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Dr. Andreas Kalcker at AutismOne 2014 – Successful Treatment of Autism

Successful Treatment of Autism
Presentation by Dr. Andreas Kalcker at AutismOne Conference on May 24, 2014.

Dr. Kalcker speaks about how the mixture of parasites and vaccines is contributing to the autism epidemic of as we speak. Kalcker explains how he found this hyperlink and the constructive outcomes of treating parasites in autistic youngsters around the globe.

Dr. Kalcker and Miriam Carrasco Maceda developed the Kalcker Parasite Protocol featured within the widespread e-book:
“Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism” by Kerri Rivera.
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  1. makes a lot of sense

  2. Veronica Greenaway

    One clever and brave man.

  3. You all understand that Mr. Kalcker ist NOT a medical doctor and got his "degree" from a for purchase outfit. Thus there are really no credentials at all. Which does not mean that the approach in and by itself does not have merit.

  4. on November 28th 2016 a report came out linking autism to vaccines you
    can read about by looking up the date on vaccines and autism and fox
    news. keep believing your FDA and CDC that still claim vaccines dont
    cause autism yet the study shows it does and the ONLY court that can

  5. Hi, I am a little perplexed: Where does Prof. Dr. Kalcker doctorate? I
    was searching for his doctoral thesis on the world plagiarism search
    pages and have found that his doctorate is not present. It seems as if
    he has not given any dissertation.
    Hallo, ich bin etwas ratlos: Wo hat Professor Dr. Kalcker denn
    promoviert? Ich habe weltweit über die Plagiatesuche-Seiten seine
    Doktorarbeit gesucht und habe festgestellt, daß seine Doktorarbeit nicht
    vorliegt. Es scheint so, als ob er keine Doktorarbeit abgegeben hat.

  6. Pse can anyone help me to get this for my boy on the Autism Spectrum? Where in South Africa can I find this?

  7. please , can you tell me how to purify water with mms ? thank you very very much.

  8. gracias por la informacion, por favor , me puede decir como purificar agua para tomar ? gracias

  9. are there more infos about that ammoniak Test, what value is normal, and what (high) is abnormal – thx

    wissts ihr mehr über den hier genannten ammoniak test, welche werte sind als hoch zu bezeichnen, bzw wo gibts da mehr infos zu – danke mike.


  11. se ve muy interesante yo tengo un niño con autismo lástima que para las personas que somos de escasos recursos el tratamiento es inalcanzable

  12. I am a big believer in using common sense and YOU Dr Kalcker make a hell of a lot of sense!! I can completely understand this relationship between parasites and pathogens. I realized that bacteria, beneficial bacteria are necessary and we, our bodies and they have a symbiotic relationship that has worked well for centuries, that is until the advent of pharmaceutical chemicals, processed sugars, and GMO's that are causing leaky gut syndrome and weaponized wheat (this is true, look it up and look up the last 3 episodes of Wisdom Teachings by David Wilcock on Gaia,com) David Wilcock has been vetting out the Above Top Secret Whistleblowers that have Real Insider knowledge of what is going on that most, even in the same field do not. He has been told that food is not just to make us sick so that we need continuous medical care from cradle to grave (this is even more true for the average SAD Standard American Diet eating person) but it is also intended as a way to dumb us down and make us passive and malleable and unable to think for ourselves, let alone resist their well-laid plans and agenda toward the NWO.
    Fast foods, ALL fast foods have been weaponized. They have been engineered to taste good to the human palette and to cause cravings and even addictive behavior, more so than even street drugs, as well as just cause apathy, lower IQ, sedation, etc. When fast food restaurants were introduced into countries that had previously never seen a Big Mac or Fries, the change was almost immediate and extremely obvious. A culture of people who would have resisted takeover until their last dying breath, throwing rocks at tanks prior to fast foods, no longer notice or care. Of course, it takes a little longer than the way I am explaining it and people need to know how to observe and what to look for. But, now that you have been told, you can't be untold.
    I lost track of my point again, oh, what I think is happening with these weaponized foods is that they also weaken immune systems which enable parasitic infestations to flourish. Parasites can and do control your mood, food cravings, and affect relationships as well as destroy your health.
    One last thing, the guy who really educated me on parasites and got me totally obsessed with getting rid of them was Dr Robert Cassar. He is someone who knows a great deal about parasites that ruin human health. I made a playlist of just some of his videos on parasites and why and how to get rid of them: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhihsm7f8CnoLUHNvm7BZ70u8910SPPKD
    Also, the Terminator Zapper and the Rife Frequency Generators are also tools that can be used to get rid of parasites. There are videos on those two devices here on youtube as well.
    The more you learn about parasites, the more you will understand just how important Dr Kalcker's theory and conclusions on Autism really are. Parasites are something that your Doctor never told you and he didn't tell you because he doesn't know. AMA Dr's know very little about real healing. All they are taught is that there is a drug for every ailment and that is all they do, prescribe drugs. You are much better off if you just stay away from the AMA!!

  13. This is a fantastic video. I am really looking forward to having access to an english book.

  14. Marineide Fernandes


  15. I will get backlash for saying this,but,many of the treatments they are using are of the occult.Research it.Homeopathy is of the occult.I used many of these things myself,and my son is not healed.One verse in the bible says,my son is of a dumb spirit that has robbed him of his ability to speak.Jesus cast out the demons,and the boy was healed.They are getting healing from satan.

  16. Paco garcia garcia

    Por favor subtitular al español. Gracias

  17. Djellid Azedine

    Does the CDS help with tracheal cancer treatment?

  18. Will people with morgellons ( a parasite) be inoculated a (cure) and then develop Autism.
    autism has increased in KY 17%

  19. soupper soulger

    The excretion of lactic, succinic, acetic, propionic and other fatty acids is a characteristic of parasitic helminths (parasitic worms)

  20. Obdulio Cerceno

    Great thing I found out, just today! I need to seat down and think all over about what you are explaining.
    Thanks a lot Dr. Andreas Kalcker.

  21. I think a statement like inflammation has a negative charge may be little wide of the mark. so Inflammation is acidic' but negatively charged – so pH is normally measured as the -log [H+] which is kind of positive if anything? Perhaps free radicals like OH may attract calcium but then there are antioxidants that do a far better job than a chelating ion. Maybe there are some underlying flaws in the basic science here?

  22. eh ? mitochondrial polarisation? What is this ?

  23. Dear Dr Andrea Kalcker,
    Please come out with the English version.
    Thank you for your amazinging efforts and work !!!

  24. Amazing that note on breathing.

  25. Brilliant!

  26. Kingston School

    Wow very impressive

  27. Doctor Andreas vivo en Colombia y me gustaría saber cómo puedo saber con detalles sobre el tratamiento del autismo. Gracias y que Dios lo bendiga.

  28. We may not fight against beliefs or agnosticism, of any kind in the whole cosmos, ideologic fighting is so stupid as futil. We may experiment things, live real situations, is the only concrete base from wich we can, later, speak about anything & BEING HONEST HOW TO RECOGNIZE THAT ABOUT WE'RE TALKING ABOUT IS OUR OWN EXPERIENCE. I see in the whole planet people fighting 'till ethernity for get any kind of dumb ass glory…., my God….., we're still little childs in a spheric kindergarden…, so hard to believe, so hug amount of ignorance………, uuuuuuuuffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

    MMS works, just follow the protocols, be carefull & try to grow up, 'cause MMS will not open your mind or get you out of emotional suffering. You gotta make a big work inside too, lets stop of search for guiltys or savers out there, YOU'VE GOT TO WORK SOOOOOOOOOO MUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

  29. mourningwarbler

    Dr. Donald Monus  was curing people in our community; for his crime, he was shut down and arrested.  http://www.amazon.com/WHATS-KILLING-YOU-WHAT-ABOUT/dp/1414047959  
    One of the first things he would do was check for parasites. Honestly, the book is super well-written, but it gives you the idea.

  30. California now has Laws forcing vaccinations on children! Please ask Jim Humble founder and Bishop of the Genesis II Church must "EXEMPT" from Obamacare ACA. Please don't let this ACA Government health care system control us! Please Get Genesis II Church adopt a Formal Charter to make "EXEMPT" us/ Genesis II Church  members, from government forced health care and let us have Freedom to be responsible for our own health care. Please Help? Thank You !!!

  31. Indexanimisermo

    Kalcker is one of the brightest lights in unraveling this health menace.  Isn't it interesting that FOR PROFIT public corporations operate with the same nature and characteristics as these disgusting parasites found in the bodies of man and animal – attach to a real substantial host? I do NOT believe this is an 'accident' by any stretch…But here's the thing. Parasites (whether worms or public corporate fictions) would NOT be able to exist unless the conditions were just right to 'attach' itself to a living/breathing 'host'…it MUST have full consent to do so…

  32. At 13:50, what does he say is an effective way to get kids to sleep?  I can't understand what he says.  Thanks.

  33. then pls explain: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miracle_Mineral_Supplement because is wikipedia also corrupt then?

  34. This man's research gives me hope!

  35. Lilly Philipsen

    Jeg har et barnebarn med autisme , og denne film er bare helt utrolig.

  36. OMG this is awesome.   Dr. Andreas Kalcker is a genius and a hero.

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