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Trying British Candy | New Logo Revealed | Fathering Autism Vlog #35

Basically some Americans making an attempt British sweet. It was bizarre. Isaiah has a worry of holes. That can also be bizarre. Abbie continues to be studying to placed on sun shades by herself. She’s bizarre too however in an lovable sort of means. Her gagging stim has decreased considerably! New emblem, channel artwork, social media artwork, and so on revealed…I feel you are going to adore it!

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  1. What do you think of the new art and logos?! I think Jeff knocked it out of the park! #TeamJeff
    You can check out the new merch here – https://www.redbubble.com/people/fatheringautism
    Patreon here – https://www.patreon.com/FatheringAutism
    Other awesome things here – https://www.amazon.com/shop/fatheringautism

  2. it made me smile when you pronounced fruit pastilles as fruit past-ee-lees haha although it does look like that, but it's actually pronounced the same way you would say pastels, so it's just fruit pastels, which is weird i guess because it doesnt really look like that

  3. "I don't think it's affecting her at all" 😀 Love it!

  4. love the new logo, you all are such a wonderful family……Abby is mad adorbs!!!

  5. Bri'Anna Daugherty

    I am the same way Isaiah I don’t like the whole thing either!

  6. I saw that you guys use sunbutter. I am severely allergic to peanuts and tree nuts and can not have that. It is different for everyone and also a suggestion to try is wow butter. It is like a toasted spread. It’s just like peanut butter but peanut and tree nut free. I personally like it and would prefer it.

  7. I love the logo!

  8. camille valladares

    I love the new logo. ❤️❤️

  9. Sorry if I didn’t watch Your Videos because I was busy With Work. You guys are funny.

  10. abbey pop up girl

  11. im in uk, i love watching your videos.

  12. Laughed out loud when Abbie tried the millions :'D bet there was some clean up!

  13. awesome! Loved it! Keep up the great work

  14. How exciting. I referred a member over to your page. His daughter has Autism too and he was very excited to see your videos

  15. Hi Jeff do you ever ride the motor bikes ? would love to see you ride one. I'm from the UK glad you enjoyed the UK sweets my granddaughters love millions bubble gum flavour,plus sherbet ha ha love your English accents. Have you a post box to receive mail?love to Abby,I love your videos you are an inspiration to many family's such a lovely family love to you all xxxx

  16. This might be my new favorite FatheringAutism video because Abby is so playful and bright the whole time! It’s so enchanting to see her get excited by things and joke around with you guys like when she was taking all the candy from everyone — I could be way off but it seemed to me like she was doing it to be funny, which is just awesome!

  17. Love the logos and the meaning behind it..great job Jeff!!! Love how happy Abby was in this video, her laugh is contagious….

  18. I love the sunshine, but the music is… shudder

  19. I love the new logo!!

  20. I am a Kindergarten teacher in a public school. I have had a few Students with Autism. I have always felt ill prepared or trained to best help those kiddos. Your channel has really given me a new perspective. Thank you!

  21. That's so cool she handed nanny her restraints! Thank you for sharing her progress with us!

  22. I love the logos

  23. Now I really want some candy!

  24. Come to Britain please. Do a roadshow and vlog all the accents you hear.

  25. My daughter was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder yesterday.

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