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Local advocates hope ‘The Good Doctor’ raises awareness about autism – KOCO Oklahoma City

“The Good Doctor” is being referred to as ABC’s breakout drama and has already been picked up for a full season.

The collection is about an excellent younger pediatric surgeon, Dr. Shaun Murphy, who has autism and savant syndrome.

Local autism advocates are praising the present, saying “The Good Doctor” might assist youngsters throughout the nation.

Autism, or the Autism Spectrum Disorder, as described by the web site Autism Speak “refers to a variety of circumstances characterised by challenges with social expertise, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication in addition to by distinctive strengths and variations. Autism now impacts one in 68 youngsters and one in 42 boys.

Dr. Jennifer Morris, director of autism providers on the Moore Autism Center, works with youngsters of all ages and adults who’ve Autism Spectrum Disorder.

“I simply principally fell in love with the youngsters, and haven’t stopped,” Morris stated.

She stated she was initially skeptical about “The Good Doctor” earlier than seeing the present.

“I was initially a little hesitant because a lot of the media portrayals recently seem to be the people on the higher-functioning end where, you know, they have jobs. They have friends. They have dating relationships, whatever, but they aren’t struggling.”

Morris, nevertheless, stated she was pleasantly stunned after watching.

“What I have found in watching ‘The Good Doctor’ is that they are showing that even though he is a doctor, he has a lot of social difficulties, he’s not picking up those cues from other people.”

Mary Ann Puckett, an Oklahoma City mom and autism advocate, wrote a ebook about her son’s and her household’s expertise with the dysfunction. She stated she’s happy to see a present like “The Good Doctor.”

“Well, anytime a person talks about autism, radio or TV, I’m very happy,” Puckett stated. “Now, as anyone in the autism community knows, the young man that’s portraying the doctor is in the savant level of autism, which is the very highest on the spectrum.”

That’s the place Puckett hopes the viewers watching realizes that as a result of autism is a spectrum dysfunction. There are many various strengths and challenges. No one individual’s expertise can characterize your complete image.

Her 36-year-previous son, Stephen, has epilepsy and lives at residence.

“We have many challenges,” Puckett stated. “Stephen will never be able to drive, get married and live alone. I spend my day making doctors’ appointments, going to ERs with him if he is having seizures.”

While “The Good Doctor” continues to develop its viewers, advocates hope it additionally grows awareness about autism and the households who want help.

“The Good Doctor” airs at 9 p.m. Mondays on KOCO 5.

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