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Metal Gear Khajiit

A Khajiit anime (75okay particular)

Oblivion glitches and humorous highlights with an unlucky Khajiit.

The Adventures of Autism-Cat (Part #21 – 75okay particular).

*Intro parody from Metal Gear Solid three*

*Will attempt have one other TWO eps up this week*

Special because of Ben R.

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Oblivion memes
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Oblivion NPC Dialogue
Main Quest ending
Oblivion ending
Character creator
Metal Gear Solid
Snake Eater
75okay particular


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  1. Thank you all so much for 75k! And thanks for waiting!
    The next ep will be a… special one too 😉

  2. Satellizer El Bridget

    The fucking Heavy Rain reference killed me good


  4. dude your videos are funny as fuuuuuuuck

  5. This is james bond intro


  7. Potato Pizza or POTATO PLEASER.

  8. What is the music being used during the Mankar Camoran fight?

  9. I love these openings

  10. Seriously the best intro I've ever seen

  11. having a sex with the bees and eagals
    hot hot hot hot hot hot
    potato pizza
    hot hot hot hot hot hot
    potato pizza

  12. You make life worth living.

  13. Wait is this series over now? I hope not. ;(

  14. the best intro of all time

  15. Insert MGS ladder climb scene here.

  16. Damn you make me wanna play Oblivion AND FF8 again. 😀

  17. Hey, what's the song playing during Mankar's monologue?

  18. This channel needs morse attention than it's getting.

  19. That last smile

  20. and thus the elder scrolls says death shall rain from above !

  21. 9:13 What is that fucking music from, it sounds really familiar

  22. Does some one knows the name of the music in the first boss fight

  23. Autism cat! Autism cat! All praise Autism cat!

  24. That ending made me C R E A M

  25. That sountrack – Oblivion never was so epic! 🙂

  26. Autism cat is literally the most beautiful Khajiit in all of Cyrodiil. All other Khajiit looks like a horse combined with a rat combined with a lion.

  27. This isn't the playthrough that oblivion needs. Buts its the one it deserves.

  28. Edsson Jusseth Camacho Quiñones


  29. Excuse me, Wilburger, I have a question.
    Why in the name of our lord and savior Autism Cat is the latest Oblivion upload (Drinking 1000 bottles of Skooma and killing every NPC in the game.) blocked in my country?
    Why must Canada always suffer like this?

  30. this is the best episode to date.
    of anything.

  31. 75k

    a week ago

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