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  1. Stupid mother fuckers, stop trying to glorify a mental condition. It is a problem and should be treated as such.

  2. too bad only people with hbo can see it

  3. Had autism. Turns out I was just a kid being a kid.

  4. Theme Park Enthusiast

    0:36 Gah! No! They showed the puppeteers! Childhood ruined!

  5. Ryansock Gaming

    0:25 1 in 68 children ARE diagnosed on the spectrum

  6. It nice

  7. As someone with Asperger Syndrome, I like the initiative Sesame Street took with this direction.

  8. AWESOME.. BUT HOW ABOUT THOSE WITH ASPERGERS, DOWN SYNDROMED, PHYSICAL DISABILITIES, ETC… what you only like the disabled with autism??????!!

  9. Arthur also did an autism episode. The kids name is Carl.I guess Sesame Street decided to do an autism episode too.

  10. Vaccines cause autism. If you don't take the time to research vaccine ingredients and learn there are carcinogens, heavy metals and aborted fetal cells in there you're a horrible parent and will make your child suffer because of your gross negligence

  11. Aloft Daydreamer

    I think this is pretty wonderful.

  12. Buffalo Soldier

    Im an adult with Aspergers syndrome and I'm proud of it I dont want to be "normal".

  13. 😀

  14. This makes me happy, good for Sesame Street

  15. Isnt it funny how on the trending vid, comments are "disabled"

  16. let's turn her autism into weaponized autism where she teaches the children the truth about the Holocaust and Hitler

  17. TheArchitectOfDreams

    Well, after I watch all these new sesame street episodes with Julia, I'm expecting every Julia I meet to clap there hands, screech, and tell me how awesome their parents are. Thanks sesame street. By the way, if you throw Julia in a room full of bouncing balls I expect her and elmo to accidently kiss. Perfect… -.-

  18. Angry Misanthropist Freak

    Grate! Now what about ADULTS with autism?

  19. 1 and 68 children are diagnosed with autism in 2017. Shows the progression of America. I don't remember anyone being autistic growing up. This is a fact that scares me. I'm anti vaccinations 100% because of this.

  20. Just lovely. Great to see autism being addressed. Awareness for this is just great.

    And here I am with Aspergers.

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