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Dr. Temple Grandin on Autism

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Author, Advocate and Autism Mom Nancy Alspaugh-Jackson does an in depth interview with Dr. Temple Grandin whereas at a current Future Horizons Autism Conference. The ladies converse brazenly concerning the challenges and blessings which might be typically part of a life on the Autism spectrum.

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  1. Urbex- A Peak Inside

    One smart woman. While watching her interview, found myself nodding my head and saying out loud agreed, agreed, agreed. Seems to have the same style and humor as Joyce Meyer.

  2. Love her!

  3. you inspired my daughter to succeed not only with basic skills but also in the show ring with her animals!

  4. Excellent interview and she is absolutely right!

  5. Does this interviewer speak to other people like this? Seems patronising. She is not speaking to a child.

  6. Emotionally moving and enlightening movie.

  7. Yes, removing Asperger's was a big mistake

  8. I agree with Grandin. I dont think we should have removed aspergers. I have a daughter who has classic high functioning autism and then I have a son who has autistic tendancies, but because he doesnt have any speech delays and he is very social, the developmental doctor doesnt see that. But when it comes to sensory issues and his emotions, he doesnt know how to control them. He gets overwhelmed very easily. My daughter was very easy to diagnose. mMy sons us very mild. because of that Im wondering if he is not really getting the services he needs.

  9. I stand corrected though I don't completely agree with Grandin.  She says Aspergers was removed from the DSM-V.   But why didn't she include the other 2 diagnoses which is Autistic Disorder (Classic Autism) and Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified?   The DSM V did not exactly remove Aspergers or the other 2 diagnoses.   It only combined the 3 diagnoses into 1diagnosis calling it the Autism Spectrum Disorder with all of the symptoms of all 3.   Language deficits were removed from the Autism Spectrum Criteria, because there are a lot of other conditions that cause it besides Autism.   And since I've got to know many with Aspergers and Classic Autism I soon realize that these 2 diagnosed groups in many cases have similar challenges and also a range of IQs from Intellectual Developmental Disorders to very intelligent and everything in-between.   The DSM-V now use the Severity Levels for the Autism Spectrum Disorder.   Apparently my neuropsychologist was using the DSM-IV where the 3 diagnoses were still separate diagnoses.  But according to the DSM-V I'm now on the Autism Spectrum and is no longer a person with Autistic Disorder (Classic Autism.   It makes a lot of sense to me that the DSM-V made these changes.    But in the UK, Canada and other countries there are still 3 separate diagnoses.

  10. Dr. Grandin, you're a wonderful inspiration for me. I have Asperger's Syndrome, and I sometimes think that people assume I'm more disabled than I really am. Do you have any advice for me?

  11. i understand that he has high education, but his just so painful to watch. he doesn't look appealing at all. look and personality is the most important aspect of every person's life. it gives you the social satisfaction and fulfillment that you desire, which education by itself may not give you all that. that is why autistic people need early education childhood in order to learn language skills,social interaction skills,people skills to be able to make it in this life. there might be plenty of autistic people with high education but their lack of social skills is causing them life of loneliness. that's why we need to educate our kids at early age so that they can live and grow and have happy healthy life like normal people do. unless you are emotionally happy life won't make any sense.

  12. Thank you Temple xox If it wasn't for you, I never would have known that I was also on the spectrum. I was diagnosed last year at 37 years old.

  13. Christine Johnston

    Love the story I understanding of few things I never new great story. of this lovely lady in what true 🙂

  14. In Temple Grandin's time, there were more jobs for kids period. There were paper routes, housepainters used to hire teens, carwashes hired 14 year olds, you could wash dishes at the diner if you were 13. Nowadays it's impossible for teens to get jobs, especially in the cities.

  15. Adults With Autism

    Adults With Autism – THE MOVIE
    New Documentary

  16. Awesome

  17. انتى شخصيه رائعه حقا انا احبك كثيرا

  18. "We're becoming an autism nation" Ugh Ohh

  19. elizabethmacdonald96

    Amazing woman!!

  20. I LOVE this lady.  She is a genius of the first order.

  21. Susan Campbell Cross

    SO  inspiring! I love what Dr. Grandin has to say about how best to help children with Autism. It's all about giving them the tools to reach their fullest potential. Sounds like what every parent needs to do for their child–typical or autistic! GREAT interview Nancy!

  22. aspergers/autism also contains a comorbidity of psychiatric problems and mood disorders

  23. medical marijuana treats autism

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