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Meet Julia, Sesame Street’s first autistic muppet

New character launched as a part of initiative to take the stigma out of autism makes TV debut on April 10
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  1. Galactic_General

    i understand the thought process but, when i was a kid, i didn't care about or understand these things in any way. i feel like these constant child growth promotions the government is adding to kids shows is going to eventually stimulate children in very bad ways if it hasn't already

  2. I'm glad they put a new character she is cute show it on TV she's my favorite character Julia

  3. /our muppet/

  4. I don't know why but this creeps me out… in a kind of a weird way :I

  5. Sesame Street is by far the best thing for kids. I wish I would've known about Sesame Street as a kid.

  6. As an autistic person I love her

  7. The Laughing Jack

    Never seen an autistic female

  8. you mean Ernie isn't on the Spectrum?

  9. …And MItt Romney wanted to sell of PBS.

  10. I'm triggered by them showing the people under the puppets

  11. FancyPlateOf Socks

    Here come the memes

  12. They all act like that anyway though…

  13. I love Julia and Sesame Street! I might like CBC better if they didn't use such labelist language…

  14. Wasn't there ALREADY a autistic muppet before, that was removed because it was "to offensive"?

  15. Why she cross eyed tho

  16. Why would you dislike this?

  17. Can you count to the number 7?
    Yellow 4 Triangle 7

  18. Please burn it that thing is a disgrace to humanity

  19. It's a disgrace that people would want an abomination in their Tv show

  20. MuffMuncher69blazeIt

    Don't care what's added on to this show but Julia makes some spicy memes ain't that right

  21. Coming 2018, Tyrone, the first black muppet

  22. I am part autistic, thank you sesamee street!

  23. The Aspie with attitude 00

    They need to make a Muppet with Down syndrome.

  24. dosent people on the spectrum have a flat voice?

  25. ClockworkFirebird

    This is so great <3

  26. TheSkyGoddess Amelia Brown

    I remember going to school with my sister when we were kids. I hated it when other kids would poke fun at her because she's autistic. This warms my heart to the point of tears because Julie reminds me of my sister.

  27. Not to sound like a hater but what I don't like is that say autistic children just do things differently, that is not totally precise thing to say. Geniuses do things differently.

  28. I really love that Sesame Street will tackle heavier subjects for children of the new generation.

  29. Nicholas DiMatteo

    how come Kevin clash is not playing Elmo anymore?

  30. What about a muppet with phemonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

  31. lol wtf is wrong with it

  32. They're practically feeding the memers at this point

  33. I want this to be a meme so badly

  34. Destroyer of Worlds

    Her lines should be,"arrr arrr huurrrr ayyy ahhhh ah ahhhhhh arh"

  35. Chrissy Too Prissy

    THIS warms my heart !!

  36. Alexandra Hamilton

    I heard about this because I was in ELA class and we have this thing called "News ELA" where we read articles and take quizzes on the articles and we read an article about this and I was like "I'm watching Sesame Street now" and I decided I would look it up. So here I am.

  37. Apatitethedragon

    heck yeah my names julia

  38. omg soo cool

  39. ok cool

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