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This is AUTISM Episode #27 Chase Opens Fan Mail Round Two

Thank you for all of your beneficiant presents: Jillian from Florida, Mark Martinez from Texas, Alicia Tyner and Laurie from Maine. THANK YOU! You are very variety and considerate.
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  1. Medicinal Mcgillicuddy

    love & light

  2. Brianna Awesomeness

    Just watching chase be happy makes my day ♥️

  3. Chase seems like such a sweet boy ❤️ & YOU GUYS ARE WHITE SOX FANS TOO 🙂

  4. You are such a wonderful father to such a wonderful boy! I wish you both happiness. I would love to meet you both! You both are fantastic

  5. I am so happy Chase got those wonderful gifts he was so happy and having fun. Cute.

  6. Love ❤️

  7. Joey Dilworth 欧阳明哲

    Can you say it louder? screams That's SO me!!

  8. chase is adorable

  9. You guys rock if u guys ever plan to visit India a friend is waiting to join you for the fun

  10. You could script a little puppet show and edit it – that would be some fun content to create!

  11. K: "Chase, can you do it louder?"


  12. Quick question: does Chase like coloring books?

  13. Excuse my name, but I'm really glad and happy that chase has a father like you, please take care you 2.

  14. Does Chase believe in Santa Clause?

  15. You guys are so stinking cute… so glad your channel is growing – people need this happiness in their lives!

  16. Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaah your son's adorable

  17. Good job Dad! I grew up a left leg amputee. It takes one hell of a special parent to do what you do. I can feel your love. Ty for that.

  18. Great job dad! I grew up a left leg amputee with a birth defect causing a missing ball and socket joint. Kids that need extra in life need a dad like you. From the bottom of my heart I thank u so much for making me feel how much you love and support your son. Ty. So much.

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