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Autism After School Routine – Calm and Relaxing

Click right here for a particular supply from Mermaid Pillow firm, purchase 2 get 1 free! https://www.mermaidpillowco.com/g2and1 Autism after faculty routine, by Rafael! When Rafael comes residence from faculty, he is a bit wound up. Check out what makes him focus and settles him down! Their mermaid pillows, bracelets, and blankets make nice presents! Baby Abigail was somewhat sick throughout this video, however Rafael made her really feel higher by enjoying together with her. He exhibits you the whole lot he does after faculty. He takes care of his belongings and will get them prepared for the subsequent yr of faculty. Kitty does her residence routine. Rafael has been recognized with ASD. He has excessive functioning autism, previously often known as Aspergers Syndrome, however all the time generally known as fabulous. Thank you to Mermaid Pillow Co. for sponsoring this calm and enjoyable after faculty routine video!
Life in Israel! Hadar, Andrea, Rafael, child Abigail & Kitty!
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Andrea used to stay in Florida, till she met Hadar on World of Warcraft. Hadar met Andrea in actual life, in Israel. We have been married in 2010 in America. Andrea moved to Israel in July of that very same yr and has been there ever since. We miscarried a child at four months gestation, shortly after we have been married. Rafael was born November 2012. Baby Abigail was born July 2016. Both have been born in Israel. We movie our life day-after-day to point out Andrea’s relations again in FL. Andrea additionally has an grownup son, named Zebulin who lives and works in America. Hadar is a soldier within the Air Force in Israel.

We are a enjoyable loving and glad household. We usually are not pretend household vloggers. You won’t ever see us being pretend. Views aren’t as necessary to us as our integrity. Many of our household and actual life pals watch our movies. You may be assured that what you’re seeing is 100% fact and actuality. You won’t solely see one of the best of us, however the worst of us as nicely. We all have a narrative to inform and it isn’t all the time fairly. For us, it’ll all the time be practical. I don’t make movies only for you. These are my household’s reminiscences. There can be no level in making movies if it weren’t the reality. We are clear and trustworthy with the whole lot. Please keep in mind, when leaving a remark, that we aren’t characters on a television present. We are actual individuals.

About our child boy: Rafael was recognized with OCD and High Functioning Autism, also referred to as Aspergers syndrome. We have a couple of movies of Rafael so you’ll be able to perceive his analysis higher:

DAY IN THE LIFE of a three Year Old with High Functioning Autism (Aspergers Syndrome): https://youtu.be/-Oyj89ynMNA

OCD in a three Year Old: https://youtu.be/GPcIrNnsruc

I do vlog him having meltdowns, coping with ocd, and his occupational remedy periods. Soon, he’ll go to speech remedy as properly. Autism and OCD shouldn’t be taboo to speak about. Every father or mother coping with autism has to cope with these points. I would like you to know you aren’t alone. I would like my movies to assist individuals who haven’t handled autism. I hope to make it regular to them and they cease judging mother and father who’re actually doing the perfect they will for his or her youngsters.



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  1. Hi, guys! Click here for a special offer from Mermaid Pillow company, buy 2 get 1 free! https://www.mermaidpillowco.com/g2and1 Makes a great gift! Thanks for watching!

  2. So happy to see a sponsorship! GREAT job Rafael!!

  3. BloodyandEnchained

    Abigail gets so infatuated when Rafael kisses her, she must look up to him as if he hung the moon (simpsons).

  4. 1:19 faster than usain bolt

  5. Trina's Beauty Spot

    This video says “Autism” After school routine….Who’s Autistic? Im confused. I dont see any signs in either of the children. They seem like happy, normal children to me.
    (Both super adorable also☺️)

  6. Precious kids

  7. S.o. c.u.t.e. you have wonderful kids and I adore Rafael!

  8. Theatrelover's little book nook

    I loved Rafael narrating super cute 🙂

  9. Anyone else think Rafael looks like a young justin bieber???

  10. Andrea I love you and your kids so much <3 Rafael is such an amazing kid. Cuteness overload !!!! .

  11. Awwww- Abigail at the beginning- ‘live is soooo hard and my brother is showing no sympathy’ lol- such a cute pout! So glad that you guys getting some sponsors!!!! Soon they’ll realize you guys are a great investment!! Loved this vid and those cushions look cool!

  12. Bahaha, I love how it starts with baby girl crying and Rafael just gives the camera the cutest little smile.
    Abigail getting kisses, awww mah hartttt!
    You did a great job with the shots and editing. I can tell you both pitched in on this one 🙂 (not that you guys don't always have teamwork, this one just feels like I don't know, different in a good way? lol).

  13. To freeze up the water bottle for next year? lol

  14. Abigail’s a cry baby and I’m a happy baby…………… too cute!!!!!!!

  15. To be honest, he doesn’t look like he is autism.. He acts normal just like other normal kids

  16. This video was so much fun!!! Lol I loved it!! Those pillows are NEAT!!! I need one!!

  17. Hi I am a new subscriber! I am watching you from UK but I am polish. Can you tell me why are you living in Israel? I am asking because I read many comments saying I hope you are back soon to USA. Many regards

  18. I know about this type of things bc I go to my autistic cousin's house almost everyday and it's sad to see people like those struggle because they think they are not like the rest of us but they are and to anyone who calls autistic people stupid you can't be talking bc my autistic cousin gets straight A's and some people get f's all in saying is that they should be treated no differently because of a disability they were born with they can't help it and to the people that are nice to autistic people thank you because I think we could make a difference in this world stand up for the helpless people that have autisium so they can be treated just like people who don't have autisium I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU AND TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFRENCE IN THIS WORLD!!! Everyone has a special talent yours could be helping people autistic people are very smart I just wanted you to know this

  19. Good job Rafael!!!! You are a darling 🙂

  20. He look like childhood version of MATT DAMEON

  21. Really enjoyed watching thanks Rafael. This mermaid bracelets would make a welcome addition to any children"s ward in hospital especially young children facing long stays away from home due to illness. That would be so good to see.

  22. MyEveryDayWifeLIfe

    Andrea, I love this video. Something different and creative. I think that''s the first time I heard Abigail cry. 🙁

  23. my brother has autism and when he gets home from school its like he needs his screen time (with little to no sound) or a meltdown will probably happen. I might suggest this to my parents.

  24. you and Rafael can become top Producers,Directors,script writers, editors and Actors of commercials!
    This was Top notch!

  25. Not to be rude, but are we acting in the blogs now

  26. Lovely to see your school routine like that! What really cracked me up was how dry you summarized in the description box "Rafael takes care of his belongings and gets them ready for the next year of school. Kitty does her home routine." LOL so funny

  27. I have adult ADHD and just got myself a "fidget cube". They are awesome!

  28. So cute how Rafael "freezes the water for next year." Love him!

  29. Raphael’s voice is simply beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  30. As soon as Youtubers get more subscribers they change the way they make video. I prefer natural videos without narrations and with discreet ads.

  31. Best sponsored video EVER.

  32. You are looking so good Andrea! Keep your chin up with the housing situation, we are praying for you that it goes smoothly, and most of all that you get to move back soon! My family would love to meet up. My kids love seeing Raphael and Abigail, and you give me a reason to sit down for a bit:)

  33. That’s a million dollar smile if I ever did see one. Loved this!

  34. so much cuteness i cant handle it <3_<3

  35. wow Rafael. you did an amazing job. And those pillows are so cute!

  36. What is ASD?

  37. Awww that was the cutest darn video ever!!! He did such an amazing job!! Way to go Rafael!!!

  38. Awww….My heart be still. When Rafael kissed his baby sister on the nose….I'm in love with that lil boy!!!!

  39. Sooo cute.my 6 yo son loved this!!!

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