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Teenager with autism visits Christmas Winter Wonderland | Autism Vlog

We talked on the vlog final week about how Andy has a faculty journey to an area winter wonderland arising this week, and the varsity have requested us to organize him for the journey. Andy’s autism and nervousness signifies that he by no means likes a spot the primary time he visits it, so we thought the easiest way to organize him for the varsity journey can be to take him ourselves, and in addition attempt to do a little bit of Christmas buying whereas we’re there!

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  1. How old is he

  2. From when I started watching your videos a few months ago to now, I've seen such an improvement to the way Andy acts in public. It's amazing to see. Just thought you'd like to know that although it might not feel like it sometime's, you're doing an amazing job!

  3. Those cars zooming past Andy at the crossing scared me. It's hard keeping up with kids they move so fast your doing a great job exploring with him. Does Andy feel any connection when he's in the graveyards? Enjoyed the Xmas tour and music.

  4. ive been to hyde park winter wonderland but just walked and looked around because all the rides are expensive £££

  5. I know this is a weird question but does Andy have Lowe functioning autism? p.s. I have high functioning

  6. Ken I believe fish could be soothing for Andy and a good idea to get him some

  7. You should get Andy a pet do him good

  8. That's not my…books! There are so many of those! That could keep you in ideas for gifts for a long time!

  9. Babies By the Shore

    Beautiful shopping mall!….Love that he just decides that these 2 books are coming home. 🙂 Overall it looks like a good day for everyone! Happy Holidays to your family!!

  10. You should get him a fish tank or an out side pond

  11. I hope the school trip goes well and Andy enjoys it.

  12. I'm going there but is 15 mins away from me at event city in Trafford

  13. I’m going there in 4 days I’m buzzing

    I know with having a kid with autism, there are a lot of holding your breath moments and crossing your fingers. lol

  15. Hey, love the videos I just have one question. Why does Andy put his hands in his trousers all the time, also how did he adapt this?

  16. How old is andy

  17. Really good to see how andy behaves in different environments other than home and at a church. Love the christmas place!! 🙂

  18. really like these vlogs keep up the good work

  19. For guys that don’t know he’s 13

  20. Sir Laughs A Lot VLOGS

    You should show us some of the footage that Andy has on his ds

  21. How did he feel comfortable walking on graves

  22. I know you said you hope you don't have to buy fish, but I wonder if it would help him I know it helped me with my anger problems and I wonder if it would give him something to calm him down if/when he has a melt down (I know he doesn't necessarily have anger problems but maybe it would help with calming him down anyway, with the pretty colours and soft movements) obviously it's more than just grabbing a cheap tank and couple of goldfish but might help out idk

  23. Does Andy like his ds for the video bit . As my daughter Elise is simpler with her kindle she film a lot to I feel she could be YouTube blog then she older .she got film of her dancing singing and talking about her dogs and dolls teddy, she mimic the subscribe to my change press the link at the bottom . I try a kid camera she didn't take to it .just her kindle .

  24. Does Andy know your not his dad ?

  25. Yeay result!

  26. Good to see Andy making such good progress and hopefully now that he has gone there and liked it he will go back with school.

  27. Great video! Andy’s getting much better at going out now. Good job guys!

  28. andy dont touch! Andy is funny

  29. Well done Andy

  30. It’s not even been my birthday tut

  31. i hope the Christmas music at the end was for andy's benefit otherwise bad boy kev bit early lol

  32. Great vlog hope Andy goes on water side trip

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