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Autism is Agape by Imani Chapin

Autism is Agape is a brief video produced by Imani Chapin which explores a day within the lifetime of a household with two daughters and two autistic sons, and an unimaginable mother to convey the household collectively.

Imani shares, “Anyone who does not have autism may find it difficult to put themselves in the shoes of an autistic person; however, families in the autism community are second best when it comes to understanding the disorder.”

Please take pleasure in and share this video with others! We would love this for this scholar filmmaker’s message of #AutismAcceptance and #AutismEmpowerment and #AutismIsAgape to be unfold far and vast!

For media inquiries, please contact us and we’ll share with Imani.
She is a youth volunteer with Autism Empowerment and in addition the founding father of Autism Rocks.


We additionally invite you to see her youthful sister, Asjia Chapin studying her poem, “My Life” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrRYzA5aJeg&t=6s

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  1. I had the privilege to hear Imani and her younger sister, Asjia recently speak on a Siblings Panel at an autism conference. This beautiful video was played for an audience filled with autistic advocates, parent advocates, siblings, family members, medical professionals and service providers. If this is what she does as a teenage filmmaker, I can't wait to see the #AutismAcceptance and advocacy videos she produces in the future. 🙂

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