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Autism (Understanding Autism, Autistic Children and Autistic Adults) – Teal Swan

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For hundreds of years the human species has been left mind oriented. This is a time period to explain the state of being restricted to consciousness solely of the bodily dimension. This left-mind orientation considerably decreased our capability to hook up with supply.

But for a few years the will for re-connection has been a collective want inside the human species. And so, some beings select to return in and NOT activate the genes that trigger us to part utterly with the bodily dimension. Autistic individuals are not utterly phased with the bodily dimension. We can examine this to having one foot in bodily actuality and one foot out of bodily actuality.

Autism is all the time the results of the identical factor, which is: Improper phasing with the bodily dimension. But an excellent many issues can set off autism. In the longer term we’ll discover that even environmental elements resembling vaccines, pollution and pesticides can set off autism. These environmental elements destroy mind cells.

In the primary two years of life, myelin (which protects and isolates mind neurons) has not completed rising. This permits bacterial toxins, metallic toxins, chemical toxins and different environmental toxins to succeed in and destroy the budding dendrites and axons; typically to the purpose that they don’t develop again. The destruction of those neurons within the mind makes it in order that the consciousness of the kid can’t correctly part with the bodily dimension by means of the middleman system that we name “the brain”.

We have expectations about regular conduct and they don’t match into these expectations in any respect. Because of that, we instantly assume one thing has gone mistaken. We attempt every thing we will probably attempt to get them to suit into the field. But they didn’t come right here with the intention of becoming into the field. They got here right here with the intention of serving to us to get out of ours!

Kuan Yin’s Mantra ©2002 Lisa Thiel – utilized by permission http://www.sacreddream.com

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  1. I know my comments are way behind these articles, but I am just so grateful. I am a mother of three special needs children which apparently I was meant to stretch quite a bit. I have spent I can't even tell you how much time arguing with the school system about my children's needs fighting off The medical system about vaccines fairly consistently and trying to educate our educators on children who are not normal, definitely an uphill battle but my kids i'm pretty sure are indigos and are discovering ways to do things outside the box. They are all grown up now and are finding their own battles with the school system and vaccinations, I think even stronger than when they were kids. My daughter-in-law didn't didn't want to fight with the school system about vaccines so she got my grandson vaccinated and now he's having all sorts of respiratory problems that he never had before people say it's coincidental but I don't think so

  2. Thank you for integrating two of my former beliefs. Loved this video.

  3. Amazing video!!!  Thank you so much Teal for sharing.
    The concepts of understanding Autism also applies to the understanding of severe nonverbal cerebral palsy.  Home schooling might be the only solution for now until the society can change their mind set.

  4. Teal could you please post a video explaining dyscalculia as well its an unseen disability and I have struggled all my life with people trying to change me .Also I wonder if this is video is relevant for those who have these unseen learning difficulties?Thankyou Silje 🙂

  5. This is a wonderful video

  6. Dag Ole Kristoffersen

    Thanks Teal. I just got diagnosed with Aspergers a few weeks ago and it explains a whole lot about why my life has been the way it has, and why conforming has been such a struggle for me. That thing about letting us initiate learning is so true, I LOVE learning, but I always HATED school. I hated everything about it, from the way we were taught to being an outcast that didn't fit in with the rest of the kids.

  7. imho you are simplifying autism. not everyone is a "rainman". what about those who are non verbal, not potty trained, hurting themselves and others, constantly in pain/hitting their head etc…

  8. Yeah, I personally truly hated everything about school. It felt like programming on how to think and be. It sucked.

  9. I don't know how Teal Swan thinks she's an authority on everything. She talks about every and any subject as though she is, and people listen. It's almost funny. Who needs a doctorate lol.

    it's like a little cult.

  10. The pain and suffering that autistic people go through is something that is difficult to relate to. However personally I have severe adhd, I managed to make it through college, however I am definitely struggling in the real world. I was forced into spiritual awakening at the age of 14 when the lack of interpersonal empathy, not to be confused with compassion, created a situation where I was no longer able to keep up with my peers socially, I believe I attained enlightenment at this age, and have been pealing back the layers of the ego ever since to the point that my mind has hit a point of absolute stillness. However I still feel trapped with the mind that I have. Listening to teal has added layers of cognitive understanding to my mind but the underlying neurological condition remains the same.

  11. I have an ADHD son and he is so special. He loves everyone around him and he cannot understand boundaries. He has an autistic friend and he loves my son because he is so loving. But the current Japanese school system and society are so rigid, they just want to label them and frame them into whatever they can have control of. It’s so hard to raise a child like him in this society, but with this video, I felt like I got an assurance for the way I was raising him, and even though It is still a challenge to let him do whatever he wants to do,(because he does a lot of unusual stuff) I will try to believe in him because he and others are here for a reason. Thank you Teal. You don’t know how much your words mean to me.

  12. Plz make a video about birth defects. I always hear u throw it in, in ur other videos

  13. Beeing autistic, i had this feeling too, for long time. Thank you very much for this clear verbalisation!!

  14. The Forgotten Logic

    Forever in debt to your priceless advice. bows

  15. i needed this thank you

  16. Wow this is just what I have begun to think we experience and our purpose is a person on the autism 1 asperges's side of things.

  17. Is this the same for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and ocd?

  18. Ewa Bednarczyk-Witoszek

    Autism and Asperger are curable. Vaccins intoxicates only weak entity. Wrong thougts nad wrong behavior is also alter the wrong food. I cure autism with Good Foods Diet (FB) – succesfully. http://www.dietaoptymalna.com in ang.

  19. oh well…….sods law doesn't lie……..

  20. I have Aspergers Syndrome

  21. i have children with ADD And ADHD Autism so i agree with you 100%

  22. Joey Ramone was the very first Aspie badass and the rest of us follow him 😀 Public schools suck and Communist core is the fail program that is meant to destroy kid's minds.

  23. I have ADD and my baby sister is autistic. My family does not understand why I am not strict or stern with her. I only stop her from her eating habits as she eats other peoples food before eating her own and is obese. So health wise that is a concern, but that is because my family has overfed her since she was little and she does it out of habit. However, my family never took my ADD serious and over the years I never seen it as a disability, in fact I disagree with a lot of societies social norms. The school system, the fact that we are born to work then die, and it bothers me so much because we are not even living, but merely existing. My mom and I have a bad relationship because she views me as rebellious and lazy when it is just that I have a lot of inner work to be done and I feel like the way society is, is a failed system. Thank you so much for the message you put out there because I resonate with it and so does my baby sister. She does not like going to school and she does not like being interrupted. Neither do I, however I am 22 and a college drop out trying to find my way. I hate the working system too, I get nothing out of it. I don't feel like I serve my purpose there, but my mom keeps saying that is how life works and I know for a fact that it is not how life works.

  24. I'm so glad there are people like Teal who can explain what we, who are different, are all about in a positive light!

  25. I'm autistic and have felt like i belong to an exclusive club and that we have special qualities that we're here to share. There isn't something wrong with us, there is a lot right with us that society could learn from. No teal, we don't all look like we have something wrong with us. Lots of us almost look normal.

  26. can you come in an oobe and initiate my third eye and oobe.

  27. con you come in oobe and initiate my third eye and oobe ?

  28. Thank you so much for this. It's what I found out when talking to people with Aspergers or Autism. It feels so good to see that someone else gets this. For those who don't believe this, just check out xkcdhatguy on Youtube. A boy with Autism, a brilliant one who pretty much should be president.

  29. Garbage. Stop spreading garbage about the correlation between vaccines and Autism. Do you have your own long term peer reviewed Biomedical research on this one, Teal? Completely irresponsible. SMH.

  30. This video brought me to tears teal swan you are a legend I always knew I was more spiritual than everyone its like all my autistic friends aswellneill never say bad things about anyone and always tell the truth literally its impossible for me to lie. One foot in the spiritual and pohysical… I like that

  31. Autism sucks balls most people look at you like you said something offensive to them. Socialising is a barsteward

  32. Teal swan is a "medical intuitive" & can see how vaccines & chemicals disrupt your bodies energy ( she has that gift). She truly is a gem to austistic, add & adhd children and adults.

  33. Big thank You for this fantastic information!

  34. DragonSwordMountain

    Something, something tells me that Teal Swan has ADHD….look at the way she smirks when she says ADHD and "There is something wrong with you". The way i see it is this…ADHD is a superpower that we can't control yet. It's like the scene of "Man of Steel" movie. Clark Kent/Kal-El: "My parents taught me to home my senses, Zod. Focus on just what I wanted to see, without your helmet, you're getting everything. And it hurts, doesn't it?!" I bet the entire world would go insane if everybody took their helmets off like Zod, but we made our pain and took it for a superpower and trained it.

    ADHD makes us feel depressed cause we don't know how to control it and it makes us lazy, that's right we are lazy. All we have to do is to take on hard challenges and teach ourselves mindfulness. We can train our brain to home our senses. To focus on just what we want to see, either boring exterior or our minds, and to filter negative thoughts and turn them positive. Hard challenges make the brain change, hard as brain sweat, all we have to do is have pride and believe.

    Like Goku says "It bothers me that you go on telling people which are our limits just because you feel superior. Tell me, are all you God like so full of yourselves? Is this how you hide your incompetence? These limits are for me to break and to push even harder, no limit is going to contain me, I'll take the challenge."

    Vegeta: "Let me ask you. Does a machine like yourself ever experience fear?!"

    Limits are nothing more than a plateau, we need to break them and to push even harder…there are no limits only to the mind. If she speaks like this, then it makes me feel that i can express myself like her too someday.

  35. you always come with what lm lookin for

  36. Ever In The Rising

    Teal, I would love to see you make an updated version of this for 2017.

  37. As a teacher and an aspie, I don't believe 'school' as we know it is for everyone. I wanted to learn much harder things at school and was often told to wait and to be patient with the other kids. Now when I see students like me in my classes I do my best to give them some more work but it's not always possible when you're trying to control the ADD children for example. Both of them should be in completely different environments. Organising classes simply by age was a horrible failure that still hasn't ceased… #abilityoverage

  38. I have infantil autisme. And its NOT a vaccine. Its a diagnose. If you Don't know abort autisme so dont talk about it. Autisme is something One is Born with. Autisme is having difficulty in social interaction. We are also human Beings and we also have the right to be here

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