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Autism’s Affect On Siblings

Siblings of autistic youngsters might be left feeling lonely or omitted of the image. Now …


  1. Are this guy's videos jokes or is he serious?

  2. I love how he makes a joke about him having autism not realizing…. he… he actually does have autism..

  3. Yo, I was wondering if you can do like a work video for us to show how you got your muscles.. and also what food you eat and how you prepare it?

  4. Is this channel real or a joke

  5. Tf is a demon

  6. Артем Король

    Соси жопу

  7. Guys this dude is a troll if you couldn’t figure it out yourself.

  8. I swear you're Russian

  9. This is why I love autisticismology. YES DADDY.

  10. Remember me when you blow up

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  12. Congrats on 21K


  14. zazef needs to blow uo

  15. Why would YouTube unsubscribe me from this legend

  16. You are a retarded kid who stays in your room all day

  17. When are you gonna shoot up a school?

  18. Hello I am a new subscriber

  19. Your ugly as fuck kill your self

  20. Zazef you are so fucking aesthetic

  21. All that people eating are pissed.

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