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CDC Chief Admits that Vaccines Trigger Autism

Julie Gerberding, the top of the CDC, went on CNN’s House Call with Dr. Sanjay Gupta to debate the Hannah Poling case and admitted that vaccines set off autism in a subset of the inhabitants with mitochondrial issues.

It is time for Dr. Gerberding to reply some onerous questions earlier than congress.

Call for congressional hearings into the Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund autism instances, so we will discover out what the federal government is aware of concerning the relationship between vaccines and autism.


Addendum: Gerberding/CDC/HHS has given a number of names to the phenomenon of Vaccine Induced Autism. Gerberding calls it the “symptoms of autism” on this interview, “autism like syndrome” throughout a earlier CDC press convention and HHS refers to it as “vaccine induced encepalopathy” on their web site for the Vaccine Injury Compensation fund.

I wrote this piece (see hyperlink under) to level out the absurdity of making an attempt to idiot the American individuals into considering that vaccines trigger one thing that seems to be precisely like autism, and actually is recognized as autism by each skilled the kid sees, however is definitely an “autism like syndrome” with the “symptoms of autism” that occurred following a “vaccine induced encepalopathy” which has the very same signs as autism, however it isn’t actually autism… oh… and by the best way… vaccines do not trigger autism.

It is time to finish the phrase video games and cope with the issue.

UPDATE: I’ve closed the feedback for now because it was turning into a multitude. People justifiably need to talk about the position of vaccines within the autism epidemic intimately, however the commenting format with its character restrict, scrambled message/reply order and incapability to hyperlink shouldn’t be the place for this difficult debate. Trying to have a debate right here is making me nuts.

I invite you to go away your feedback concerning the video on the feedback part of my weblog the place the video was initially posted, the place linear and exhaustive commenting, with linking to supply materials can happen:


Hopefully it will make for extra fruitful dialogue.

UPDATE: Dr. Gerberding resigned from her publish on the request of the Obama Administration when he took workplace on January 20th, 2009.

She shortly went to work for Global PR big Edelman, who represents PHARMA and a number of other of their member corporations like Merck. Edelman is answerable for the “One Less” Guardasil marketing campaign.

She served on the “Edelman Global Task Force on H1N1 Influenza”, showing on media retailers encouraging swine flu vaccination, even referring to vaccines as “magical”, however by no means talked about that she was now working as paid vaccine salesman.

On December 21, 2009, Merck introduced that Julie Gerberding can be the brand new head of their vaccine division. Merck makes the MMR that injured Hannah Poling.

Current tips are that somebody can’t go to work for a corporation that they’ve regulated for one yr and three enterprise days.

That can be January 25th 2010 for Julie.

Right on time.

My guess, this was actually the plan all alongside. Watch the video once more. Suddenly it is sensible simply why she would make such a idiot of herself by happening TV and saying that vaccines do and don’t trigger autism. She in all probability knew that her repay was lower than two years away.

Want the complete story and her corruption within the vaccine autism connection?



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  1. Listen it's real simple these are biological agents that are neurotoxins deliberately injected in such a manner as to MAXIMIZE the resultant damage wrought; in simple terms this is BIO-TERRORISM. This "government", the self-same "government" that staged the event's of 9/11, are severely poisoning your children INTENTIONALLY. Mercury is a KNOWN NEUROTOXIN, THERE IS NOT SAFE DOSAGE OF MERCURY, COUPLE THAT WITH THE ALUMINUM ADJUVANTS AND CANCER CAUSING VIRUS' THAT HAVE BEEN FOUND IN "VACCINE'S".

  2. I was put on liquids for a year and nearly died almost immediately following having been administered the DTP shot. As a freelance journalist, I spoke with two renowned vaccine researchers who showed how the CDC has contradicted themselves on numerous occasions with reports that were leaked. I encourage all you to read "Evidence of Harm" and "Vaccine Epidemic." Both very well researched and with Vaccine Epidemic, you have rabid pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine specialists who speak out.

  3. fortunately, CURRENT evidence does not demonstrate a link between autism and vaccines. Even if there were, the benefits would STILL outweigh the risks. But there isn't.

  4. Vax, in part thanks to Bachmann & Perry bringing attention to them, will 1 day (soon I hope) go the way of bloodletting, lobotomies, trepanation. Bloodletting has a long history so musta been peer reviewed & scientifically proven huh? And then there was Antonio Egnaz Moniz, who won Nobel Prize in 1949 for his lobotomies. Really- modern medicine prescribing Coumadin/Warfarin rat poison has little to be proud of. What don't they understand about life being in the blood? Don't waste or pollute it!

  5. Bill Gates, as many of the ultra-rich think earth is over populated (witness the Georgia Guide Stones) & is having poison vaccinations forced on Africans at gunpoint… Google search- Gates forcing vaccinations.. Such hypocrites they are- if they truly think the world is too populated- why don't they eliminate the 1 person they have control over- themselves.. No, they would rather play Grim Reaper/god & deceive people.. Like Kool-Aid & Jim Jones in Guyana

  6. @swtsbackpackers in 1988 Japan STOPPED infant vaccination & SIDS & austism all but vanished in the Japanese population – about 3 years ago it began to be done early again & IMMEDIATELY SIDS & AUSTISM returned in Japanese infants – numerous doctors worldwide have paid labs to test vaccines & discovered them FILLED with many toxins including lead & mercury — DUH!!! – in 60's in college I learned 1 in 3,500 for autism, 5 years ago 1 in 300, – TODAY 1 in 110 is in radio commercials – HOW-WHY???

  7. @swtsbackpackers Chief Scientific officer of the Danish studies has been arrested and indicted for serious serial fraud and the whole Danish program has shown to have been nothing but a scam from day one – so, catch up on the current news and see that since 1981 – thats thirty years, the vaccine injury compensation board has paid out billions in damage awards. and just today was a newscast talking of the so far 68 publicly registered cases of payouts to vaccine caused autism cases.

  8. @swtsbackpackers sure bro. keep watching tv.

  9. @tonytdx children are exposed to millions of antigens immediately after birth. Millions upon millions, every day. The total antigenic load from vaccines is less than 200. There is a direct effect on the immune system. Antigen is processed by APC's and the immune system, which is up and working ALREADY goes to work producing adaptive immunity. You have a lymphocyte repertoire that's already developed at birth. You clearly know little about immunology.

  10. ancientwisdom2012

    what this woman is doing is CLASSIC double speak. look it up

  11. Lets start asking the doctors if they have had their shots!

  12. Time to check our vaccine rap video, Immunize!

  13. @robotdavedave I had all childhood diseases but polio and I'm still here, none the worse for wear. I've had shingles and many flu viruses, still here.

  14. @morepuppies She said that the FEVER was the trigger in this case, not the vaccine itself.

  15. con·spir·a·cy (kn-spîr-s)
    n. pl. con·spir·a·cies
    1. An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act.
    2. A group of conspirators.
    3. Law An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action.
    4. A joining or acting together, as if by sinister design: a conspiracy of wind and tide that devastated coastal areas.

  16. what a bunch of tards, we broadened the definition of autism from 1980 to include way more people and your wondering why it went from 1 in 10000 to 1 in 110? tards. vaccinate your kids, or maybe theyll have fun with diptheria.

  17. @swtsbackpackers All vaccines have some kind of aluminum based compound as their adjuvant. Aluminum is a neurotoxin. Neurotoxins mean they are bad from the brain. Autism is a brain disorder. So say it with me: 1 plus 1 equals 2! Again…1 plus 1 equals 2! There ya go!

  18. @guytitanic Powerful and right on!

  19. @rfalfonse You're right on!

  20. @jj128 Nice find!

  21. @CorporateRule As your name implies…Your just a corporate raider…no care for man…just care for yourselves. Congratulations! Whilst millions of people are maimed or killed by vaccines, the corporate wheels keep on spinning. Way to go!

  22. @morepuppies Autism is autism. Autistic like symptoms means autism.

  23. @morepuppies That a boy! The Danish study was "Junk Science". It should just be called "Junk" to protect science.

  24. @swtsbackpackers LOL! What!? You actually read that piece of Danish "Junk Science"? That's right…the Danish study into vaccinated vs unvaccinated was pure medi-pharma concocted "Junk Science".

  25. In August 1999, the Committee on Government Reform initiated an investigation into Federal vaccine policy.In the course of the investigation, the committee discovered that many individuals serving on two key advisory committees had financial ties to the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture vaccines. Often, these individuals were granted waivers to fully participate in the discussions that led to recommendations on vaccine licensing and adding vaccines to the Childhood Immunization Schedule.

  26. @CorporateRule In August 1999, the Committee on Government Reform initiated an investigation into Federal vaccine policy. In the course of the investigation, the committee discovered that many individuals serving on two key advisory committees had financial ties to the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture vaccines.

  27. Somewhere To Stay

    Guys guys guys – there is NO LINK TO AUTISM. The Danish study was pretty conclusive; they have complete medical data on 500,000 kids, stored centrally and categorically, and there was no difference in autism rates between vaccinated and un-vaccinated children.

  28. "Vaccines are linked to autism in the presence of mitochondrial disorders."

    K look, that's a gross oversimplification. You are just saying that A causes B when that is not the case. There is another factor, call it C that you are forgetting. A is the cause of autism, B is autism, C is an aggravating factor that when present will trigger A to cause B. C in this case was a vaccine induced fever but the thing is ANY fever or stressor could go in the place of C.

  29. @CorporateRule You are a worthless tool and your insanity is not Needed

  30. They always make that claim that vaccines save lives but they never offer any hard data to support it. They just say it as though they can create reality with their words

  31. Thank you for posting this.

  32. @NaturalM0mma

  33. In the natural world vaccines can only throw a monkey wrench into the system, unfortunatley most of us no longer live in a natural world only a world of profit and greed.

  34. Another bunch of typical anti-Obama conspiracy theorists, your fear mongering and blatant, unscientific misinformation is not working, everyone already knows vaccines like Tamiflu meet all GRAS mandates (Generally Considered as Safe).
    All H1N1 vaccination shipments sold in the US meet or exceed FDA requirements for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) not including the recalled batch tainted with the E. Coli bacteria.
    So outside of that, what's was your argument again? Worthless whatever it was.

  35. I think she is coached and doesnt believe what she is saying. Look how long it took them to figure out what AIDS was. it wasnt a gay men diease. It was a diease that was spread no matter what gender or ethnicity you are!

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