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He’s Sleeping Again – For Now | Autism Family Q&A

Still trapped in London for the Secret Football Manager Event, at this time’s vlog is usually a Q&A with Anna after I acquired house, about Christmas, sleeping, dwelling as an autism household and Anna’s foot.

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  1. What games Dora’s Andy play on his 2ds

  2. Hello really love you channel I'm subscribed

  3. I am so sorry it burned you!! Im glad the beard saved your face at least. :(*hugs*

  4. UnstoppableGaming YT

    Hi from New Zealand. I'm a single parent to my 8 year old son who has autism. I myself was born with spina bifida 🙂

  5. Eadin Fingerboards

    Hi buddy

  6. I'm glad Andy is sleeping right again. 3 years ago my son's sleep got crazy. It was after he had a few seizures in one day out of nowhere. They never found out why they happened and they never have occurred since. After that though, he wouldn't sleep until 5 or 6 in the morning, and then would get up at 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Took about 3 months to get it back down.
    I really like Anna. She made me laugh when she almost spit her water out while you told your burnt lip story lol

  7. Where does Andy get his hair cut / does he sit still (answer in clog) just wondering thanks

  8. Hi thank you so much for making these vlogs there very intresting and I have really enjoyed watching them all. I’ve watch all the vlogs from January this year and the vlog and your life seems to has changed so much. Can I ask did u ever think in January you would be doing YouTube / being an author full time by now ?

  9. Animal Anime Lover

    least im not the only one who leaves the house thinking about food lol

  10. Just comb your hair

  11. Kev I know that your not a religious person and I respect that but I'm going to start praying for Andy for a healing and I'm gonna lift up the situation in my church if that's OK with you and Anna

  12. Does Andy like any craft things to do at home??
    Hobby craft have some great painting and sticking boxes and he can make and paint things however he wants to. Also some porcelain figures, and he can paint them fo his room 🙂
    Would love to see Andy doing some painting and crafting 🙂 xxx

  13. I love Anna's personality, wish she was on the vlogs a bit more. Anna, you have beautiful skin, wish I had skin like you.(lol sorry if that sounded weird)

  14. Kill theee pastieeee

  15. I had maths first period today aaahhhh

  16. "I need to get in the shower and sort this out. I'm gonna try and bring you with me"
    Uh oh!
    "to as much of today as I possibly can".
    Oh please God not to the shower!

  17. Hello I have autism but I don't know which part and I'm 11

  18. I have sent you something to your po box a couple of days ago so please check it soon! ☺

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