puli's are the grandaddy's of the komondor and both require extensive grooming, cording the dog to prevent matts takes a very long time. It can take hours to bathe and dry them.

  7. You should apply for a dog.

  8. I have a daughter with down syndrome and she is an eloper. We want to apply, but I am afraid we wont be approved without a diagnosis of autism. We are near a lake and in a rural area, and I am petrified. We have ended up being sequestered in our house and panic if we have to go out in public. I cannot go to the grocery store or even a birthday party. my child also has cystic fibrosis and she lays on a public floor which is bad. I hope we can get approved.

  9. how do i do this??? my daughter is 4 and autistic and we have a shepherd that we have had trainers say she could be a therapy dog, but since my daughter has been diagnosed i would love an autism assistance dog for that security

  10. Traditionaly no. But "emotional support" animals aren't granted the same acess to places like service animals are. I can't leave my house without my bearded dragon and not have panic attacks. Some places you wouldn't think would be against people bringing in an animal actualy are…and pretty anal about it too.

  11. Not trained, you can't even train dogs to do that. Just whenever she starts to get "figity", I often have a seziure not long after. I heard of a snake that would let his owner know when he was going to have one. I think animals are just more perceptive than people and know when something isn't right with them. My bearded dragon is also toilet "trained".

  12. She actualy is a service animal. My social phobia was so bad I couldn't even leave my house. She also lets me know when I'm going to have a seziure. Lizards, and reptiles in general are smarter than most people give them credit for.

  13. Perhaps I should look into a Komondor or a Puli afterall. Perhaps an Ibizan Hound (they look like a giant "deer type" chihuahua or at least my deer type chihuahua looks like a tiny Ibizan Hound). Or perhaps a different species whatsoever such as a ferret or linsang.

  14. Brandi *click* Bear!

    that's different Chinese Crested Dog are very prone to acne like break outs on the skin and also are very prone to sunburn. Hairless Chinese Crested Dog will need moisturizer applied to the skin to prevent drying and flaking. In the summer months a good quality sunscreen should be applied to the skin before the dog is taken outside.In the winter some type of coat or sweater should also be used, even if the dog is simply going outside to toilet as they are very susceptible to chills and colds.

  15. What if you live in a warm climate like Texas or New Mexico?

  16. Brandi *click* Bear!

    And you are thinking a Chinese Crested can withstand cold weather YOU ARE NUTS they need sweaters they are tiny and almost bald!

  17. In my case, I'd need something unusual like a komodor or a Chinese Crested. Sure I'd get a bunch of "Is that a rasta dog?" or "Does your dog have cancer?" comments, but that would open up more opertunties for social interaction than a German Shepard or lab or something people are used too. My current service animal is a bearded dragon but I need a service animal that can withstand cold weather.

  18. Service dogs are such amazing blessings. It so wonderful to see it when a family finds the 'key'!

  19. I want to get a service dog so bad for my nephew. He would really benefit from one- but we have been on a waiting list for years for one.

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