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When One Twin Has Autism

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Researchers on the UC Davis Mind Institute present beautiful progress with Matthew Williams, a two-year-old boy who, in contrast to his twin sister, was acknowledged as being in danger for autism. Using the Early Start Denver Model, therapists now have Matthew responding to his identify, interacting together with his household and enjoying on the similar degree as his sister, Morgan. While there are nonetheless many questions on autism, this intervention has the households of some individuals asking, “could there eventually be a cure?” Series: “Autism Awareness Programs” [Show ID: 24888]

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  1. This is Matthew's mother. I want to share with you all that he graduated from Kindergarten last year without supportive services in the classroom. He was also accepted into MENSA as his tested IQ score is 141. Thanks to early intervention the sky is truly the limit for his kiddo! Thank you ESDM!!!

  2. I have autism and it is always going to be with me I was diognosed in 2015 which means my autism was missed for 15 years of my life but I diognosed myself at 6-7 years old because I knew what autism is my brother has Asperger's syndrome so don't take on this study because there just trying to hide the autism by training your brain to do things what a "normal" person would be able to do. Disgraceful let children be children I say

  3. This is what Early Intervention is all about. THANK YOU for all that you and your colleagues do for our field!!!

  4. i have autism and i can talk i was didenosd with it wen i was between 4.5 year ald know i am 18 year old have autism

  5. Ver good I have autism

  6. Hey I have autism and not everyone can talk

  7. Do you know the name of the box that the therapist is using with the child at 2:37 ? Where could I get one?

  8. that little boy is seriously the cutest thing and his little voice "choo choo" omg! 😉

  9. Sure, autism is diagnosed by behavior, but research has shown that the brains of autistic people are wired differently. That's not necessarily going to change just because they learnt some new skills.

    For example, Temple Grandin was nonverbal at age 3, and then managed to learn to speak and completely caught up in language ability. However, brain scans have shown that she has a malformation in a part of the brain important for language, and her brain is working much harder to process speech than a typical brain. She also reports that her thoughts are visual and she has to consciously translate them into words.

    A child who used to meet autism criteria and no longer does might still be doing cognitive tasks differently, and working harder to accomplish the same outcome. This child will still be vulnerable to more struggles, if they get burnt out or if they're faced with new challenges that outstrip their abilities. Plus, they might still feel different from others, when others describe how they think and the 'formerly autistic' person thinks differently. So I don't think they should say the child 'no longer has autism', but rather that the child is functioning much better than he or she did before.

  10. That's my name

  11. There has been some ongoing research by one scientist in America regarding the use of antibiotics for babies less than 3 months and causation.  A related issue is that some autistic symptoms have been shown to improve with the use of probiotics (or is it prebiotics – I can never remember which is which), but not all children. I saw it on a documentary but cannot remember the name of the scientist/doctor doing the study. The problem with any type of research on such a subject, be it vaccines or antibiotics, is that you can't use proper scientific methodology to conduct a study, taking out all variables, using a 'blind' group etc, as it would be very unethical, so you will never get a definitive 'cause'.

  12. Alexander the Geek

    I don't believe they do, but I don't believe there's any profe that they never cause autism. The ownder of that Channel is entitled to his or her own opinion.

  13. I doubt you'd buy it even if it was proven. Here's the case I believe the previous poster was likely referring to:

    w w w . undergroundhealth . com / courts-quietly-confirm-mmr-vaccine-causes-autism/

    It was an Italian court ruling that the MMR was indeed the culprit.

  14. Why did YouTube recommend this to me? ._.

  15. Diabetes is not neurological. Autism is. its physical vs mental. They're two different things

  16. I must be a horrible parent then according to what yours saying, pretty much a stupid parent.

  17. There is an extremely bold line between autistic and having diabetes. Diabetes is caused when your body puts in too much or too little insulin to maintain your blood sugar. Autism is (i have really no idea how to explain it) something that sort of makes your brain think differently than "Normal people". With autism you can teach people how to know when somebody is using sarcasm or when it's an appropriate time to say this or that. You cant teach your body how much insulin you need to live.

  18. Videogame Musician

    Is there a difference in intelligence? Smarter I'm assuming, in THIS case.

  19. These therapists are teaching these children how to talk, listen, play, use their toothbrush… Their parents could have done that. Ii think they need to start sending parents to school on how to raise children. I worked with autistic children for many many years and most "autistic" children are not even autistic!!!

  20. is it actually possible for one twin to have autism and the other to not be on the spectrum at all?

  21. I actually recently heard about a HUGE lawsuit against a vaccination supplier that admitted they caused numerous cases of autism. Maybe you should do some research.

  22. Wonderful loving parents. This make a big difference!

  23. What a joke. Its not a behavioral disorder. And even if was. I don't know anyone that would label someone with Bi-Polar disorder "cured". Its a genetic predisposition.

  24. Magic fairy dust.

  25. they need this in australia

  26. yeah I've been asking myself the same thing and it's possible, but if you look at the results of all 48 children that were part of the ESDM program, 7 of them had an improved diagnosis, only 1 did in the community program. This has to mean that there is something to it, though, maybe I'm missing something.

  27. i would go crazy with this kind of childish bullshit, life is not all life and smiles, in this video this kid is always playing and smiling (nothing against that), but there is just to much to say, i am not going to deny you are improving them, but that happens automatically, autistic children are not stupid, yes it is obvious they will still learn. autistic makes a new kind a human and autistic children is the counterpart towards capitalism and its negativity making the world a better place

  28. autism is not a syndrome, it is a state a mind because of variable x, once variable x turns into a number, then you have autism almost nearly cured, but in reality it cannot be cured in its totally but it can be cured to the point that it becomes unnoticed, now this kind of writing is written in code, dont think i have autism, but i am defining autism in a very compressed way

  29. my brother was delayed in speech and he gets angry when nobody understands him.. he was even delayed in reading until 3rd grade… but he doesn't have autism.. i, on the hand, have aspergers… only at 22, i was known…

  30. can they just make LATE BLOOMER a diagnosis than misdiagnosing with autism?

  31. OR they never really had autism..

  32. what if he's not really autism but that he's just a late bloomer?

  33. After should I meant to put ( not) its the dumb spell check

  34. Autism is not a disease it's not cause by vaccines it's just a theory it's not a disease you can't catch it or get from some needle you idiots it's disorder, many people think of it as them being dumb but I don't cause there like super heroes there are smarter then we may ever be and it's only that they learn differently I have a friend who has autism and my little cousin has severe autism, maybe well never cure autism or maybe it's the beginning of something new we may never ever know but shou

  35. i have autism an learing disabilitys

  36. check your language … i think it crashed

  37. autism isnt cuse by vac .autism has been around forever they just no more when i was litte no one new jack my mom was part of the refgouter moms an stuff

  38. lets talk more about severe autism and the type of autism that doesnt change dramatically with all the help instead of just spreading around false hope to every parent out there.

  39. @Russell Copeland im sure its the tax payers $ thats paying for this and not the parents.

  40. It's criminal that this treatmet therapy is not given to all kids at risk for autism when it is clearly available.

  41. well what would they make of the uk , lol my son is has been looked into for the age of 3 he has no dx he is 8 .nhs in the uk is terrible

  42. All those symptoms are typical of many children. Raising them as "special" will make them acclimated to be special needs.

  43. must be nice to be able to afford a whole team of therapists

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