Let’s have a dialogue about one thing that may be a delicate topic within the autism group: which terminology is greatest used when referring to an autistic toddler, baby with autism, or grownup with autism (or autistic grownup if that is what you favor)? Please share your ideas as I need to know for our youngsters having autism that at some point will probably be adults with autism.

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Stephanie (Mom), Lonnie (Dad), Danielle (13), Bubby (11), Noah (10), Lex (2), and Baby Liam (due in January)

Noah has been recognized with Autism Spectrum Disorder (reasonably functioning), ADHD, and Intellectual Disability.

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  1. How long did it take you to get an appointment and what not to find out Noah has autism? Just wondering..my children hospital told me it would take 7 months just to schedule an appointment

  2. Here's how I see it: I am many things, and no one thing completely defines me. I don't need person first terminology to describe my gender, race, religion, political affiliation or any other demographic in which I find myself. Why should I need it to describe my neurological status? I'm a woman, not a "person with femininity." I'm white, not a "person of European extraction." And I am autistic, not a "person with autism." It just makes sense to me.
    Despite my preference, I do not feel offended when others prefer person first terminology. I don't have a right to dictate how others are labeled. I am not immediately offended if someone calls me a "person with autism." (If anything, I am amused. I picture myself walking hand-in-hand with a person wearing a full body suit and a sandwich board that says "AUTISM.") No, I become offended when I make my preference known and someone thinks it appropriate to argue the point with me. The right to choose one's own labels goes both ways.
    Thank you for this video and for all you do to foster a greater understanding of autistic people (or people with autism, whichever one prefers:)) I tend to stay silent, but I always look forward to these videos.

  3. It is ridiculous. There's more to the person than their autism. I've used both with my son and have never thought if I'm being offensive. I live my son and he is an awesome person. That's what matters.

  4. It is your family, you deal with this on a daily basis therefore you can say WHATEVER YOU WISH!! Ugh!! Everyone has an opinion about everything. I think you are a peach for even addressing their question-ability. Tell them to kiss your tail! 🙂 Bless ya.

  5. I say my son with autism. I am in middle of getting tested for it at age 32.

  6. For The Love Of Sorted

    Oh man. There’s no winning is here’s. My son is being assessed as to where he sits “on the spectrum”. I kind have a theory that we’re all on the spectrum in some way. I don’t think that’s offensive. It’s just how our brains /senses cope with I guess. Thanks for sharing this. I’m still learning what my son’s potential diagnosis means. Your channel is a wonderful resource.

  7. I'm on the spectrum, and I have no opinion on this. I saw the distinctions a while back & thought, 'Oh here we go. Someone's gonna get bent about who calls who what.' Sometimes people are just petty or have a superiority complex. Sometimes they try to help without thinking it thru completely. Until the people on the spectrum closest to you give you their preferences, do whatever seems right to you.

  8. From what I've seen, some people take issue with the labeling especially in terms of YouTube … I've seen commenters express discomfort / unease / anger if they feel youtubers rely on their child's autism for marketing purposes, since this can also overlap with concerns about consent.

  9. People will always get offended over something. Keep doing your thing!

  10. You are one of the most honest people on YouTube . Your videos are also very informative and relatable. You deserve so many more subscribers. I hope one day you’ll get there.

  11. Everyone is offended about something. I choose to say my child has autism but I don’t get offended when people say he is autistic. I would actually like to just say “he is on the spectrum” but still a lot of people don’t know the terminology so I end up further explaining it anyways.

  12. Hmmmmm very interesting, as u know i too am the mother of a child living w autism honestly I don't see the big deal. I'm totally w u my son is so much more than his autism. I do respect others opinions but I really don't get it.

  13. I say whatever I want and no mothereffer can control my speech!! I am sick of people trying to correct me whenever I speak about my own child.

  14. Theres a lady I follow on here that has a son with autism ! she does some of it all! her name is
    "A peek inside"

  15. Gary KlunkervilleTown

    Never really thought about that too much. Interesting question though. I guess I use both terms.

  16. I agree with you that it shouldn't be a big deal. A lot of people with clinical depression are called depressives, but it doesn't mean we only think of them as being depressed. We think of them as our family members, or friends, citizens, etc. The depression is just a part of who they are. I think parents should embrace the autism in their children instead of acting like it's a bad word. That will just make the child feel ashamed.

  17. I say my son has autism lol

  18. asking is great advice! I am not sure about this either but I say that my son is on the Autism spectrum. Autism is part of him but he is my son first.

  19. Jasmine's World Of Autism Family Channel

    Great video! I have 3 autistic sons (or three sons with autism) & have always used autistic and having autism interchangeably. I never realized that saying one or the other was offensive. However, now knowing this, I too would like to know what is the most acceptable term, so as to not offend others.

  20. I refer to myself as being partially autistic (being on the autism spectrum). That's not an officially recognized diagnostic term, of course, but neither is Asperger's anymore (in America).

    The way I think about is that I don't have some condition (autism) inflicted on me, it's that my very brain is wired differently than a neurotypical. And I'm perfectly cool with that; neurotypicals are boring (no offense).

    Because of this, "autistic" seems more accurate than "having autism", at least in my view (unless I'm wrong about that wiring thing). But that's just semantics. Functionally, there isn't much difference between the two. Use whichever you like; call me whichever you like. I use "autistic", but they're both the same in the minds of most people so I'm not going to get worked up over that. Personally, I'd prefer a person to simply appreciate the uniqueness that I have to offer rather than rely on a label (whichever label) that basically just means "different" in their minds and is often used an insult to others who are "different" in some way.

  21. I am so with you it honestly doesn't bother me .. if it's a major issue in people's lives they must not have much going on as long as my son is accepted 🙂

  22. #LANDingcrew I love your channel and I appreciate you spending your hard earned time to make videos for your fans(I'm a fan). Your channels is not given enough credit and that makes me upset. But I love you guys and if you keep on trying your life is gonna change for the better. My name is not penelope Roberts it's Joy and I'm 13yrs of age and I like and subscribe to all your videos. Keep the good work up

  23. Lonnie I understand the struggles throughout this year for your family and your just an incredible person and your family wouldn't be where they are with you and your determination. There lucky to have you

  24. I guess people want you too say "one the austism spectrum" but having tons of friends with kids on the spectrum I've never had a single of have an issue with how it's referred to.

  25. Stephanie you are an amazing mother who tries to raise your children the right way and your doing just that. You should start your own personal channel and I would definitely watch. Trust me

  26. Lex your soooooooooooo cute, what else is there to say. You are adorable and I love you

  27. Noah your amazing and unique and different in a perfect way. Your sooo funny and I love the way you Inbrace your differences. You should start a channel that is special and in that channel you can express your as a person that I would definitely watch and like all your videos

  28. I say both austism and austic when referring to my son! It don't matter to him and he's 18 now!

  29. Lonnie Junior please start a non gaming channel too. You are a great person and I love if you could be in the videos more often, I would watch and like every video if you make a channel

  30. I personally to not like using Autistic.. I only say my son has Autism.

  31. Danielle should start a channel (not just gaming please) I would watch and like every video. Danielle your beautiful and amazing pleassssse start a channel

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