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Autism’s Affect On Siblings

Siblings of autistic youngsters might be left feeling lonely or omitted of the image. Now …


  1. This is wonderful, but what about autistic young adults who also have Cleanliness OCD?  Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!

  2. Vancouver Nighgame

    This video is fucking awesome !

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  5. thanks for helping one of our kids 🙂

  6. Clinton Anthony

    Thank you so much for putting together this video!

  7. charles h. miranda

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  8. Jeffrey petch-harrison

    @24707800 your right i am 48 aspie i am vice chair of the local ham radio club and repare all there gear all in less 4 months of being a ham radio operator.as for being aspie i dont see it as a problem i just cope the best i can its the foul temper i have thats the problem,like nts calling puff or pedo..i dont have a sex drive alot of us aspies dont its hate crime that all,,i justs whack the bastereds with my walking stick and tell them to piss off jeff

  9. Jeffrey petch-harrison

    @TanjaKoch most of us are ok i am trained in childcare but people wont employ you as you are an insurance risk.rapest pedoes and pims get better treatment and cost far more to the state about 700.00 pounds per week in the uk we get about 97.00 pounds in benifits 1 seventh of a convicted killer..thought i would put my voice on the record jeff aspie uk radio ham teacher and volunteer church worker….

  10. johnnydontdance

    This is a wonderful story to see.

  11. johnnydontdance

    a pervasive developmental disorder of children, characterized by impaired communication, excessive rigidity, and emotional detachment.

    I would say it means a lot more

  12. is this just my opinion or are there lots of people seemingly mis-diagnosed with autism? Just because someone looks odd and has difficulties does not mean they have autism

  13. Last time I checked, physical features are not affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders. For example, I have Asperger's, but I'm just downright fugly on my own.

  14. He needs to see a AS Psych. He needs to replace the action with something else. They know how to get through 🙂 I have AS and have exp with them

  15. i think the best thing is to explain to the stranger that your friend is autistic and attempt to get your friends attention on something other then the stranger

    its no good trying to physically remove his hands from the stranger though, it only agitates him, most likely making him hold on longer, as his mind will be too filled with all the input (the stranger, yourself/other friends/the enviroment, etc.)

  16. What a wonderful employer! Keep up the excellent work!

  17. I would suggest just tell the stranger your friend is autistic and remain calm.. you're a great friend.

  18. Have you tried writing to him in paper that he should not do that, or use pictures if he is heavily hit by autism… Worked with my younger brother.

  19. I'll write up a better reply as soon as you finish second grade reason comprehension.

  20. Except for the fact that that's not at all what im claiming. Im saying not all autistic people are awesome and that some of them are, in fact, assholes just like there are people without autism that are complete assholes.

  21. So you are disputing my claim that not all people with autism are awesome and friendly people?

  22. I really enjoyed viewing the video. My son is still only 5. Nevertheless, it gives hope to the distant future. Moreover, I always enjoy hearing a success story of an adult or child with Autism.

  23. Elaborate. How does my statement that not all people with autism are friendly unicorn farting gifts from God make me a jerk?

  24. And that excuses them from being assholes? Almost everyone has to put up with stupid and ignorant people all day every day.

  25. He has Autism…..but it doesnt have him!

  26. Tim Burton might have it also!

  27. Probably because they have to put up with stupid, ingnorant people all day long, who think that people with autism will never amount to anything!

  28. Well now a good number of people with autism are assholes, how can she make a sweeping generalization like that.

  29. Shut up Tanja before I spam u! 4 your information I do have Asperger's Syndrome but I am able to control it to the point where i can be around neurotypicals. If you hate Autistic ppl so much then why the hell r u here?

  30. Rachel Stelmach

    me too – it's an uphill struggle though…

  31. Rachel Stelmach

    I find that 'ordinary people' works well, most NTs, Normals or whatever you like to call them, hate being called ordinary

  32. yelloworangered

    Well, let me think about it. I wonder if I could come up with something. I guess it's necessary to define normal, which is a task in itself! If I can think of a term I think it is good, I'll come back and post it.

  33. Focus on Ability Film Festival

    Fantastic to see your brother doing so well. We are a charity here in Australia that is achieving the same sort of success. See the ABILITY!!

  34. Gonna need this in few more years for our girl! Praise God.

  35. Thank you for helping to make a difference!

  36. Come and do my job. My wife says I do jack shit: It's a matter of opinion!

  37. yelloworangered

    I'm happy that you are so easily made joyful.

  38. I'm happy you like the term! Rejoice!

  39. yelloworangered

    Neurotypical? What a piece of politically correct b.s.

  40. Steven Speilberg is Aspergers. Look how well he turned out!

  41. I am autistic and I'm currently adressing a problem where a Neurotypical person is trying to bully me at work but I won't have any of their shit. I've aleady told them to control their temper and my manager who has to act (UK law). So it's not just Aspies/Auties who have aggressive outbursts. We just have to be better than the NT's but it's never going to be appreciated: Bugger off, Tanja!

  42. Piss off Tanja!

  43. 4kU Tanja!

  44. Sod Tanja! Too Right!

  45. How dare you! We are not dangerous at all! How do you presume this!

  46. Unacceptable.

  47. It's good when neurotypical people can get it: Few can. As a person on the autistic spectrum who holds a full time job as a telecomms technician: I have to be miles better than my peers, which I am just to "keep up". I also have to watch for (I hunt) bullies (it's the best way to deal with them). Neurotypicals are disabled in ways they don't see. Worse still, it's a glimpse of the Eugenics advocating Sociopaths who believe They Are God (their aggressive Narcissism)!!

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