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What Goes on in the Autism Classroom (Ugh!)

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This one goes out to the different autism mother and father who’re making an attempt to determine the place to ship their youngsters to high school and what sort of service you get in totally different locations.
I advised you some time in the past my son was positioned by the faculty board in a particular class for autistic youngsters, in a daily faculty. My hopes have been excessive. As it is turning out, you apparently do not want a lot to qualify to work in this class and clearly some individuals do not know what they’re doing. Please hold my son and this example in your prayers. Thanks.


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  1. Thank you for your support on Patreon because YT is demonetizing ALL of my uploads automatically http://patreon.com/thetruthergirls The ads only get re-enabled after manual review, and by the time that happens my video is no longer getting views. This channel is now running entirely on viewer support.

  2. Sandy Schwartzkopf

    About the you tube issue? They are attacking "truther" channels. If you separate your vlogs/channels between "truther" topics and autism, the autism channel should not be demonitized. Just a thought. As for your son, have you thought about hiring a tutor to homeschool him? If they have a car, he could also go to homeschool network activities. Not sure how your state works, but in Oregon, your child gets academic credit if you do any academics at all.

  3. Sandy Schwartzkopf

    About the you tube issue? They are attacking "truther" channels. If you separate your vlogs/channels between "truther" topics and autism, the autism channel should not be demonitized. Just a thought. As for your son, have you thought about hiring a tutor to homeschool him? If they have a car, he could also go to homeschool network activities. Not sure how your state works, but in Oregon, your child gets academic credit if you do any academics at all.

  4. BTW don't bring Anita to be an advocate lol

  5. Why don't you start your own school and hire people I bet you could get a loan you would be excellent Maybe GOD has bigger plans for you than YT ………..

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  7. HelpmeImbeingusedAsahumanpillow W

    I'm so sorry you're going through this with the schools. We moved to a great neighborhood with school's that are supposed to be some of the best with special needs children and we still have issues. Last year he was threatened with expulsion.. he was six. Keep fighting the good fight mom.

  8. So, what happened? Look into this: I don't know for sure but In the US you could probably get your son diagnosed as disabled and get yourself a caretaker check.

  9. Thanks so much for this. I’m adopting my 4 year old nephew with asd, and I’ve been trying to figure out schooling. There’s so much to learn, and this helped a lot.

  10. There is an autism epidemic. I feel for the parents and I feel for the teachers. So how are autistic children doing after they become young adults? Did school make any meaningful a difference?

  11. Dear Sonia, I was in your place just a few years ago. I was at my wits end. I had to just pull my son out of a similar style classroom that you described. I did so much research and found a place called autism treatment center of America in Massachusetts. I do live a couple hours away from them so it worked out for me. Went down for a weeks training with them. But from what you describe as your perspective on the correct environment for your son it’s exactly what i and the autism treatment center describes. He changed his life. I homeschooled him for time, but finally found, The right school for him. It was exactly as you described… Loving, supportive, structured. Sadly that’s cool closed after him being there for two years. But we found another place where he is absolutely excelling and thriving. There is hope. But I did have to not work and just devote myself fully to getting him what he needs. Since you’re in Canada I’m not sure what the laws are, but here in the US there is something called least restrictive environment as well as free and appropriate education. I had to really really devote myself to advocating and going full force against the people that wanted to keep the status quo. Now I have my local school district paying every penny of his education and a perfect environment for him. It took a lot of work but it was short-lived. I’m so happy that I made that choice. It’s not easy!!! But my autistic son is doing things I was told he would never ever ever do. Because he’s in the right environment he is thriving. Your son is entitled to an appropriate education. Clearly what he’s getting now is not that. If you want to contact me let me know.

  12. Sounds like the school doesn't want to come off the money for qualified workers.

  13. Wow…. Your an awesome amazing mom….. You and yours are in my prayers…. Stay blessed

  14. Sounds just like the autism classroom my son was in before i pulled him out and finally decided to homeschool him. They treated this classroom more like a behavioral problem than a class of people with autism and it got so bad that my son was melting down almost daily and was being forcefully held down!!! How scary and he wasnt even violent.
    He has a math disability and anyways one day I had went to get him from school waiting in the pick up line as usual when the principle comes to me and says "He wont come out, youll have to go inside and get him" now here I am with 2 other preschool aged autistic children of mine knowing this is going to be very stressful dragging them inside to pick him but I park and get on out. I go in his classroom and discover it was not him that was refusing to leave but they were still trying to force him to finish some math work from earlier and it was past school time!! WTF??? he had become so frustrated that he had threw his pencil down because he saw all the other kids get to leave and knew it was time to leave but they were still trying to get him to finish that sheet!! and they were refusing him to leave until he picked it up….you should have saw my face. I knew they could tell i was pissed!! he has a learning disorder and is frustrated ….why not come back tomorrow andpick up where he left off instead of frustrating him and making me drag my 2 little autistic kids inside just because he would not pick up a pencil!
    And they would instigate his meltdowns and he had bruising from where they were holding him down and like i said he was not violent.
    they had whole classroom that was suppose to be devoted to sensory. I bought them bean bags and all kind of sensory items and they took their sensory room away because they said the kids would destroy it! They did not know what theyre were doing with those kids…none of those professionals understood autism….i had to educate them. good riddance bullshit autism classroom, what a disappointment, i had such hope and plans! they had my son built up so much at the start of that class had him thinking he was going to get to make movies for the classroom. They made 1 movie and it was the kids in the autism class telling the cafeteria rules even though they were not going to even be eating in the cafeteria because theyre autistic and its overwhelming for them and never did any other movies again and my son is a little film maker, he was so excited about that. But all they did was a cafeteria rule video for the school. I think they had them do that video so that could clearly convey the cafeteria rules to the autism class but its like theyre not clueless about how to act in a cafeteria…theyre overwhelmed by it but if it was video giving step by step direction about what you do when entering the cafeteria that would have been more beneficial rather than common place rules about no talking, no running. not enough clarity and too much discipline and negativity. But the point is is they had said all this stuff they were going to do and try and they ended up not implementing any of it pretty much…just sucked mostly. Theyre still isolated, theyre still left out of school events and threatened to not get to be a part of anything if the misbehave and of course they do. They put your sons class in the basement which is ridiculous and my sons class directly in front of the cafeteria where all the kids can see them and lots of traffic passing by because this was a main area where they had to pass through a lot to get to other rooms near there so it was like no consideration from the start of them starting these autism classes…no forethought and no planning. just stick them somewhere and give them some more of the same old structured boring crap.
    There were some good teachers too but they didnt know what they were doing and the therapists were ignorant and just had that phony therapist way about them. I hate that phony therapist crap, its useless for an autistic…..
    anyways I have a 10, 5 and 3 year old sons. my 5 year old is exactly like your son…..like theyre autism twins lol I would love to talk to you someday….i feel we have a lot in common with autism and I am also a conservative christian female with aspergers. Tolbat is my husbands account, my name is Christie.
    And another thing is you know about the teachers and workers in the autism classroom, i understand that every autistic child is different and we have to work with these teachers/therapists and give them advice and help them help our kids and i know they don't know everything and I dont expect people to get everything but they have to be willing to implement that advice and really be a bit more passionate about their job because I felt nothing but stress everytime I walked in my sons class….it was depressing! And they did me like they will do you….they put you on the spot, gang up on you and act like you have to get angry about your son and discipline, punish him, get him on medication, get him major psychiatric help…theyll do that so be strong. I could give them logical explanations one after the other with them but at the end of the day the principle was not buying and the teachers hands were tied! It was not going to be a safe environment for my son and it was of the utmost importance that I got him out of there. That prinicple even got mad at my mom because she let my son have a sip of soda during a meltdown…my son didnt even want it but the principle insisted that was rewarding bad behavior…..half of our last meeting became about my mother trying to get my son to take a drink after a crisis and how thats not ok to reward him with soda….that was why the principle was so upset…..because of that……wow. we wasted all that time scolding my mother rather than discussing my sons bruising from unnecessary holding down and what would be beneficial for him and thats when i concluded with yes i will be removing him from public school!

  15. I will pray for you.

  16. James David Lowell

    Long story short , after speaking my concerns they let me facilitate the group, probably to give me enough rope to hang myself , well i did really well, i manged to keep full attenition of 6 of the 10 and the other 4 including my son watched the games from outside the circle. But all 10 were behaving and happy.☺ the "pros" dont know shit

  17. James David Lowell

    They just dont give a shit!# plain and simple!! My son will be 3 in Dec. High functioning as well, this summer they put together the a 10 kid preschool thing to Stsrt preparing for reg school. Same thing it was a disaster. The "proffesionals" were clueless.


  19. Just watched you for the first time. A video from 2012 in which you were lying about not needing a drivers license. Then another one about how you don't have to pay debts. You have no credibilty or honesty. So, your story about your son's school is probably total crap. Your lack of integrity probably has a lot to do with your child's problems. Or at the very least, cruelly exacerbates them.

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