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The Voice: A Short Film On Autism

A variety of occasions we grow to be insensitive to others as a result of we fail to know their state of affairs. To pour a bit of mild on the troubles of some people on the autistic spectrum, we now have made a brief movie to depict their struggles in an in any other case regular state of affairs. Hope you take pleasure in 🙂

Director and Editor – Mukund Chander
Producer – Mukund Chander 😛
Script – Deborah Alex
Cast – Reuben, krishna, Gautam , Deborah
Camera – Mukund Chander

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  1. Really nice and heart touching script.

  2. Good job team. A well made video.

  3. Srivatsan narendiran

    Good one

  4. This is really nice ❤ keep it up

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