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Autistic People Who Got Famous

Autism is turning into more and more widespread. This video is an inspiration to us all. Maybe autism is a blessing in any case as these individuals are all tremendous clever and helped make the world a greater place.

Andy Warhol, Daryl Hannah, Charles Darwin, Mozart, Tim Burton, Courtney Love, David Byrne, Bob Dylan, Bill Gates, Michael Jackson,Dan Aykroyd, Albert Einstein

For extra information and pics: http://baklol.com/baks/random/Autistic-people-who-got-famous-_1524/Albert-Einstein-_18861

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  1. Hi I enjoyed this video my name is Corley I have Asperger’s syndrome I live in a group home in San Antonio Texas I have a job and rely on public transportation to get around San Antonio

  2. Mr Giraffe Man with a guitar

    Wait mozart? Finally sum inspiration for a autistic musician

  3. I’m autistic so these people inspire me

  4. LMFAO Courtney Love doesn't have any form of autism AT ALL. Nor does she act like she does.

  5. dear people saying autistic people are stupid and idiots…..there you go……..

  6. I am also Autistic

  7. autistas de alta performance

  8. to the thumbnail, Michael Jackson is not autistic or having Aspergers. none of these celebs do.

  9. Michael Jackson doesn't have autism because their is no physical proof, Michael never said he had it and his parents and family members also said he didn't have it

  10. Great music to this video! And just wanted to state this 'fun' or 'dumb' fact. When I was a teen (circa 1987) we saw Bob Dylan perform in my town. His music was good but later I became a die-hard metal fan. All my mom and I could really remember was how much the humidity of Memphis made him sweat. His microphone constantly dribbled. We were sitting in the second row center lol!

  11. I am so shocked that tim burtton and Micheal Jackson has autism, I have autism!

  12. who *became

  13. OnceWasRStrathfield

    I'm starting to think the creator of this video is guessing some of these people have autism. If that's the case, I'll come up with my own list.

    Donald Trump, Elvis Presley, Meatloaf, Eminem, Mick Jagger, Walt Disney, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber.. also have autism.

  14. Makes Me Feel Good, I Know I Can Make a Difference:)

  15. Albert Einstein is autistic and still smarter than me? okay. xd

  16. you dont know we learn something new almost everyday

  17. Albert Einstein does not have autism he has dyslexia

  18. Michael Jackson had many traits of Asperger's Syndrome. I ve been a fan for almost 7 years, I know everything about him.


  20. Why was Michael on here? He wasn't autistic…

  21. Michael Jackson Wasn't Autistic

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