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  1. Shit streamer tbh… pubg easy views

  2. It's not a real reaction, look at his chat

  3. I am assuming, soda is the autism here?

  4. summit 1g is autism itself …

  5. Dude looks like the hodge triplet.

  6. Any of you guys thinking tyler really has autism are fuckin dumb hes just acting.

  7. That's just the steroids kicking in.


    A autism ad lol

  9. Tyler1 is a Twitch chat pleb that other plebs made famous

  10. if only i could hear something

  11. Can u please get a better recorder next time it was realy laggy

    Good vid no hate 😛

  12. tim should make a reaction to this video

  13. Right now we are reacting to Summit1g reacting to Sodapopping reacting to autism tyler1… Mind blown…

  14. 2:05 Sodapoppin – "What is he doing? haha"… Summit – "I don..hahaha" hahaahah

  15. Quacky Quackington

    I dont even know why this is titled summit1g reacts, summit1g is not a very interesting reactive type of guy he just watches that shit, might as well call it watching with summit1g just because his face is in the corner does not make it a fucking reaction video.

  16. 2:27 Look at the sword in-game ;D I'm fucking dead

  17. Yeah kinda not funny… my brother has autism so thanks for this video

  18. Give tyler a fidget spinner pls..

  19. Fake laughing

  20. I remember when twitch was about games

  21. We're watching a youtube video, about a streamer on twitch, watching a youtube video about a streamer on twitch, watching a youtube video about a streamer on twitch…..

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