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Pinpointing the origins of autism – EurekAlert (press release)

IMAGE: This paintings exhibits a number of of the connections in the mind of a sometimes creating 6-month toddler who participated in the research. In the research, connections between all mind… view more  Credit: Ludmer Centre The origins of autism stay mysterious. What areas of the mind are concerned, and when …

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A Radical Theory of Autism

Mirror neurons, the cells within the mind that fireplace when watching others do actions, is perhaps poor in individuals with autism. Perhaps, medicine like ecstasy that improve empathy, might be used to deal with this deficiency. Check out the remaining of V.S. Ramachandran’s interview at http://bigthink.com/vsramachandran. V.S. Ramachandran: Children with …

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YOUR HEALTH: Autism won’t stop this future driver – WQAD.com

Please allow Javascript to observe this video MEMPHIS, Tennessee – Parents of autistic youngsters know their little kids can lead full lives.   The secret is to show them primary expertise in methods they will use them. Now, that would embrace driving. It appears like Harper Kates is enjoying a online …

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