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  1. What makes this so good is that they didn't all stand to the side and let him have an easy layup. They treated him like just another player. which I think is all he ever wanted

  2. RIP. My nigga drowned in pussy that day.

  3. What a looser autistics have no value in life

  4. He prolly wouldve heat checked the shit outta that stadium

  5. He got 20 points in 4 minutes…. that's impressiveif your Steph Curry

  6. retard showed no sportsmanship to that other team buy rubbing it in.
    if i was coach on the opposition, i woulda intentional fouled him to send message

  7. When God is for you, who can be against you?

    So happy for this guy!!!! Proud of you, kid! You've grown into such an amazing young man today!!

    Glory to God indeed man!!!

    "With God, all things are possible."

    -Matthew 19:26

  8. Id watch the movie to this whenever they decide to make it.. what are you big directors waiting for???

  9. Monafina D'Silva

    I believe that is a prayer's answered .. you asked for one moment …one time score ..HE gave more beyond your expectation …that is how HE show you that HE care .

  10. this needs to be made into a movie definitely

  11. I wish that I could of went and saw that game that is so cool

  12. Cool and dope

  13. He doesn't seem autistic to me..

  14. Ayye my school I met him last year

  15. i was misdiagnosed as a child…i am a highly functioning autistic man…my son is also autistic…this kid makes me feel so much better…he makes me feel hopeful about my son…

  16. When I grow I want to be like him making 3 pointer is fucking hard especially when there is pressure,And for him to make more 3 pointer then me he could be the next Steph Curry why isn't he on the team.

  17. Amazing!!!One word to describe this……….

  18. Jordanthehumanhedgehog

    It's SO bloody BEAUTIFUL~! Really hits me where it feels. :')

  19. why he gotta run the score up on em tho

  20. when bae comes to your game

  21. 4:59 Kirk Hinrich with the Westbrook statline, goddamn. What year was this?

  22. J MAC? More like G MAC? like Gerry MacNemera. Go Buddy!

  23. 20 points in 4 minutes

  24. That mans shot is wet.

  25. rosedaledevils10

    so he drops 20 points in 4 mins and still doesnt play for the team ?

  26. That is a miracle. His dreams came true, unbelievable. The hugest thumbs up I can give.

  27. Truly amazing

  28. When you realize you've had Steph Curry as your water boy.

  29. There are so many corny attempts at feel good stories where we let a kid score a td or let an injured player score a basket. But this one is incredible. I love the fact that he airballs the first one so you think he won't score. Then he goes off for 20 in 3 minutes. Amazing!!

  30. Hot as a Pistol

  31. The ultimate weapon. The other team thinks he's retarded and slow, so they take it easy on him. Then he ends up knocking down 6 consecutive threes lol…other team mustve been pissed.

  32. Kind of feel like he channeled some Allen Iverson with that headband

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